Battle Of The Pink: Mettaton Vs. Pinkie Pie

By NyxKnight


It's Showtime!

It was a peaceful afternoon in Ponyville. The idle chatter of the town’s ponies and the clacking of hooves on the cobbled stones of the little town's streets were the only sounds that permeated the air. All around where little houses with thatched roofs, brick and stucco walls, and happy ponies in the doorways. Vendors called to ponies from behind their stalls and in front of their carts. The smell of baked squid and fresh produce wafted from every corner. Within the center of the town was the castle of friendship, the new home of Princess Twilight Sparkle where she watches over the town with her friends.

Within Ponyville park six friends were enjoying there the last week of summer before the fall leafs arrive. They had gathered to a shady oak tree in the park to have a lovely picnic in the cool breeze. Once they all met there they did the same things they do on picnics.

Rarity and Fluttershy were talking about the possibility of animals wearing dresses for a show while secretly making ship fanfiction of Discord and Princess Celestia. Rainbow Dash and Applejack were hoof-wrestling and being macho. While Twilight was reading a novel of magical theory with Spike sleeping on her side.

The only pony missing was Pinkie Pie, who usually never misses a picnic. However her friends had figured she was helping the Cake family with some cooking business. Twilight found that Pinkie had been acting strange lately, she had not sung to new ponies in town, played pranks with Rainbow Dash, or even bugged Twilight about random stuff. Of course she thought that Pinkie was just a bit sick with a flu or something.

Then out of Twilight's, eyes she saw a pink blur slowly move her way. In fact, all the ponies and the dragon turned to see Pinkie Pie slowly approach them.

“Come on Pinkie Pie, move it!” Rainbow Dash yelled at Pinkie who continued her slow pace.

Twilight noticed as Pinkie Pie came closer and closer, she had a smile on her face, a very creepy and frightening smile, and a soulless look in her big eyes.

. . . .

If one were to look in the possible future, the six friends would have been violently killed by Pinkie Pie in what some cosmic scholars call ‘Holy shit that Dark!’. Thankfully for the six friends a much unexpected guest decided to come to their aid.

. . . .

Out of nowhere a pink ball of energy hit Pinkie Pie, causing a large explosion. To say the six friends of Pinkie were shocked would be an understatement. Just as their emotions were about to spring forth, a far off cry was heard.

“Everypony run, that’s not me!!” This cry came from none other than Pinkie Pie from a distance.

Pinkie’s friends were confused as they looked at her and the burning area of the other Pinkie Pie. Out of the small fire rose what looked like Pinkie Pie. However, the fire melted off the false flesh, revealing a metallic shell. Walking from the fire was a cube-shaped robot, it appears as a gray, largely rectangular box with a grid of lights at the top which can change color depending on his various actions. He has four dials along the bottom of his body, and from the bottom, he has a single leg which ends in a wheel. He has two segmented robotic arms which end in white gloves.This sinister robot spoke to the ponies with an oddly feminine male voice.

"Oh, yes! Finally I can have my revenge on you little upstarts!”

Twilight and the others were now just lost on what the buck is going on as Pinkie Pie super jumped in between the robot and her friends.

“Pinkie what’s going on?!” Twilight was looking for some logic.

Twilight, I see past the fourth wall, the beyond of reality, that is how I knew that this robot was coming for us. We are a show to beings far greater than ourselves. But this machine wants us dead so he can be the star!”

“Quite right, ponies have become so popular that your fan base easily destroyed mine, and I just can’t let that go unchallenged, so I, Mettaton will stop you villains from stealing the spotlight! Time to Flip my Switch!!” Mettaton reached his right hand to his back switch and flipped it. In a shower of flashing pink lights Mettaton transformed into a humanoid robot form.

In this humanoid form, he has black hair with a fringe that covers his right eye, pale "skin", and visible metal segments below and above his left eye.He has a pink chest piece with a dial on one side and a speaker on the other, a narrow metallic waist which holds his soul upside down, and black shoulder guards above his segmented arms, which end in gloves. His long black-clad legs end in pink heeled boots.

The five ponies were scared and confused by Mettaton while Pinkie Pie stepped a hoof closer to the fabulous robot.

“I won’t let you hurt my friends! Let's dance!”

“Oh're a little firecracker aren't you, ok then It’s showtime!” Mettaton snapped his fingers and a bunch of floating T.V. Cameras appeared, to film the battle for the Underground and Equestria to see.

Mettaton began the battle by flipping backwards in the air, landing on one leg as he began to sing into his microphone.

“You see, I am the greatest, the mechanical marvel that will wipe you out of existence.” Mettaton then strutted in a dynamic and fabulous pose as beams of light shot at Pinkie Pie from his eyes.

Pinkie Pie dodge as began to dance in a similar fashion to Mettaton as she summoned her chi to blast energy blots from her hooves at the stylish robot. Meanwhile Twilight stood there and watched, wanting to help.

“Pinkie Pie…”

“Go Now!!!” Twilight could see the determined look in Pinkie’s eyes and knew she meant business. In a flash, Twilight teleported the gang to a safe area where they could see what was going on with Pinkie and Mettaton .

In a burst of speed Mettaton rushed at Pinkie, who withstand the blow, grabbed the robot’s head, and flung the metal monster into the sky. However, everyone knows a good robot has a backup plan.

“So you want to go genocide on me?! Let me show you the power of NEO!” Mettaton transformed again.

His right forearm is replaced by what appears to be a cannon, his shoulders are clad in pauldrons, which are shaped like legs, and are longer than his arms, and he has wings on his back. The soul on his waist points upwards in a more monster-like manner, and he has a heart shape engraved in his chestplate...His hair on the right side is spiked out, revealing an entirely black segment of his face, with a sparkle or crosshair in place of his right eye

Mettaton then pointed a hand at Pinkie Pie.

“I can tell by that last attack, darling you’re holding back!”

Mettaton used his plasma energy gun and fired several plasma balls at Pinkie, who created energy balls in her hoof and fired back at Mettaton. The shots collided in midair, creating several explosions of energy on contact.

All the while the other ponies were standing around there cover watching the fight, commenting on everything immediately after it happens, but not actually helping.

"No Pinkie! This is our fight too!" Twilight yelled at her secret lover.

"I will defeat you evildoer with the power of Friendship!" the lavender alicorn yelled.

“No Twilight! This is her fight, she must do it alone!” Rarity screamed into Twilight’s ear.

Twilight decided that Rarity was right, even if Pinkie could have used a little bit of help at this point. After that Twilight had a long speech about the ‘Power of Friendship’ that will aid Pinkie Pie. However to spare the reader the torture of a speech of such pointlessness, the author decided to skip it.

After the speech, the Elements of Harmony shot out of the five ponies into the sky and down into Pinkie’s body, blessing Pinkie Pie with long blond hair, a white coat, and blue eyes.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaah!..." said Pinkie, taking a fighting stance.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaah!..." replied Mettaton, doing likewise.







"Do they go on like this forever?" said Spike.

"No, it just seems like it" said Rarity.

Once that was done, Pinkie Pie created energy around herself and flew into the air at sonic speed, tackling Mettaton. Pinkie Pie managed to spin the robot around to see his switch, which she blasted with a powerful bolt of magic. With that blast of energy, Mettaton overloaded his data-banks and caused his wings to blast him off into the sky, all while saying…

“We will meet again darlings, Mettaton signing off!” In a flash of pink light the fabulous robot disappeared.

Pinkie then floated back down onto the damaged earth were her friends waited as they watched the event unfold.

Twilight and friends galloped to Pinkie who walked out of the crater with a smile on her face.

. . . .

Cosmic Scholars from different dimensions have asked a few questions on this event. Why was Mettaton dressed as a creepy Pinkie Pie? How does Pinkie Pie use magic to blast folks like on those anime shows? exerta, exerta… There is one answer that the oldest and wisest of The Cosmic Scholars had determined to end the questions.

“Murphy's Law mixed with a bit of Chaos Theory....or in simple terms...Shit happens.”

The End

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