X Men: Onslaught


Calls for the Mutant Registration Act gathers pace as fears of mutants grows deeper. As Susan Storm tries to guide her extraordinary son Franklin through this unpredictable new world, Professor Charles Xavier and his X-Men attempt to finally end Erik Lensherr's hateful ideology against humans. But trying to stop one problem may have created a far worse, and more deadly problem for our team of heroes...

Scifi / Action
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X Men: Onslaught

X-Men: Onslaught

Characters: X-Men


Fantastic Four

Franklin Richards

Tony Stark

Plot: In the beginning, Franklin Richards is having a dream. In the sequence, he is in the middle of a street that looks like New York, but everywhere has been decimated. As he stumbles around his surroundings, calling for him mom, Susan Storm is then seen waking up on the floor a few yards away from Franklin, wearing her pajamas. As Susan gets up slowly, she sees the devastation around her, and then sees Franklin. She tries to call to him, but no sound is coming out of her mouth. She then runs towards him, but slips on the floor. As she sits up, her hand is touching a poster with her son’s picture on it with the the word ‘MUTIE’ in graffiti on top of it. She then looks up to where Franklin is, who turns around and sees Susan. Franklin then begins to smile and run towards his mom, who gets up and runs towards him. However, before they can join up with each other, Susan is then thrusted onto the floor of Franklin’s room. Susan, in shock, realizes she was in a dream of Franklin’s, and she slowly stands up to see Franklin fast asleep. She then abruptly leaves the room and rushes into the bathroom, where she calms herself down, and looks at the mirror.

A news report on television links a murder of a prominent politician involved in the Mutant Registration Act in suspicious circumstances to Magneto, which troubles Professor X. Beast fears that something like this could get blown out of proportion if Magneto isn’t stopped, but Professor X wants to get Magneto’s side of the story, and proceeds to contact him via Cerebro.

When Charles contacts him, Magneto immediately denies that he caused the death of the man, and says he knows about it. Beast worries about the interaction, and doubts that Magneto is telling the truth. Magneto tells Charles to leave him alone for a while as he tries to find out the truth whilst staying in hiding, and Charles tells him to be careful. Charles vows to also get to the bottom of it before cutting the connection of Cerebro off. Once he finishes talking to Magneto, Hank informs Charles of his doubts, and suggests taking drastic action. Charles tells him that he shouldn’t worry so much, and that he does not want to use Cerebro as a weapon to shut Magneto down. Hank says he doesn’t need to; all he needs to do is wipe out Eric’s memories. Charles looks at Hank in horror, but he reasons with Charles about all the traumatic things that has happened in the past to Eric that has spurred him to take the course of hatred of humanity today. Charles doesn’t say anything, and Hank leaves him to ponder over it.

Meanwhile, at the Baxter building, Reed, Susan, Franklin, Johnny and Ben are watching the news segment accusing Magneto of the murder. Susan is playing with Franklin, who is 8 years old. Reed is in his lab, helping to build a Mesopheric Protection System for the earth along with Dr Bruce Banner and Tony Stark, in order to better protect the earth from alien attacks. Susan leaves Franklin in order to talk to Reed. Susan voices her concern over Franklin’s abilities, and is troubled by something that happened last night. Reed says as he is a child, he is still growing into his powers, and needs time, but Susan is worried. Franklin was having a nightmare, and when Susan went to go and check on him, he had transported her into his dream and had her trapped in a dark room. Susan tried to leave, and met with Franklin, who proceeded to let her out, but was unaware it was real, as Franklin was still asleep when Susan was transported back in his room. Reed doesn’t say anything, but Susan suggests taking him to see Professor X. Reed has reservations about taking Franklin to see the Professor, as he fears it will make Franklin worse, but Susan reassures him that Charles is an expert in dealing with children with abilities, and he is the best one to deal with Franklin. Reed reluctantly agrees, and the two make plans to take Franklin to Professor Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters.

In New York, Tony Stark and the other Avengers are showing around Peter Parker in a new mansion for their base of operations that used to belong to Tony. Tony tells Peter he can come here whenever he wants to find out what is going on with the Avengers. Tony is then interrupted by a call from Reed Richards about the Mesopheric Protection System, and allows Peter to look around on his own. Peter comes across a news article from a newspaper on a table nearby which talks about the growing need for the Mutant Registration Act and Superhuman Registration Act, which makes Peter think.

In Munich, Germany, Eric is in a cabin in the middle of some woods just outside the city, and peruses the contents of a newspaper. He spots the article about the murder on a train to Berlin of the official who was part of the Ministry of Defence and a supporter of the Mutant Registration Act. He was strangled to death with a metal chain, which points suspicion to Magneto. Realizing that he may be in danger of getting caught, Eric decides to flee, but upon leaving his cabin, he is met by the police force, who has his cabin surrounded.

News reaches Charles about the search for Eric, and worries about him. Hank becomes more convinced that it is indeed Magneto who is the murderer, as he highlights that the man murdered supported the MRA. Charles is deeply troubled by this, but before he can do anything, he is interrupted by the arrival of the Richards. The Richards tell Charles that they want Franklin to go school here, but Charles notices Susan looking worried. He tells Jean Grey to take Franklin around the school on a tour whilst Charles speaks to Susan and Reed. Charles asks Susan if something is wrong, to which she replies that she is worried about Franklin, as his abilities are unstable. Susan divulges what happens with Franklin when he uses his abilities, and Charles is slightly concerned, but reassures Susan and Reed that he will do all he can to help, as this is the best environment for him. Susan notices Franklin greeting other mutant children outside a window, and asks Charles to promise her that he will help Franklin to master his powers. Charles promises, and they leave, but he looks on at Franklin with slight concern.

Eric, who is in a standoff with the police, notices that they do not have any metal on them, and puts his hands up to surrender, but knows that where the policemen are standing is where he has placed metal barbed wire in the ground. He then manipulates the barbed wire to tie the policemen down, but some begin to shoot at him. As Eric runs away, he reaches for a device in his pocket and presses the button, which detonates and blows up his cabin. He then hides behinds a tree to see if any more policemen are chasing him, then leaves to look for cover in a nearby town. After a while, he manages to find an old abandoned warehouse and hides in there whilst he spies on the police coming to search for him. All he can do now is wait until the police move on.

Back at the mansion, it is night time, and everyone has gone to sleep, except for the Professor and Hank. Hank comes to Charles, who is outside Cerebro, with an angry look. Charles asks hims what’s wrong, and Hank says that German police were attacked by a mutant who held them down with barbed wire, however they both know that it was Eric. Hank believes this is the last straw, and tells Charles to wipe his memories now. Charles, still deliberating, decides he will try to talk to him first. Hank doesn’t think it is a good idea, but Charles tells him he will be fine. They then enter Cerebro.

Franklin Richards, who is unable to sleep, wakes up to go to the bathroom. As he comes out, he doesn’t go straight to bed, but instead goes around the building, and manages to stumble upon the door to Cerebro. Whilst there, he feels the presence of the Professor and Hank inside, as well as the operation of Cerebro. As Charles uses Cerebro, he manages to contact Eric. Eric tells him to leave him alone, but Charles understands the trouble he is in and wants to help him. As Eric tells him he will be fine, Hank gestures to Charles to wipe his memories out. Charles shakes his head, but continues to talk to Eric. He then proposes to Eric whether he wishes to forget all the pain caused by his family’s deaths, which baffles Eric. Eric says it is the pain that helps him achieve his goals, but Charles tells him he can be better. Eric refuses Charles, but Charles looks at Hank one more time. Eric then says that pain gives him purpose, to which Charles then says all his pain will be forgotten soon. Charles then begins to go into Eric’s mind, attempting to wipe out his most painful memories. As Charles does this, Franklin feels it, and believes something bad is happening. Jean Grey is also awoken by the presence of a telepathic force, and goes to find Franklin. Back in Cerebro, Eric screams out as he tries to fight off Charles, but Charles keeps on persisting. However, Franklin, thinking the Professor is in trouble, connects himself telepathically to Cerebro. As Eric begins to become more angry, Charles concentrates harder on Eric, whilst Franklin tries to sever the connection Charles has with Cerebro. Jean Grey manages to find Franklin outside Cerebro, and feels a strong telepathic connection inside Cerebro. Believing that Franklin is trying to use Cerebro, Jean Grey uses her telepathy to try and shut out Franklin, but this makes things worse. As Eric screams in pain, and Charles screams to concentrate, Cerebro begins to disintegrate as the strong telepathic presences of Franklin, Jean and Charles becomes too much. Hank is forced to pull the plug as Charles passes out, and Jean and Franklin are felled by the force. Franklin and Jean wake up and look at Cerebro, and then quickly run and hide as Hank wheels out the Professor and takes him to the infirmary. As Jean and Franklin look at each other, Jean then tells off Franklin, and tells him to go back to bed, but as they leave, Franklin feels a presence still lingering in Cerebro, and looks behind him.

Eric awakens after being knocked unconscious, and remembers what happened. He then begins having distorted memories of his mother and family, as well as hearing a voice over these memories. Eric, believing himself to be going mad, tries to reject the voice, but the voice tells him that the only way that mutants can really be free is if he kills Charles Xavier. Eric obeys the voice, and, also angered at knowing that Charles tried to erase his memories, decides once and for all to end Professor X.

Back at the mansion, Charles awakens and sees Hank and Jean Grey at the end of his bed. He insists he is alright, but Jean feels something is wrong. As Hank leaves them alone, Jean asked what happened, but Charles wants to know why. She explains what happened with Franklin, and Charles comes to realize that it must have been Franklin who interrupted him as he used Cerebro. Jean worries that Franklin may be far more powerful then they think, and Charles wonders how he could possibly help him. Charles tells Jean to go look for Franklin, and she leaves. As Charles wonders about Eric, a voice in the back of his head tells him that he should have shut down Eric, but now he has no choice but to kill him, as Eric is now a threat to humans and mutants alike. As Charles tries to dismiss the voice, it becomes apparent that an entity has manifested itself in the minds of Eric and Charles.

As Jean goes to find Franklin, Franklin feels a strong presence coming from Cerebro. He goes to investigate it, but upon coming to Cerebro, he is shocked to find the doors open, and see Charles Xavier standing up. This Pseudo-Charles smiles and introduces himself as Charles to Franklin, but Franklin is baffled as he doesn’t understand who this really is. Pseudo-Charles thanks Franklin for waking him up, but Franklin says he shouldn’t exist. Pseudo-Charles smiles to himself, but before he can do anything, Jean Grey catches up with Franklin, and is shocked at what she sees. Jean Grey decides to battle the Pseudo-Charles, but he offers her more power if he joins her. Jean rejects him, and prepares to do battle with her, but Pseudo-Charles proves to be too powerful for her, and renders her in a catatonic state. Franklin becomes upset, but Pseudo-Charles promises him that he is here to help, not to hurt him, and tells Franklin to come with him. Franklin hesitates, and questions Pseudo-Charles, asking him what is it that he wants. Franklin then hears a rumbling behind Pseudo-Charles and sees that a giant being made of armor is coming up behind him (Pseudo-Charles had manipulated plates from Cerebro to mold a suit of armor.) Franklin becomes scared as Pseudo-Charles mentions that he wants what everybody wants: peace, but it can only be achieved by having complete control over the world. Franklin then tries to defend himself, but is knocked out by the Pseudo-Charles and placed inside his armor. He then smiles to himself as he walks away from Cerebro, making the armor disappear and then disappearing slowly himself.

Eric is shown boarding a plane to New York. On board the plane, he spots some men who may be following him. As Eric thinks of a way to dispatch of them, the voice in his head tells him not to draw attention to himself, and get rid of them when he lands. Eric then spots an article that someone across of him is reading about him, and the person avoids eye contact with Eric as Eric smiles. Eric then looks back at the paper, where he then spots an article about the MRA gaining momentum to be passed. This angers Eric, as the voice in his head tells him that the only one standing in his way is Charles Xavier.

Back at the mansion, Charles then senses Jean is stuck, and tells Hank to find her. Hank finds Jean and brings her to Charles, who brings her out of her catatonic state. However, as he does so, he notices wording imprinted in her mind, and becomes unsettled. Charles questions her, asking her what happened, and she says there was something dark in Cerebro, but Franklin let it out. Charles asks who it was, and she says it was him. Charles becomes deeply disturbed by this, and wonders if it has anything to do with the voice he heard in his head earlier. As Jean recovers, Hank says he can’t find Franklin anywhere, and Jean and Charles cannot find him telepathically either. Just then, Nightcrawler appears with Storm, saying that the Richards are here. Charles and Jean look at each other, before Charles goes down to meet with them.

Pseudo-Charles turns up at Avengers mansion, where he meets Scarlet Witch and Black Widow. Scarlet Witch notices something strange about him, and questions him. Black Widow also remembers that Charles Xavier is unable to walk, and as the women realize that he is an imposter, Pseudo-Charles begins to attack them. He defeats them both, and takes Scarlet Witch as his prisoner, along with Franklin, in his suit of armour behind him. Before Black Widow passes out, Pseudo-Charles threatens that he is going to bring an onslaught upon the whole earth.

As Eric lands in New York, the men whom he suspected as being agents follow him. Eric lures them to an empty corridor, where he questions them. They are FBI, and are tasked with bringing Eric in, but Eric attacks them and renders them unconscious. Just then, Eric begins having a sharp pain in his mind as memories of his family become warped, with a word painted on the heads his parents. When he recovers, he then utters the word that appeared in his mind: ONSLAUGHT. Onslaught then talks to Eric in his mind, telling him that he needs to go to the X-Mansion.

Meanwhile, at the X-Mansion, Charles meets with Susan and Reed Richards. They want to see Franklin, but Charles breaks the news that Franklin has gone missing. Reed becomes angry, and told Susan that this was why he didn’t want Franklin to go to Charles, but Susan calms him down, before asking Charles for the full story of what happened. Jean explains to Susan what happened, and also says that they no longer can use Cerebro. Reed ventures to go and find him, but Susan tells him that they need to come up with a plan first. Just as they are talking, Charles senses Eric approaching the mansion, who then begins attacking the building. Charles then hears a voice in his head, telling him that he needs to get rid of Eric before he causes more damage and pain. Wolverine and others comes to face Eric, but in the ensuing battle, Eric rips the adamantium from Wolverine’s body. Charles sees this, and becomes enraged. Just then, the sky above New York turns strange, with Reed noticing that the MPS as been activated and being used for a different purpose than intended. Eric notices this as well, and flees the scene. Reed, Susan, and Charles Xavier then head to the Baxter building, but others stay behind to nurse Wolverine back to good health.

At the Avengers Mansion, Tony and Peter find Black Widow unconscious, and help her to wake up. She explains that a being pretending to be Charles Xavier came with a kid and kidnapped Wanda. They then see outside the window that the MPS is misbehaving. Believing the events to be linked, Tony goes on his phone to call Nick Fury to gather help, but before the call goes through, Captain America, Falcon, Thor, and Hawkeye arrive.

At the Baxter Building, Onslaught (as Charles) smiles as he operates the MPS. Wanda asks him what he plans to do with it, and he says that it’s not just itself, it’s what all three of them will do. Franklin also questions Onslaught, and it says that it wants everyone to think like him, so that there will be no more wars, violence, disagreements etc. Bruce Banner, who had been unconscious, wakes up to hear what is going on. He concludes that Onslaught is trying to turn the MPS into a version of Cerebro, and will use it to control all humans. He learns that Onslaught has attuned the MPS’ frequencies to a level that will render humans into a zombie-like state mentally, and they will only be controlled by Onslaught. As it finishes, Susan and Reed enter the building. They try to coax Franklin to go with them, but Onslaught knows they are there, and incapacitates them. It then goes into the suit of armour it created from Cerebro’s shields, changing it to the colours of Magneto’s helmet, and forcing Wanda and Franklin inside. It then goes outside to meet with Charles Xavier.

Eric follows the scene as he sees Onslaught emerge from the Baxter building to confront Charles. He overhears the two speak, and Charles reveals that it is Onlsaught who has been in his mind. Onslaught reveals that it has been the one coercing Charles and Eric to kill it each other, as without them, he would be able to control all humans perfectly. Charles then realizes that Onslaught has his and Eric’s personalities and views, and they he created the entity when he tried to erase Eric’s memories. Realizing this, Eric vows to help Charles destroy Onslaught, but Onslaught also reveals that he has Wnada and Franklin hostage. Just then, the Avengers, Peter Parker, the rest of Fantastic Four and other X-Men arrive to do battle with Onslaught. As the battle progresses, they all move to Central Park.

Inside the Baxter building, Bruce frees himself, and wakes up Susan and Reed. Reed says he needs to shut down the MPS, and Bruce goes to help. However, the MPS is failing to shut down, and has already started its first phase in rendering humans unconscious. Outside, the fight is one-sided; no one is able to defeat Onslaught, as every time his armour is attacked, Wanda protects it and Franklin uses his abilities to fight the others as well. Inside the armour, Wanda and Franklin are under the belief that they are being attacked by Sentinels, but are really fighting against the Avengers and the X-Men. Jean sees ho much the group are struggling, and believes they need to get through the armour in order to defeat Onslaught. She calls out to Tony Stark, who meets up with her.

Inside the Baxter building, Bruce and Reed are still trying to get control of the MPS system, when Jean and Tony enter. Jean explains that the Hulk is needed to fight Onslaught, but Bruce thinks it won’t work; however Jean explains that it is because she needs mainly the Hulk, and not Banner. She needs to suppress Banner’s consciousness. Tony asks Jean why she needed him, and she says that he will continue to help Reed with the MPS whilst Banner helps in the fight. Banner reluctantly agrees, and Tony and Bruce swap places.

Outside, Eric tries his best to rip away the armour, but to no avail. He then apologizes to Charles, who reciprocates. A few more heroes fall to Onslaught, and it looks like they won’t be able to win, when Hulk attacks Onslaught head on. Jean then attacks psychically, with help from Charles, and Hulk manages to damage Onslaught. For a brief moment, Jean and Charles are also able to retrieve Wanda, but before they can retrieve Franklin, Onslaught recovers. Onslaught then triggers the MPS to go to the next phase, in wiping out all memories of human beings, with Reed and Tony still working on shutting it down.

Tony then decides to call Arsenal, a robot that is in the Avengers Mansion, to destroy the satellites that have the MPS online. Whilst Onslaught continues to battle the heroes, Hulk manages to damage the armour some more, before Thor comes into to inflict greater damage. Jean manages to connect to Franklin inside the armour, and Franklin manages to break free from Onslaught. Arsenal succeeds in destroying all the satellites, with Reed and Tony also successfully breaking through the firewalls and shutting down the MPS. The heroes, with Franklin in tow, now inflict one final attack on Onslaught, breaking down his armour and dissipating its energy. In the aftermath, Jean and Charles frantically search for any remnant of Onslaught, but Franklin confidently declares that Onslaught is gone. Reed and Tony and the rest of the heroes breathe a sigh of relief.

After a while, at the Baxter Building, Reed and Tony meet up with a recovered Bruce Banner, and talk about what will happen now with the Superhuman Registration Act. Tony and Bruce ask about Franklin’s condition, and Reed, along with Susan, mention that he will be okay, but the world, not so much. At the Avengers Mansion, Peter and the other heroes talk with Nick Fury, and Peter states that he wishes to tell the world his identity, as along with the Mutant Registration Act, the Superhuman Registration Act will be good for him to stop hiding who he is. The group discuss this further, but Nick says he respects Peter for his stance.

At the X-Mansion, Charles and Eric are overseeing the condition of an unconscious Wolverine. Charles tells Eric to not worry, but Eric knows now that the Onslaught situation has made the outlook of the Mutant Registration Act worse. Charles feels uneasy, and also worries what will happen in future. Before Eric leaves, Charles asks him if he really did kill the German Minister of Defence, to which Eric asks him to read his mind. He then leaves Charles alone. Elsewhere in the mansion, Jean is sitting with Wanda in a room. Jean goes to get them something to drink as Wanda watches the T.V listlessly. She watches news items about the destruction in Central Park and camera footage of the battle with Onslaught. It then cuts to mention of the Mutant and Superhuman Registration Acts to come into law.

Wanda mutters under her breath “No more mutants.’’

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