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Cursed in love (Completed)

chapter 1

Chapter 1: Twisted meeting

″Hum yeh shaadi nahi karenge! Nahi karenge! Nahi karenge!″ Khushi announced dramatically stamping her foot, standing in a stool and hug her boyfriend closer to her heart. Everyone in the Gupta family look at her with their mouth open.

Her jiji started laughing after a long break.

″Jiji I am damn serious. How can I marry before you..You are elder than me..″

″Anjali ji likes you so much..she herself came with this Rishta with lot of hopes..Will you dishearten her in such condition. You know na what tragedy happens with her.

″But jiji..I..″

″You don’t worry about my marriage..I will marry after you have 10 kids after-all i want to play with your children first..″ Her eyes popped out in astonishment.

″10 Children..″ She stood up in rage and throw the pillow on her face.

″See how she is blushing Amma..″

″Shut up jiji you know I can’t ditch my boyfriend..he is my life..I will marry only him..″ She said without any fear snuggling him more close to her. There was a awkward silence for a minute.

Shashi and Garima didn’t know how to react by this new revelation.

″Go to your room khushi and get ready fast..″ Buaji ordered. Her face fell suddenly. When khushi didn’t move, Buaji move in and try to freed her boyfriend who is stick with her like a fevistick.

″Apko paap lagega you are trying to separate two lovers..″

″My shona..my kuchikoo..I love him..I love him..I love him..″

″Shut up khushi and go inside..″ She pouted her mouth looking at her dewaana. Her hands slowly caressing him to calm him a bit.

But rocky was still shivering with fear by Buaji screams sitting in his dream girl’s embrace.


Her heart beat began rising by every passing second. After giggling session, payal move upstairs in her room and took the center stage.

″Why you aren’t ready till yet?″ She asked looking at khushi who was feeding biscuits to her boyfriend, her sweetheart, her one and only lover, ROCKY.

″Jiji don’t disturb us..″ She patted his back as he was caressing her milky cheeks..″

″Stop tickling me jaanu..″ Payal rolled her eyes. She was trying hard not to burst into laughter else her crazy sister throw another bomb.

″If you are done with your romance then wear this Saree and come down..″

″Don’t you have a shame..you are hearing our private talks..No privacy..″

″Khushi..″ She glare her.

″Did you see everyone planning to separate two lovers..jalaad kahike..″ Rocky look at his girlfriend with his big round eyes making a growling sound.

″Don’t cry baby..I am only yours..no one able to separate us for next seven birth..″ She said kissing his head lovingly. His white face turn crimson red, blushing like a tomato.

″Aise maza chakayenge ladka ek minute mein bhag jayenga..″ (I will show him my wrath in such a way groom runaway within a minute..″ She grinned wickedly eating his apple in between. He made a sound bringing her attention back to him.

″Oh sorry sorry..″ She again started to feed him, whispering her plan into his ears sheepishly.

″Arnav Singh Raizada- The famous Business Tycoon..Oh my god, khushi you are going to be his wife..I can’t believe this..″ Payal look at khushi with eager eyes after admiring the photo but did not get expected reaction in return. In-fact khushi not even glance at a picture once.

″He is so hot and handsome..″ She was completely drooling at him.

″If you are so interested why don’t you marry him waise bhi I am already engaged..″

″Idea!!!!! Khushi almost jumped from her bed. Her changed expression startled her.

″I will made you sit in alter in place of me hiding you with veil like Hindi serials..what say..″

″Very funny..″ She let’s go of her hand and was going to punch her but her boyfriend stood up in between two sisters showing his possessive love toward his girlfriend. Payal was quite taken aback by his actions.

″Tu is sadakshap ko kaha se utha ke leke ayi..″ (From where you bring this tapoori boyfriend)

″Don’t say a word against my Janu..″ She went to cool his anger who was going to bark at her. Payal hide behind the curtain like a scared kitten. Khushi started laughing seeing her jiji face. Suddenly a mind blowing plan erupt in her brain. She patted her back with a proud grin on her face.

″Ab tere shaatani dimaag mein kya khichdi pakh rahi hain..″ (What creepy plan was running in your brain) Payal get more nervous looking at her expression which is definitely not normal.

″You just wait and watch Jiji..″ Khushi winked and rocky twirl his tail in happiness.

″God please send someone to give her some brain who will handle this pagal jhalli khushi..″ Payal prayed looking upwards at devimaiya for some mercy. She hold her head in distress seeing her unstoppable antics.

″No man is born in this world who dare to handle Khushi gupta..ha ha ha..″ She smirked jumping and dancing on the bed. Rocky too joined her. Entire room was a mess by them.

She was laughing cheerfully totally oblivious her destiny going to take U-turn after this moment.


″What is this chotte..we are getting late? Today is your roka..″ Anjali charged him as he is not ready to leave his laptop.

″I am not interested in your damn rituals..″ He said punching furiously on his laptop.

″I don’t want to hear a word, get up now..″ She forcefully shut his laptop making him groan in frustration.

″Di please I have lot of work..I will directly arrive when your so called rituals starts, kindly excuse me..This deal is very important..″

″Do hell with your deal..″ She didn’t give ear to him and pull his hand toward downstairs where everyone preparing to leave.

″Are wah aj toh hamare chotte bahat handsome lag rahe hain..hamari dulhaniya toh dekhte hi fida ho jayegi..″ (Woah today chotte looking very handsome..our bride would go flat just by his one look) Nani winked and everyone started giggling.

Getting pissed out, Arnav moved out and made a quick call to Aman.

″Why you calling Aman there..spare him for a day..″

″He want my signature in some important documents..″ Arnav replied with his eyes glued in his mobile.

″Every-time work work and work..you will see Nani as soon as khushiji come to our home, she will get rid of his workaholic habits and made him loveaholic..″

″Stop it Di and let’s go..″ He got irritated as the giggling and teasing session not coming to an end. After placing all the baskets, all member of Raizada family sit in their respective car to drove off toward Gupta house.


Khushi grew anxious seeing too many people in the hall. She quietly place the tray in the table. While rocky make a bitter sound viewing his girlfriend seating under the sofa. A sad Rabba ve played at the background. Khushi gave a flying kiss to him and payal eyed her signaling her to seat quietly.

Her eyes locate the person who is going to become her target within few moments.

″Where is Damadji?″ Buaji asked searching him behind. Anjali motion Akash and he got up to went outside bringing him in. As usual he was busy in talking in his Bluetooth.

After a moment while, khushi heard some footsteps coming nearer. She was about to lift her gaze when Anjali pull her hand and made her seat beside her.

″Itni bhi kya baichaini bhabhi..Shaadi ke baad jee bharke chotte ko niharte rehna vo aphi ke toh hain..″ (So much desperate to meet him..After marriage keep admire him..he is all yours bhabhi)

Khushi passed a fake smile and gave a helpless look to her jiji.

Suddenly Anjali hissed as a horrible pain shoot on her head. Immediately khushi pour water from a jug and made her drink plane glass of water. Her heart twitched looking at her weak condition. Dark circles were surrounded her eyes, her skin turning pale, she look so sick like no life left inside her.

″Di are you okay..?″ She asked worried patting her back. Anjali cupped her cheeks weakly as a concern reflecting in her eyes.

″Hum itni jaldi nahi marne wale..″ (I will not die so soon)

″Stop it Di..how many times I need to remind you don’t say like that..″ A sharp, furious and menacing voice hit her ears. She turn her head to see his face, but in the very exact moment his manager call him from behind.

How rude! She mumbled viewing him shouting at his poor employee but till now she wasn’t able to see his face properly.

″I will definitely not going to marry this arrogant man..″ She decided with her face turning red in anger.

″Woah samosa is so delicious..″ Nani divert the topic as the atmosphere turning serious and everyone followed praising the food. Before buaji speak some words to praise khushi, she spoke hurriedly.

″It was made by Jiji..she made yummy food but unfortunately I didn’t know a word about cooking..″ Buaji pass shooting daggers at her to shut her up. Ignoring her glare, khushi start her pending speech.

″One time I burn the kitchen with my poor cooking skills..Thanks to Jiji she saved me on time. From that day I never stepped in the kitchen neither anyone dare to put me in..″ She grinned proudly revealing her secrets. Akash was stealing glances at payal who was blushing looking back at him.

Everyone stare at khushi not knowing how to react hearing her non stop chants, except one person. He didn’t ever care to look at a girl.

″Not to worry if you don’t like cooking then don’t need to learn it..there are many servants in our mansion to look after..you only focus on your and chotte’s married life..″ Her smile faded instantly. She thought they will reject this marriage after knowing all that but seems all made up their mind to fix her marriage to their son.

″I guess we should give some space to bride and groom to talk in alone if you have no problem..″ Anjali suggested.

″No Betiya..why we had any problem!″ Garima signal payal to took khushi upstairs while sooner Arnav been taken to her room. Although he show his displeasure first but when Anjali insisted he couldn’t able to deny her.


″Pagal idiot duffer!″ She cursed herself banging her head.

″Who told you to speak so much..tu toh gayi..Buaji will definitely cut you into pieces and eat in today’s lunch..″ She gulped and started to munch her favorite jalebi to decrease her stress blunter..″

″Focus khushi focus! That laadgovernor is coming in your den..its time to show your karate skills. Kick him so hard that he will regret all his life to agree for this marriage..″ She flare her nostrils wearing her boxing gloves and started to punch the punching bag with a huge force, practicing her moves. Next she heard his quick footsteps proceeding toward her.

″Aa gaya mera shikar..″ (My shikaar is all ready to get beaten by me) She get alerted showing her evil laugh. Her hand let’s go of her bag.

″Excuse me..″ Her fist clenched in a tight punch hearing him. He was standing few steps away and began walking toward her. Khushi abruptly turned and lifted his hands from behind to gave a hard punch. Within a microsecond punching bag pounce back at her and hit her head. Startled, she almost fell back at him.

He caught her, supporting her into his strong arms. His hand resting on her waist. His chocolate brown eyes met her hooded ones. She left speechless just by looking at him.



Angrily, he left her by which she fall on the ground with a sudden jerk. Her mouth open in O-shape.

Precap: ″Khushi attack Arnav with her belt..″

To be continued!

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