Sonic Boom: Travels (Shadora)


Life starts out exciting for a pink hedgehog by the name of Aurora when she sets out on her own for the first time at the age of 20. The only downside to this is an extremely over-protective dad (Sonic) who constantly worries about the most ridiculous things happening to you, and the mom (Amy Rose) always pushes to set you free when it's time. Everything changes for Aurora and a black hedgehog named Shadow when they crash into each other at Shadow Canyons. Aurora is in awe that she is with her longtime fantasy crush, and so is Shadow when he sees that he finally meets her again from his last trip through time. The two hedgehogs train each other for future challenges, until the death of Amy Rose occurs. Devastated, Aurora goes out to search for the Chaos Emeralds to save all the dimensions in existence (later figuring out she has to do more), figure out more about her powers, and to find Shadow's missing ex-girlfriend. They meet a sprite, a loyal wolf, a resistance, a young bat, a twist-hearted meerkat, and twin hedgehogs that share similarities with Shadow and Aurora. Throughout the journey, they all learn the power of teamwork, making Shadow feel unsure since what happened on Space Colony ARK and the last fiasco teaming up with Eggman. Shadow and Aurora get closer throughout the mission, but will they remain strong?

Children / Adventure
Sasha L Price
5.0 1 review
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It was raining in the kingdom. Two hedgehogs, a pink female, and the other a black and red striped male. Each carried a child. Also separate genders.

“Shadow, I don’t think I can do this.” the pink hedgehog admitted while shedding a few tears. The other placed his hand on her shoulder, comforting her. “Remember, we’re doing this for our future and their’s.” He held his little boy tight in his blanket.

Their children cooed in their sleep, and the mother softly cried as she hugged her baby girl.

Shadow transported them into the castle. It took them a bit to get to the newly crowned queen and her husband and show that they meant no harm.

“Shadow? I thought you were dead! Who’s she?” a silver hedgehog asked with wide eyes.

“I’m not the Shadow you know. This is my wife, Aurora.” Shadow replied.

“What are you two doing here at this time of night? In the middle of a thunderstorm?” the queen asked in her purple and orange robe.

“We traveled back in time from another dimension to give up our children.” Aurora answered as her daughter continued to sleep soundly.

“Why?” the silver hedgehog asked. “Time is a sensitive river flow you don’t want to disturb.”

“They were raised by you two.” Shadow explained. His spouse also said in tears, “You’re supposed to take care of them...No-not us.”

“‘Were?’ What are you talking about?” Silver asked in confusion.

“Out of no disrespect, we have a huge responsibility of protecting the Sol Emeralds, and maintaining an entire dimension from harm. So I’m afraid-”

“So do you expect us to nurture them until they’re grown up?” Silver asked the couple. He then lifted up the boy using his mind, and brung it into his arms.

“Silver!” the queen hissed at him.

She looked at the parents who held the boy’s sister. The mother was still sobbing as her husband wrapped his arms around her, looking desperately at the queen. She knew that look. But it never came from Shadow. At least the one she knew. If he was willing to do this, then she should trust the parents.

“It depends on you. They were born two months ago.” Shadow answered Silver’s question.

The queen looked at the little girl who was sleeping peacefully. Then her twin that Silver carried. She had to admit, they were precious looking. “What are their names?”

A lightning strike was heard, and the baby boy began crying, whereas his sister slept soundly.

“Blitz and Aster.” Shadow said, a tear escaping his eyelid.

“What do I do!? What do I do!?” Silver panicked while holding Aster who was still crying!

That was when two more rascals were added to Blaze’s royal family. Meanwhile, the two hedgehogs ran off and disappeared. Full of sadness, empty of regret. For they know they had made the right decision.

But you might wonder, why did they give them up? How did Shadow find love? Will they be reunited with their children? Who is Aurora exactly?

I’m afraid I can’t answer those directly. They’ll all be answered in the form of a love story. Trust me.

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