Maira, a girl of very caring nature and with so much talent is a from middle class family of India and going South Korea to pursue her dreams as a Doctor.She loves her parents very much and her parents also love her but they are not happy because they will not see her till 5 years. It's first time that she is going alone to studying abroad and Maira doesn't know that in Korea she will meet a person that will change her life into a life that anyone even can't think about... Jeon Jungkook , youngest member of a world famous boy band name BTS. He is enjoying his life Fully but carving for a love not fake but pure as water that will fill his life with happiness but he doesn't know that a person he is waiting for is coming to his life for filling with love he needed...... Jungkook and Maira had past life connections. In the past Maira was a queen and Jungkook was a soildier. They meet one in the park and Maira feel in love with Jungkook but when she confessed her love with him he accepted. They were meeting each other secretly so that king doesn't know about there relationship. He gifted her a bell necklace and said "Whenever I will be near you, you will here a sound of bell ringing just like this"But the fate wasn't with them as both were murdered one night by one of man of King. Lets see if in this life they will have a reunion again or not and will identify each other or not.

Nishtha Pandey
Age Rating:

Chapter - 1 Flight to korea

Maira is ready to leave for korea. Her parents are going to drop her at airport. She is very excited because she never gone foreign. Her best friend Anika is also going with her to study phycology in the same university as her in South Korea.

Time skip-

They reached airport at 7:30, Anika and her parents reached airport before and waiting for her at outside. Maira's mom was emotional and seeing her mom she said-

"Don't take tention of me mom I will be very happy and fine with anika in korea and I will always call you after my classes when I will reach home ok so don't be panic and dad take care of mom and tell her to take medicines on time"

then Anika said

''Aunty if she will not pic up phone then you can call me"

telling this they both see off their parents and entered in the airport to do all formalities and taken their boarding pass of flight and moved to bus that will take to the flight and their flight name was Air India.

Anika said, "Are you excited maira how will live in Korea"

Maira said, "Yes of course I am very excited and thinking am I able to see BTS or not!?"

Maira loves BTS very much and Anika also. They both are armies from past 5 years.

"Yes I am also very curious about meeting BTS",Anika said.

They entered the flight and finding their seats,then air hostess are requesting all to plz wear seat belts couse we are now going to take off. Maira and Anika both have weared their seat belts and flight has taken off at 8am and maira's life changing part begins......

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