Star Wars - Poe Tours


As you know, Episode VII opens up with X-wing pilot, Poe Dameron and his droid BB-8 on a mission on Jakku. But how did they get there? This adventure follows the duo's valiant efforts.

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Chapter 1 - Poe Tours

Dedicated to all of the Disney cast members at Star Tours. Thanks for making the magic come true.


Luke Skywalker has vanished.

In his absence, the sinister

FIRST ORDER has risen
from the ashes of the Empire
and will not rest until Skywalker, the last Jedi,
has been destroyed.

With the support of the REPUBLIC,
General Leia Organa leads a brave RESISTANCE.
She is desperate to find her
brother Luke and gain his
help in restoring peace and
justice to the galaxy.

Leia has sent her most daring
pilot, Poe Dameron, on a secret mission
to Jakku, where an old ally
has discovered a clue to
Luke's whereabouts...

But the journey to Jakku would not be so easily traversed.
The First Order is spreading throughout the galaxy,
determined to wipe out the Resistance.
Poe Dameron and his faithful droid, BB-8, will have
to harness all of their tenacity to avoid Kylo Ren's clutches
and uncover the means to find Luke Skywalker...

The T-70 X-wing, a cruciformed starfighter with enough firepower to decimate a rancor. Complete with proton torpedoes and concussion missiles, this spacecraft was considered to be one of the deadliest in its time. At least it was according to Poe Dameron. While the ship he piloted was not is signature, black and orange fighter, its blue markings helped him blend with every other in the fleet. The last thing he needed was for the First Order to discover that Black Leader was on a secret mission. The young pilot soared through the cosmos, his eyes currently fixated upon his ship's monitor. A spherical droid twitched and bleeped from a hatch just behind his cockpit. Poe sighed, "I can only move so fast, BB-8." He continued to punch in hyperspace coordinates towards the Western Reaches. His jump to lightspeed would carry him to directly to Jakku, which was located in one of the most remote sectors of the system.

Poe was just about to make the jump when a bulb began to flash in hues of blue. "Incoming transmission?" he thought. "BB-8, put it through."

Soon an exasperated voice began to crackle back, "Black Leader! Do you read?!"

"This is Black Leader. Go ahead."

"This is Reto Swabec of Nova Squadron. We were protecting a supplies convoy from the nearby spaceport when the First Order ambushed us!" The iconic sounds of Tie fighter cannons could be heard in the distance. "We need immediate assistance! You're the closest fighter in our area!"

Poe removed his hyperspace coordinates and banked enroute to the convoy's position. "Hold on, Reto. Help is on the way." BB-8 beeped in a grumbling tone. "I know we have a mission, buddy. But I'm not about to let our men die. General Organa would understand." Poe diverted all power to thrusters, and spiraled through the stars.

It was only a matter of time before he spotted the rigorous space battle. Six T-70's clashed lasers with overwhelming swarms of Ties. Poe optimized his weaponry, "Alright, let's show these six boys how it's done."


One of the X-wings was blown to pieces by incoming laserfire.

Poe grimaced. "Make that five boys." He plunged into battle, his laser cannons acridly pulsing. His aim sent one Tie crashing into two others. Poe zoomed through the produced explosion while locking a missile onto another fighter. "Woo!" he exclaimed.

"It's Black Leader!" cheered one of the pilots.

Poe smiled while peering back from his cockpit. "Follow me, boys. Let's buy this convoy time to escape." The X-wings formed up for a second attack. They pierced through the Tie squadrons, their laser cannons blazing away in flashes of red. Meanwhile, the Resistance's supply ships began to divert their course.

"Black Leader," voiced one of the suppliers. "Can you give us cover while we make the jump?"

"Already one step ahead of you," Poe smirked before barrel-rolling passed a spray of green laserfire. He looped around, blasting down two more Ties. "Come and get me!" he taunted as the remaining Ties gave chase. He flew over the spaceport, and then banked around for another attack run. As he flew by, he caught a glimpse of the station's name: Spaceport THX1138. While he kept the fighters distracted, the supply ships were able to make their jumps to lightspeed.

"We did it!" rejoiced Reto as he flew alongside Poe.

"Yeah!" Poe replied when BB-8 chimed. "See buddy? Record-time rescue. No worries. Now we can head for Jakku and-"


A First Order star destroyer thundered out of hyperspace and coasted beside the station.

BB-8 beeped frantically. "Yeah I see the giant ship!" groaned Poe. "Hang on, I'm getting us out of here. All pilots. Prepare to make the jump to-"

"NOOOO!" yelled Reto before he was blasted to ash by the star destroyer's laser cannons. Tie fighters poured out of it like insects from a hive. They overwhelmed the Resistance pilots, blasting two of them before the others fled into hyperspace. Poe found himself alone, exasperatedly locking in hyperspace coordinates, only to have his wing struck by a Tie's laser blast.

He began to spiral out of control, his T-70 on a crash course for the space station. "BB-8!" he dizzily grunted. "Get us stabilized!" The droid speedily worked to level out the burning starfighter. It was just enough for Poe to glide it into the space station's docking bay. As soon as it crashed against the back wall, Poe leapt out and ejected BB-8. A First Order shuttle swept into the bay and began to land.

"Not good," worried Poe before he slipped through a crowd of fearful bystanders. "BB-8! Come on!" The droid squeaked as it rolled at maximum speeds. The duo made their way down a maintenance hall, where they accidentally bumped into a mechanic and then ducked for cover behind a series of crates.

"This way!" exclaimed a female voice. It was followed by a squadron of stormtroopers, their pale armor gleaming under the station's light fixtures. One of the men kicked the mechanic to his knees while the rest stood at attention. A chrome-clad stormtrooper stood tall, an armorweave cape drifting across her arm. She knelt down and glared at the sweat-drenched captive. "The pilot. Which way did he go?"

Without even reconsidering, the mechanic immediately pointed towards Poe's hiding spot. The woman shoved him away and ordered, "Blast him!"

"Yes, Captain Phasma." nodded one of the stormtroopers.

Poe and BB-8 were soon under heavy blasterfire, as lasers scorched wall and crates beside them. Poe swiftly retrieved his sidearm and fired two shots before striking a stormtrooper.

"We need a ride, and fast." panted Poe. He gave BB-8 a light kick, thrusting the droid into an elevator. Poe quickly tapped away at the button for the upper hangars. Lasers shot into the elevator, causing both of them to press against its edges. "Come on, come on, come on!" The doors slowly shut, and an eerie calmness filled the elevator. All remained silent until the elevator's soothing music kicked in. BB-8 began to slowly rock back and forth, chiming to the jazzy beat until Poe scolded, "Stop that."

The elevator opened, and they entered into a hangar filled with ships. Stormtroopers were already searching the ships on the adjacent side, minimizing Poe's options. If he could just get to a ship, they'd be safe. He could fly anything after all. It was then that he caught a glimpse of a fine starship, one of which he instantly recognized as a StarSpeeder 1000. He smirked, quickly yanking its door open and dashing in with BB-8.

Poe tripped over his speeding BB droid, and landed on a rather slimy being, a Selkath. The pale, fishlike creature immediately shoved him off and spoke in a garbled tongue of which Poe did not recognize.

"Pipe down, kolto-breath!" scolded a teenage girl in the second row. "I'm trying to get some shuteye!"

A pleasant young man pat the seat beside him, "Need a spot, stranger?" Poe ignored him and pressed towards the front of the StarSpeeder. "Alright then."

A humanoid, AC-series pilot droid turned around from the control panel. Its head was helmet-shaped and flattened on the front side, with a round speaker and a pair of yellow photoreceptors for eyes. It was equipped with a Intellidor 8 droid brain, advanced articulations, and a disc-shaped power recharge socket in its torso. "Hey! Show me your boarding pass please!" asserted the droid.

"No time, tinny." rushed Poe as he shoved the droid and lunged for the cockpit.

The droid tugged him back. "You are unauthorized to fly this craft."

"I'm authorized to fly anything!" intoned Poe. "Tell'em BB-8." The ball droid simply shook his head in decline. "Come on!" The droid beeped a rebuttal. "I KNOW none of this would have happened if I just would have listened to you. But we saved the supplies and-" BB-8 angrily chimed again. "Fine! Be that way!" Poe growled. "This isn't the time for 'I told you so's, buddy." Poe regretted his outburst and turned, "But are very much right." BB-8 bleeped with content. "NOW will you help me get us spacebound?"

BB-8 obliged as the AC droid contested. "Just what do you two think you're doing?"

"The First Order's taking the station and we need to get out of here. Trust me, you guys need a pilot."

"They HAVE a pilot," affirmed the AC droid. "I am programmed to fly StarSpeeder 1000's in any condition of-"

"Then you guys need a better pilot," quipped Poe as he took control of the StarSpeeder. Soon, the craft was lifted and headed straight for the hangar doors. Suddenly, the entire ship was halted by an unseen force. "What's happening?" worried Poe. BB-8 bleeped in confusion. "I asked you first!" reminded Poe. "I've lost all mobility." The ship began to turn towards a battalion of stormtroopers.

"You're taking us right to them!" screamed the teenager in the second row.

"I'm not doing this!" grunted Poe as he pulled back on the controls. He let go as soon as he realized what was holding the vessel. "He is." In front of Captain Phasma and her stormtroopers, was the infamous Kylo Ren. The hooded, masked monster of the First Order was using the Force to hold the starship in place.

"Is that...K-...Kylo Ren?" gulped the teen.

"You don't have anything to do with this invasion, do you, stranger?" worried the man behind her.

"No, of course not." replied Poe as he ducked under the dashboard, leaving the AC droid to confront Kylo Ren.

"Prepare to be boarded," warned Kylo Ren.

The droid stared down at Poe, who was pleading for his cooperation. "There's been some terrible mistake," said the droid.

Poe sighed in relief mouthed the words "Thank you."

Kylo Ren was unphased, "We know you have the Resistance pilot onboard."

"Resistance pilot!?" blurted the teenage girl. "You're in the Resistance?!"

Poe glared at her with a regretful nod and then immediately returned to the controls. "We're out of here!" He tugged away at the controls, but Kylo Ren kept the ship in place.

"I want that pilot!" demanded Kylo Ren.

"Doesn't this thing have weapons?" Poe scoured the controls until BB-8 activated the concealed laser cannons. "Thanks, buddy!" He fired at Kylo Ren, who ignited his cross-hilted lightsaber to deflect the blasts. This gave Poe just enough time to fly out of the hangar and over the star destroyer. "Hang on, everyone!" Just as the enormous craft prepared to vaporize them, Poe finally made the jump to lightspeed, utilizing whatever coordinates were already preprogrammed.

The StarsSpeeder 1000 darted through the spiraling blue vortex of Hyperspace. Poe removed his customized helmet and placed it on the edge of the dashboard. "That was close...Too close," he panted before patting BB-8 on the head. "Now all we have to do is bolt for Jakku." The AC droid immediately removed Poe's helmet and flung it at his chest.

"Ow! What was that for?" grimaced Poe. "I just saved you all!"

"Saved us?" scolded the droid. "The only reason the First Order attacked was because of you. It's you that they want! You reckless ruiner of flight services."

"Flight services?" Poe raised a brow while looking at BB-8. "What exactly is this ship's destination?"

"This ship travels everywhere from Dantooine to Mustafar. Naboo to Kessel and the Rishi Moon. This is Star Tours."

"Star Tours?" thought Poe. "Wait a minute...Yeah, that's right. I heard you guys make nonstop flights from Coruscant to Tatooine. Not bad for the prices passengers have to pay."

"Speaking of which," Interrupted the friendly man. "I do hope we all get refunds for this interrupted travel."

"There will be no refunds because we are proceeding with your travels as planned." said the AC.

"What?" snapped Poe. "Look, pal. I am on a-" He shut his mouth and leaned in to whisper. "I'm on a top secret mission for the Resistance and need to get to Jakku."

"Well then you, like every other passenger, will have to wait your turn." the AC droid remained stern.

"Look, if we can just get to Jakku first, then you can resume your travels."

"YOU endangered all of us. The First Order will be hunting you down. We ought to drop you off on Manaan."

"Manaan?" thought Poe. "The water world?"

"Correct," nodded the pilot droid. "Mr. Nosi is quite eager to get home." He pointed at the Selkath, and Poe instantly remembered bumping into his slimy self.

"Oh, that guy." Poe grimaced. The Selkath garbled at him in what seemed like gibberish. "What is he babbling on about? Don't you speak Galactic Basic?"

The AC droid translated. "He is saying that you are going to get us all killed and that we were fools to let you onboard."

Poe rolled his eyes. "You save a bunch of people from an evil organization and THIS is how they repay you. Insults and refunds. You realize the longer I'm on this StarSpeeder, the longer they'll chase us right?"

The AC droid returned to the controls, shoving Poe behind him. "I could not agree more. Which is why we are dropping you off on Manaan. You can get yourself a ship there."

"Fine by me," Poe crossed his arms and sat next to the teenage girl.

She peered up at him with her bright blue eyes and gently brushed her blonde, pixie-styled hair. "So..." she began. "You're in the Resistance?"

"That's been well established, yes."

"That's amazing," she grinned before crossing her legs. "What type of ship do you fly? Is it the fastest one? Have you ever killed someone with it? How long have you been fighting the First Order? Do they scare you? Are they going to beat the Resistance? Is the Resistance tough? Did you make that helmet yourself? Can I try it on?"

Poe leaned towards BB-8 and muttered, "This is going to be a long flight."

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