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mishaps brought to you by Dean and Sammy winchester jr

clutter part 2

''dean?'' asked Sammy as he opened deans bedroom door.

''what?'' asked dean harshly. dean was laying on the bed on his back, right ankle on a pile of pillows and a bag of ice with a towel wrapped around it on top of his throbbing ankle. he had a pillow on his face, glasses on the nightstand.

''I found what i was looking for,'' dean heard Sammy say, ''and I cleaned up.''

''Awesome,'' said dean sarcastically with the pillow still on his face. ''now go.'' dean didn't yell he just spoke very harshly. the pillow was wet from his tears.

''dean?'' asked Sam, ''i need to give you somethin',''

''what is it b****?'' asked dean stubbornly.

''your gonna have to take the pillow off your head.'' said sam.

dean mumbled something to him self then took the pillow off his head and squinted at sam. his glasses were on the night stand, and Sam was in the way, so he couldn't get them.

Sam turned around, grabbed deans glasses, and held them out to dean. dean tried to grab them but he could barely see with out them so, he missed them a couple times but then finally grabbed them and put them on.

''what do you want to give me?'' asked dean. then crossed his arms.

to be continued

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