Maybe I don't hate you (A Draco Malfoy One-shot/short story)


Just a small Draco Malfoy x reader one shot :)

Romance / Action
Boba Milk Tea Boy
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Maybe...maybe I don't hate you.

~At the battle of Hogwarts~

You and Malfoy were slowly walking in a circle, wands pointing at each other. You stopped walking, causing him to stop too. You dropped your wand. “Kill me.” He stumbled a bit, shocked by your reaction.

“What?” You took a deep breath and looked him straight in the eyes, tears blurring your vision.

“I heard some death eaters talking. Voldemort thinks you are weak and not helpful and- and he’s going to kill you.” Malfoy shifted his grip on his wand, still pointing at you. You had come in the Room of Requirement to find him here and challenged him to a battle. But you knew you couldn’t kill him.

“Why are you telling me this?” A tear slipped down your cheek. “Because if you kill me, Voldemort will think you are useful after all and let you live.” He looked at you, thinking about what you had said.

“Y/n...” he said, “I...” he sighed.

“Please?" you asked him. He shook his head gently. “Kill me. Please. Kill me!” He looked a bit taken back from your sudden outburst and why you even cared so much.

“Why...? Why would you risk your life to save someone like me, who’s literally on the other side of the war as you, who’s going to die anyway? Why?” You looked at him and took a step towards him.

“I would risk my life for you. Anytime any day. I know you hate me, me being a 'stupid mudblood' but still in Slytherin and everything but... just because you hate me doesn’t mean I hate you.” He stood there for a while. You starring at him, him staring at you.

“Maybe...maybe I don’t hate you...” He said, surprising you. You took another step towards him, about 3 feet away from him now. You gently slid your robes off and held your arms out. Lifting your head up slightly you said, “Kill me.” He dropped his wand too.

“I can’t.”

You shook your head slightly. “It’s going to save your life, you’re a Slytherin, aren’t you?! Kill me!” He looked you dead in the eyes. “No.” You were starting to get upset. “I can’t let you die. I don’t care if I die, I don’t care if we lose the war, I don’t care what happens, I don’t care!" You cleanched your eyes shut, holding your tears in. Your voice cracked, betraying you, "All that matters is that you live.”

You and Malfoy had been friends in the first two years, but Nott convinced him that, for you’re safety, he had to start pretending to hate you so you weren’t in any danger with Voldemort. It was hard, but he eventually started pretending to hate you. It hurt you, him suddenly not wanting anything to do with you. But now you see that he didn’t want to. “Please just KILL ME ALREADY.” You let out a sob. “Please.” You bent down and picked up your wand again, flipping it around so it pointed at your chest, your hand slightly trembling.

“If I do this," you took a deep breath, "you need to take credit and say you killed me, okay? Then- then he’ll let you live.”

His eyes widened as he realized what you were about to do. He ran up to you and grabbed your hand, forcing the wand to point in a different direction. “I can’t. I- I love you Y/n.” You froze at his words, lifting your gaze a little to meet his. His glossy eyes were pleading as he stared into mine.

“I need you to kill me because it’s the only way for you to live. I... love you too much to let you die. Please,” you pleaded. He pulled the wand from your hand and threw it in the corner but his.

“I can’t watch you die. I’ll protect you with my life.” He placed a hand on your cheek and slowly started to lean forward. Your eyes fluttered closed as he gently leaned in and kissed you. After a moment of silence, you looked up at him and smiled. “I love you Draco Malfoy.” He smiled a small bit at your words. “I love you, Y/n L/n.”

Suddenly, interrupting the sweet moment you two were having, a death eater stormed in. Oh no, you thought as you took a protective step in front of him, shielding him. The Death Eater had said something, but you weren’t listening. You quickly darted to the corner where your wand was. Your feet slid in front of you and you turned, placing a few fingers on the ground for balance. You had one foot behind you sticking out while your other foot kept you in your crouching position. You grabbed your wand and, using your back leg to kick-off, sprinted back towards the Death Eater, holding your wand out and pointing directly in between their eyes. “Don’t. touch. him.”

The Death Eater laughed. You couldn’t quite tell who it was under their cloak, but their vile laugh sounded cruel and evil. “Oh look Draco, got yourself a little (girlfriend/boyfriend/enbyfriend) to protect you? Ha, it’d be a shame to-” they said, but you cut them off.

“Stupify!” you shouted, not bothering to listen to them continue. You turned back to face Malfoy and a small tear slipped down your cheek, but you smiled anyway. “I would risk my life for you. Anyday, anytime. Draco Malfoy, I love you.” You held your want to your chest and moved the wand in a lightning bolt motion.

“Avada Kedavra.”

And in a flash of green light, your body collapsed to the ground as your wand rolled out of your pale hand.

Tears streamed down his face as Draco ran to your lifeless body. "Draco Malfoy, I love you." had been your last words before your unfortunate death. But your death is what saved Draco's life. He promised himself that day, he would never forget you. And he will avenge your death.

The End :)

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