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When Your Boss Likes You🖤 | BTS - Kim Namjoon


Fanfic: After moving to Seoul, you face many financial struggles, and things just seem to get worse and worse for you. Until you meet your new boss, Namjoon. After getting quite close to him from unexpected experiences, a deal is made between you two that could fix all your financial problems. Will money be enough for you? Or is there something or someone else that has your heart?

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Chapter 1 -


Before you start reading, I just want to make some things clear. Especially those new to Fanfics.

•Y/N = Your Name

•POV = Point of View

•Remember this story is just a fanfic. It’s fictional! None of these fictional actions or words have been done or said by BTS member Kim Namjoon. Have fun!


Your POV:

It was 4:00 AM when the annoying sound of your alarm woke you up from your deep sleep. You rubbed your baggy eyes as you let out a groan of tiredness.

You washed your face, got dressed, and got in your car heading to work. As you pulled into your work parking lot, you just stared out into the distance where the sun was rising. Although the sunrise was extremely beautiful, you’re expression was still very vague and bland because you have seen so many sunrises every morning. It wasn’t a beautiful phenomenon to you anymore; just a horrible reminder that the hard work day was about to begin.

As you walked into the tall work building, one of your coworkers tapped you on the shoulder.

“Hey Y/N,” said your Coworker, Yoongi.

“Hey Yoongi,” you said vaguely as you yawned.

“Did you hear the news?” he said as you both got in the elevator.

“What? Is our Boss planning on making us work more hours?” You said being annoyed already by the extensive hours you’ve had to work the past weeks.

“No Y/N, “ said Yoongi, “Boss Bang PD got fired by the company!”

You almost dropped your coffee as you heard the shocking news!

“Everyone was complaining about how he made the employees work way too many hours instead of just hiring new employees or increasing our pay. The company got rid of him,” continued Yoongi.

“So, who’s our new boss then?” you asked as you both stepped out of the elevator.

“No clue,” said Yoongi, “I heard that he’s Bang PD’s nephew. He’s supposedly young and really good looking.”

“Hopefully he’s not like his uncle,” you said under your breath.

Yoongi checked the schedule sheet on the desk, waved goodbye then went to his station.

You checked the schedule sheet next and saw that you were going to work on Floor 14, Station 3.

You let out a grin, as you’ve always enjoyed working on Floor 14. It rarely happened that you got to work there for the day, but every once in a while it would. The reason you liked working on Floor 14 so much was because that was where Lucas worked. He started to work at the business 6 months ago, but you’ve only got to see him 3 times. He was extremely handsome, and you wanted to get to talk to him more. But you never had the chance.

You hurriedly took the elevator to Floor 14 as you patted your hair and smacked your lips before you stepped out.

You got to your station and sat at your chaotic and unorganized desk. You looked around at the other employees, already sitting at their own desks, looking to see if Lucas was there.

“Is Lucas not working today?” you asked a coworker.

“No, he’s here,” replied the coworker, “He’s in station 2 though.”

Although you were bummed that he wasn’t in Station 3, at least he was on the same floor as you and only one Station ahead of you!

After 6 hours of working, you turned back around to face your coworker and said, “You know, I heard that Station 2 has been really busy lately. Maybe I should go see if they need any more help.”

“You just want to see Lucas,” said your coworker who knew you too well, “Plus you have your own work to do, the day has barely even begun.”

You let out a sigh as you slouched back into your chair.

“But,” continued your coworker, “You could go check real quick.”

You smiled mischievously at your coworker and made a praying hand motion.

“Thank you,” you said under your breath, as you hopped out of your seat and headed over to Station 2.

As you expected, Lucas was sitting at the first desk in Station 2. You smelled your breath and quickly approached him.

“Hey Lucas,” you said, as you leaned your arm on his desk.

“Hey Y/N,” he replied, “I haven’t seen you in a while. What’s up?”

“Yeah, I’m working in Station 3 today, but I heard that you guys may need some help?” you asked with a flirtatious look in your eye.

You watched him type on his computer, and saw the bulge of his bicep twitch. Wow! He was so gorgeous!

“We don’t need any help,” said another Station 2 coworker named Rosée. She also had a crush on Lucas, but unlike you she always got to spend time with him.

“Actually If you two could take these stacks of paper down to Floor 7, it would be helpful,” said Lucas smiling at you.

Rose rolled her eyes then quickly followed you with a stack of papers in her hand to the elevator.

“Stay away from Lucas,” said Rosee as you both were in the elevator, “He’s mine. We are officially dating now.”

“Sure,” I said knowing that Rosee was the biggest liar, “You say that about every new guy.”

“I’m being serious,” she yelled angrily as she stomped her feet, “He is my boyfriend, so stop meddling with him.”

“Well he’s not your fiancé yet, so I can still shoot my shot, “ you said.

Rosee was so mad , that just as the elevator door opened, she made you trip and fall outside of the elevator. All the papers went flying all around Floor 7.

“Watch your step,” she said as she walked away not even offering to help.

Just as you were about to get back up, a friendly hand reached down to help you up. You gladly accepted it and started to pick up your scattered papers, not even looking at the individual who helped you.

“Are you okay?” said a deep mellow voice.

You looked ahead to see a tall, well-built, good- looking man. He was wearing Versace and other expensive clothes brands. His face was so manly and his eyes were so deep!

“The ground from the elevator to floor is very uneven and dangerous. I need to fix that,” he said.

“And you are?” you asked, still picking up papers.

“Kim Namjoon,” he replied helping you pick up papers.

“You work here?” you asked looking at his expensive attire.

“You could say that,” he said with an innocent smile.

“You’re arm!” he said, “It’s bleeding.”

“It’s just a small scratch,” you said looking at the blood stain your skin.

“Here, come to my office,” he said, “I can at least clean it up for you.”

Without another word, he grabbed your hand and led you to his office. His hands were big and strong. But you could feel how he wrapped his hand around yours ever so gently.

You wanted to pull your hand away, but something about how it felt, wouldn’t let you.

Before you knew it, you were inside a big, fancy office.

“Sit down,” he said while pointing towards a chair, “I’ll go get my first aid kit.”

You sat on the expensive leather chair and looked around the office. This wasn’t just any office, it was the main Boss’s Office.

As soon as Namjoon came out with the first aid kit, you stood up and said, “We shouldn’t be in here, this is the new Boss’s Office.”

“It’s alright,” he said as he made you sit down once again, “He probably won’t mind.”

He grabbed your arm and started to wipe away the blood. He stared you in the eyes as he wiped away the blood stain ever so gently.

His eyes were deep and caring.

“Have you meet the new boss yet?” you asked

“I have,” he said seriously.

“Hopefully he’s nothing like Bang PD,” you continued, “If he’s really Band PD’s nephew, he is bound to be a crazy nut job.”

Just then the office door opened and a tall guy wearing a suit came in saying, “Boss Namjoon your business meeting starts in 30 minutes. We should leave now.”

“Oh alright,” he said closing the first aid kit and grabbing his coat. “It was nice meeting you,” he said with a smirk.

You sat there in your chair shocked and embarrassed. Namjoon was the new boss!!!!!!!

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