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When Your Boss Likes You🖤 | BTS - Kim Namjoon

Chapter 2 -

Your POV:

It has almost been a week since you last saw Namjoon and embarrassed yourself thinking he was just another coworker. You dreaded everyday you went to work, because you feared you might run in to Namjoon and you wouldn’t know what to say.

It was Friday. The last day of the working week. You just had to get through one more day without running into Namjoon.

You quickly entered into the building, and made your way toward the elevator. Just as you tapped the button you heard a voice from behind you say, “Hey you?!”

You turned around to see it was Namjoon. He was standing in the distance, with his hands in his pockets. You almost peed your pants as you slowly made your way toward him.

“Sir,” you said, hoping he didn’t remember you , “Do I know you?”

Namjoon laughed and look towards the ground.

“Remember....your arm,” he said, knowing that you clearly remembered.

You looked at your arm, then said, “Oh...yes. Now I remember. You are Boss...Nam....something.”

You felt so embarrassed. Why did you say that? Why did you lie that you didn’t remember him? He clearly could tell that you were lieing and extremely embarrassed.

“It’s Namjoon,” he said with a smile, “I wanted to see you in my office privately.”

“Right now?” you asked.

He nodded his head as he pointed his arm towards his office’s direction.

Oh no! Were you in trouble?

He opened the office’s glass door for you, and motioned you to go inside.

“Take a seat,” he said as he pointed to that same leather chair.

Namjoon sat behind his desk and put on a pair of glasses as he looked at a sheet of paper lying on his desk.

“I called you because I’ve received a complaint from an employee saying that you don’t get any of your work done.” said Namjoon, “They also said that you’re always hanging around Floor 14, Station 2 for no reason.”

He was now looking you straight in the eyes.

“My secretary searched for your name in our system, and I was surprised to see that it was you,” he said.

He then said your name. It was the first time it came from his mouth.

“How do you even remember me?” you asked.

“I couldn’t forget your eyes,” he said genuinely still looking you straight in the eyes.

You gave a confused facial expression, then quickly changed the subject. “So...who turned in that complaint?” you asked.

“Oh,” said Namjoon looking back at the sheet of paper, “Some employee from Station 2, Floor 14.”

It was probably Rosee, you thought. She would be the one to make you possibly lose your job to stay away from Lucas. You were getting so angry sitting in that chair.

“Well then,” you said looking at Namjoon, “I’m guessing you want me to pack my stuff, right?”

He took off his glasses very seriously then focused again on you, “This business, your job, should be taken very seriously. We hire employees to work, not to mess around and play games.”

“I understand,” you said, as you started to get up from your chair.

“Wait, Y/N,” said Namjoon reaching out his arm, “Fortunately, there is another job opening here.”

“What do you mean?” you asked.

“I’ve been needing to hire a new cleaner for my office. The old one wasn’t very good,” he said looking at the dust on all of his bookshelves, “If you’re interested, you’ve got the job. I’ll make sure it pays the same.”

Seriously, you thought to yourself. A cleaner? You could never go that low. But, what other option did you have? No one would hire you if they knew you got fired from a big company like this for messing around.

“I....” you studdered as you knew how much you hated cleaning, “I guess I’ll take that offer.”

“You should be grateful,” he said getting up from behind his desk, “Plus, you owe me one anyways, for saying those mean things about me the other day.”

“Like uncle like nephew,” you said under your breath as he made his way toward the door.

“You’ll start first thing, Monday,” he said with a grin, “Don’t forget to wear cleaning clothes,” he teased.

“Ugh,” you said after he already left the office, you were not looking forward to working with Namjoon. He seemed nice sometimes and then mean at other times. You couldn’t understand him. And the worst part of all was that you felt weak every time he looked you straight in the eyes.


It has been 2 months since you have been working as a cleaner for Namjoon. Every morning you’d come in early so none of your coworkers, besides your good friend Yoongi, saw that you were a cleaner. Sometimes Namjoon would be funny and annoying, then other days he’d be very serious and somewhat angry. I guess being the Boss is a harder job than it looks.

“Y/N!” said Namjoon as he finished making a phone call.

“Yeah,” you answered as you were sweeping behind one of the leather sofas.

“Let’s call it a day,” he said, “It’s almost time to wrap things up anyways.”

“Alright,” you said as you put away all the cleaning materials in a nearby closet.

“You know it’s been two months since you’ve been working as my cleaner?” he said, “I know you’re really embarrassed if someone finds out that your a cleaner, but you’ve been doing a really great job.”

“You must have a fever,” you said jokingly, “Cause you are never this nice.”

“Take it or leave it,” he said.

You both laughed as you all walked out of the office and out the building. Most of the employees had already left, so you weren’t scared to see anyone you knew.

“Say what,” said Namjoon as you all were walking, “How about we celebrate your 2 month anniversary tonight.”

“It’s not that big of a deal Boss,” you said, “My paycheck is my celebration.”

“Well, the night is young,” said Namjoon, “And I feel like eating out. So you wanna come along?”

“Will you pay?” you asked glaring at him.

“Sure,” he said while laughing, “But I get to chose where we eat.”

“Alright, sir,” you said, “I’ll follow you in my car.”

Namjoon nodded his head and walked away toward his private parking lot.

You then made your way to your old car in the public parking lot. Just as you were about to open the door of your car, you heard someone call your name. It was Lucas.

“Y/N,” he said, “Is that you?”

“Oh...hey Lucas,” you said as you tried to unobviously wipe the dust of your dirty work clothes, “What brings you here?”

“Just getting in my car to leave work,” he said pointing to his car that was parked right next to yours.

You felt stupid for asking that question.

“Where have you been lately,” he said, “It’s weird not having you bug me 24/7.”

You started to feel really awkward and super embarrassed, until Lucas continued to say, “I hope you didn’t stop talking to me, cause you thought I was annoyed. I actually kinda liked it.”

“Ummmm...” you studdered, “That’s not it. I’ve just been working on other Floors lately. Management never gives me Floor 14 anymore.”

You felt bad for lieing, but it was better than telling him you got fired and were a cleaner now.

“That’s too bad,” he said giving a flirtatious but innocent blush.

You definitely noticed something was off. He never seemed shy or romantic toward you. Maybe you were just seeing it that way because you wanted it to be that way.

“Well,” you said, “I have to get going now.”

“Wait,” said Lucas, “Do you have any plans for the night?”

You couldn’t believe what was happening. Lucas actually invited you to go out with him! Could this be real? You’ve been waiting for a moment like this for who knows how long!

“I was thinking that we could grab something to eat,” said Lucas, “We could catch up on life.”

Without another word you said, “Yes, that sounds amazing!”

“Here, you can ride with me and we can come back for your car after,” said Lucas.

You bowed your head in thanks, as Lucas opened the passenger door for you.

You both got in the car and started to drive away.

Just then you remembered that you and Namjoon were suppose to go out for dinner tonight. But this was way more important than Namjoon. This was a one in a lifetime opportunity you thought. But still, you felt bad for Boss Namjoon. He surely can’t be too mad though, you thought. He’d probably like to eat by himself better than being embarrassed being seen with a dirty and annoying employee at dinner. Still, you wish you had his number so you could text him that you wouldn’t be able to make it.

“You okay?” asked Lucas as he watched you stare out the window feeling bad for Namjoon.

“Yep,” you said, turning your head toward him, “I’m just great!”

Namjoon’s POV (perspective) :

I pulled out of the parking lot, and noticed that there was no car following me. I honked my horn a couple of times, but still no car pulled out of the public parking lot. I waited for 20 more minutes, until I realized that she was definitely not coming.

Maybe something really urgent came up, I thought.

I decided to just eat out alone, .....again. I was so bummed because I really wanted to get to know Y/N better. But something must’ve really been urgent that she had to leave.

After driving through Seoul, I parked my car on the side of the road, near the restaurant I was planning on eating at. There were at least two other restaurants pretty close to it.

As I was walking to the Korean BBQ Grill, I noticed a couple through the window of another restaurant. They were laughing and smiling a lot. This made me happy until I noticed that the girl in the couple was Y/N!

She was with another man, eating out!

The other man didn’t look near as handsome and as strong as me, but I could notice in her smile that she really liked him.

I looked at the ground with a cold smile, then made my way back to my car. I was definitely not in the mood for eating anymore.

As I placed my hand on the wheel, I looked again towards her and that strange man. I was glad she was having fun, but still how could she just ditch me like that?

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