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mishaps brought to you by Dean and Sammy winchester jr


just some mishaps that happen when sammy and dean winchester jr going hunting or just clumsiness in general (all in one week) these are all ideas for books, i might turn them in to longer stories

Adventure / Humor
Cole Johnson
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''Sammy!!???!!!'' yelled Dean jr, ''where are ya? I bought Chinese food!'' Dean pushed up his glasses and walked around the bunker, that they had found a month ago, looking for Sammy.

''im in my room!'' Sammy yelled back.

dean made his way to Sammy's room, and froze at the threshold. clothes were everywhere and the occasional shoe strung about. ''Sammy what happened?'' asked dean while holding the bag of Chinese food. dean adjusted the collar of his flannel so it was popped up like he liked it.

''i was looking for something,'' said sammy then pushed his glossy hair out of his face.

'man he needs a hair cut!' thought dean.

sammy continued, ''i think i left it at a motel.'' sammy looked completely frazzled. Sammy sat on his bed and put his head in his hands.

dean sat down the Chinese food and attempted to walk over to Sammy. but, well....slipped on a magazine and fell backwards dean could feel his right ankle buckle when he fell. ''son of a b****!'' dean squeezed his eyes shut. pain radiated from his ankle.

''dean!'' Sammy shot up from his bed and went over to dean.

''ya okay?'' asked Sammy crouched down next to dean. dean was laying flat on his back, eye squeezed shut, fists clenched.

''yeah,'' said dean then sat up with a grunt. his back was still slightly sore from a hunt 2 days ago. 'why cant a day go without me falling or tripping?!' thought Dean.

''are you sure?'' asked Sammy concerned.

''no!'' said dean, ''i twisted my ankle and it hurts like a b****! ya happy?''

''which ankle?'' asked Sammy.

''my right one,'' said dean.

''here, let me help you to your room,'' Sammy extended his hand.

dean batted it away, ''i can get to my room my self!'' he slowly stood up, held on to the wall, got to the threshold, picked up the food, then hobbled away to his room.

'im the worst cousin in the hole muti-universe!' thought Sammy and a tear ran down his face as he stood in the middle of the room.

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