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Cursed in love (Completed)


A romantic and intense love story of two individual of which one is cursed by love and other is crazy in love. What will happen when their love been cursed by someone and crash everything in one.

Romance / Humor
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Prologue: Old Memories

With the chilly winter, wind was blowing. It was already dark. Moons and star were hiding behind the cloud making the person remember the beautiful days of his past which proved to become cursed to him. He was looking straight outside the French window with his hands inside his pockets. He was so engrossed didn’t register someone’s presence behind him.

″Thinking about her..″ A soft voice from behind broke his chain of thoughts. He control his inner misery and look back at his Di with a sudden jerk.

″What are you doing here Di..Doctor have told you to rest. Go back to your bed NOW..″ He scolded her but it doesn’t affect her. She was still staring him trying to understand something in those eyes that was directing only in one direction.

″This is not answer of my question? Arnav Singh Raizada by now realized where this conversation leading.

″Did you take your medicines?″ He divert the topic.

″Hamara maan nahi hain..″ (I am not feeling to have it)

He gave his usual glare and made her seat on the bed. Bringing a plane glass of water and medicine, he gesture her to take it but she move her head away.

″What do you want? Why you doing this?″ He asked frustrated.

″You very well know what I want..″ She snapped back adamantly and throw the medicines on the floor.

″Stop it Di. Your this kind of attitude not going to change my decision..i told you I will not going to marry..that’s final..″

″Chotte whatever I am doing only for your happiness..for your future..Why don’t you understand..″

″Do hell with my damn future! You can’t force me to fulfill your bloody demands..″

″At-least look at her picture..she is perfect for you and I am sure you will also like her..″ Getting highly pissed off, he snatch the picture from her hand and threw it on the dustbin.

″I have another one..″ She pouted.

″Are you kidding me! After knowing everything you still wanted me to tie a knot and spoil her life like the way I ruin he-..″ He stop saying further and closed his eyes silently moving to other side.

″Stop punishing yourself for the mistake you are not responsible..″

″This is a truth of my life which is not going to change..″

″Fine! Do what you want waise bhi who I am to you..it is your life and your decision would be considered as final in our family! I am no one to interfere in your personal matter. Only few days and after that I am not there to trouble you..″

Di!!!!!!! He shouted. Suddenly a fear started gripping him and he took her into his embrace to stop himself from breaking down.

″Don’t you dare say that again..You are not going anywhere..did you understand!″ She smile bitterly and raised her hand to cupped his face.

″Bhul jao use..″ Her voice cracked. She cannot see her brother like that.

″It was impossible Di..She is my first and last love..″

″How long you will live in your past and cursed yourself for that incident..she is your past..Marry the girl I choose for you and settle in your life..″ That’s it he lost his patience and push her away angrily.

Enough!!!! You are ill that doesn’t mean you will take advantage of that and let me do whatever you want..I will never marry any damn girl because I am ALREADY MARRIED.

Furiously, he turn to leave but his legs halted in a sudden hearing a sound from behind. He turn shockingly and saw his Di lying on the floor lifelessly.


″How is my Di?″ Doctor come out of a room after monitoring the patient and look at everyone who were looking at him hopelessly, all panic.

″Why you showing your concern? Its all happen because of your stubbornness..″ Nani accuse at him giving a sharp glare. Ignoring everyone, he went ahead to talk with doctor.

″How is my Di..?″

″Mr Raizada..her condition was deteriorating day by day. I told you not to do anything that may worsen her condition. Cancer is slowly spreading her body and upon that she is denying for further therapy. If this continue I don’t think we will be able to save her more than a week..″ He went motionless. ONE WEEK? A strange type of pain punch his heart. Everything shattered around him but he was helpless due to his cursed fate. Doctor continued.

″Try to keep her happy because no medicine is affecting her..its look like she not wanted to live and lost all the hopes in a life..″ Saying this, he left and Akash accompanied him toward the exit giving a last assurance look to his Arnav.

″Are you happy now..? She is dying, you are sole responsible for her this state. What you got torturing a cancer patient? I will never forgive you chotte if anything happen to my Anjali betiya..″ He felt like someone snatched his soul from his body. This damn heart of his wasn’t allowing him to accept another girl into his life.


″Ranisaheeba, please eat something..for me please..″ Shyam sighed seeing her stubborn behavior. Arnav knock the door and Shyam walk toward him placing a hand on his shoulder before walking out.

″Di..″ He took a seat behind her and held her hand. She was looking at the sealing blankly. He had an argue to cry but this stone heart of his wasn’t allowing him to broke down, specially not in front of his Di.

″Please talk to me Di..″ There was only numbness on her end.

″You are my everything..I don’t want to loose you..″ She turn to look at him feeling his pain and raised her weak hand to touch his cheeks.

″Chotte hum tumse bahat pyaar karte hain..hum tumhara ghar baste hue dekhna chahte hain..kya tum hame marne se pehle itni se khushi nahi de sakhte..″ (I love you very much chotte..i want to see you happy married with your wife..wouldn’t you fulfill my this wish before death embrace me?)

″I will do anything for you but please don’t go away from me..I lost every single person whom I love and I don’t want to loose you as well..″

″I have only one wish to see you settle in your life..Will you fulfill my last wish?″ After a long silence, he says,

″Yes Di..I am ready to marry any girl whoever you say but please eat something..″ He said putting stone in his heart.

″Sach..″ He nodded unwillingly and she hugged her brother happily.

″I will marry her only for your happiness, but I will never accept her as my wife ever because I am a CURSED IN LOVE..″ After a while, he left for his office leaving behind a cheerful Anjali.

Anjali look at the photo in her hand adorably and smile.

″I know one day Arnav will love khushi afterall khushiji ke charm se koi bach saka hain...″ She took Arnav’s frame and place it with Khushi’s.

″Perfect for each other..″

″I am sure khushiji will give all the love to him he deserve..haina Devimaiya?″

What will happen when two soul comes together of which one is fire and other is ice. Will they make a perfect couple or they renowned as cursed in love?

I have posted new story here. If you like the concept then support me by giving reviews, votes and comments. Then I will think to post regular updates.

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