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The Life of Nightcity


You find yourself stuck in a situation where you don’t know if you can escape or will you need to sacrifice everything you worked for to get where you are now. Nightcity is a tough area. Full of poor, rich and criminals. Most people in Nightcity has a past they want to forget and that’s why you come to Nightcity.

Scifi / Other
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Chapter 1 - Prologue

You wake up with massive hangover. The lights shine onto your face making you look away. A woman gets up from your bed and walks out. You ask yourself “what the hell did I get into”. You make your way towards the bathroom and look into the mirror. You see yourself that looks like a mess so you hop into the shower to get ready for your job.

You grab your coat and walk into your vault full of weapons and ammo. You grab a pistol and load it with billets. You imagine that you won’t need to use it but you never know in Nightcity.

You make your way to the garage and see 4 thugs wrecking your car. You yelled “you better get your greasey hands off my car or I will kick you’re ass”. Three of the thugs ran but one stayed to fight you. The thug asked “Who are you even”? I said “My name is V and you touched my car so you know what that makes you, a dead man”. The thug walked into your face and landed a right hook. You looked a bit stuned. You pulled your pistol out and shot him right away. Sirens are going off so you hop into your damaged car before cops arrive at the scene.

You make your way towards a garage that your good buddy Jackie runs. Jackie asked “What the hell did you do to you’re car”? You said “Well thugs happened”.

48 hours later

Jackie tells your about a job that he was been looking at but V interrupted and said “I ain’t in that kind of business anymore, I got out months ago and I’m staying out”. Jackie pressures you into doing one last job and V agrees. Jackie and V drives to Jackie’s contact about this little heist. They meet with a fixer named Dexter DeShawn and you get a bad feeling about him. Dexter explains what the job requires. He says “You need 4 people, 4 suits, A good thief, and some good acting skills cause you guys will be heading into corporate territory and stealing me a chip called Megapixel”. You regret taking this job and you try to leave but Dexter and his men points there guns at you. Dexter says “You gonna do this job and it’s gonna be one long ass job but you will be more rich than you can imagine. I expect the job to take 4 cruel months. It will put you guys to the test. You may die. You may not but if you don’t do this of mine then I will kill you myself right now”.

Jackie and V agreed to job and walked out. V punches Jackie on the jaw and yells “Do you ever think, now we’re going to die because you couldn’t use a brain”. You tell Jackie that he needs to find a thief and that you have a 4th person in mind. V heads to Judy’s apartment. Judy opens up and stares at V. Judy says “Come in before I regret my decision”. Judy, the leader of the gang called Moxy walks towards V and questions what he wants. V says “I got a job in mind and I need your help”. Judy tells V are we gonna forget what you and I had before you took that last job of yours that turned into a cluster fuck? We we’re in love but you’re job ruined it and got good people killed. V stands up and says “We’re in goddamn Nightcity, there isn’t any good people here. Everyone in Nightcity has done a fucked up thing that they can’t fix. Get over it”.

Judy walks with V into the meeting room and V goes over the plan. There will be 4 of us sneaking into Corp Territory and it may take a couple of months for this job to be done but we will be paid enough for two lifetimes. Before we get into Corp Territory we just get them to trust us and we may need to do some fucked up stuff that we won’t forget but that’s part of the job. Once we all are in, we must get enough promotions to get near the chip to steal it. After that we need to kill the head of corporate, Antonio Luccessi. Judy says “shit we are gonna be wanted for the rest of our lives”. V says “we will have fake names and all that, we will be fine. Don’t act suspicious or tell anyone personal shit”.

V and Judy hops in a car and drives to a diner to meet Jackie and his choice of the thief. V and Judy walks into the diner and Jackie says “Meet Johnny Silverhand, he may not look like a thief but he is good”. V shakes Johnny’s hand and Johnny says “Can’t wait to take these corporate bastards down with us”. Everyone sits down at a booth and V tells everyone that he has a plan to sneak everyone in. V says “So Militech has these meetings to choose the next 4 people to join corporate but we will need to prove ourselves by doing some fucked up shit”. Once we are in we will need to gain the trust of Militech and get promotions or find another way to get the chip and kill off Antonio. If one of us gets caught you’re all by yourselves and no one can help. V says “It’s time to get this job over. Good luck everyone”.

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