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When Hoseok told you that your brother was still alive, it set a fire in you. You have to find him. There's just one problem. Kim Sungho. Your father has been after you for years. You thought you were finally safe from him, but you were wrong and when the man gets his hands on you, you are unable to escape his clutches. Being in his grasp is scary, but it is worse that you have no idea why he can't bring himself to kill you. He keeps mentioning this "thing" that he has to get out of you first. But what mysterious thing is this? What will Jeongguk and the gang do to save you now that you don't have much time to live?

Mystery / Romance
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“Please...” my tears have all dried at this point, but my eyes are bloodshot red and my head feels like it could explode.

My father crosses his arms in front of me, looking down at me with a scowl on his face.

I wiggle my wrists a little bit to try to ease the pain of them being tied behind my back on this chair, but it only makes the pain worse.

He kneels down. “Doyun can’t save you this time, Y/N. It’s just you and me and I won’t stop until I’ve gotten it out of you.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” my voice comes out weak and tired. “Just kill me already. That’s what you want, isn’t it.”

“Even if we tried to kill you right now, you wouldn’t die and you know that.”

Another painful tear escapes my eye moments before another shock is sent coursing through my entire body, evoking a terrible scream from the deepest parts of my throat.

When the electricity stops, I droop down into the chair. “Please, stop...I-I can’t take this anymore.”

He grits his teeth. “I will stand here all day if I have to until we get this thing out of you.”

“What thi--AHHH!” Another string of electricity courses through my veins.

“I won’t stop until it’s out. I won’t.”

Jeongguk’s POV

“She hasn’t called yet?” Namjoon raises an eyebrow.

“That’s not like her,” Jin says, then looks at me. “That’s not like her, right?”

“No, it isn’t,” I worry my bottom lip with my teeth, my arms crossed tightly over my chest as I tap my foot impatiently on the floor.

“I think you might be overreacting,” Hoseok mumbles.

“I wouldn’t be saying things like that if I were you,” I glare at him. “I don’t trust you like the rest of these morons do. If it were up to me, you’d be locked up,” I spit.

Yoongi walks into the room, emotionless as always. “While my heart agrees with you, my brain tells me that he’s not the enemy here, Jeongguk.”

“Whatever. This isn’t the point,” Namjoon sighs. “She should have called by now. Her plane was supposed to take off an hour ago, which means, if she’s on that plane, she’s only a couple hours away.”

“We should just wait it out,” Jin nods.

“What if she’s in trouble?” I throw my hands up. “We’re just going to let that happen?”

“We don’t know that she’s in any trouble,” Yoongi steps forward to console me. “We can’t jump to conclusions. Maybe her phone died.”

I shake my head. “No. Something’s wrong. I can feel it.”

Yoongi stays silent for a few moments before turning to look at everyone else. “I hate to say it, but I sense something’s wrong, too.”

I jump up to my feet once he says this, but he pushes me back into the chair.

“I’m not saying that we should rush to her. I agree that we should wait at least a couple more hours,” Yoongi finishes.

I groan, dropping my head into my hands. “I’d feel much more at ease if I could just know for sure.”

“Wouldn’t we all,” Namjoon mumbles.

I slowly look up at him. “You,” I stand up. “You could use your tech knowledge or whatever and try to see where she is, right?”

Namjoon chortles. “Slow your roll. First of all, she told me never to spy on her just because you were worried. She literally said that before she left.”

I roll my eyes. “More reason to look. I don’t like not knowing for sure where she is.”

“You could just trust her,” Yoongi mumbles.

“Second of all,” Namjoon continues. “Why would she be in any trouble. We killed the only other person that had something against her.”

I shake my head. “Not the only other person.”

“Her father...” Hoseok mumbles.

I nod.

Namjoon clicks his tongue. “I have wondered why he’s stayed silent this whole time.”

“Okay, so don’t spy on Y/N,” I say. “Spy on him. Kim Sungho. Her father.”

Namjoon bites his lip. “I don’t know...If they caught wind of it--”

“Please, it would make me feel a lot better about this.”

Namjoon sighs. “Of course. Give me ten minutes,” he turns on his heel and walks out of the room.

Jin shakes his head. “I think this is a bad idea.”

“I second that,” Hoseok nods.

“Well, it does no harm to check up on her. If she’s fine, then it’s a win for everyone,” I say, trying to not only reassure everyone else but also to reassure myself. I really hope my gut is wrong on this one.

Namjoon’s POV

“He’s going crazy,” I mutter as I plop down into my chair, computer moniters and keyboards surrounding me.

I log into my main computer and type in coordinates to the Kim household.

“Knock, knock,” Jin whispers, walking in.

I hum, acknowledging that he’s there, but also trying to focus on my task.

“Why do you always keep it so dark in here?”

“Makes it more ominous, my dear,” I mumble, distractedly.

“Ahhhh,” he chuckles, pressing a kiss to my cheek.

I pull up the security cameras from around the area. Unfortunately, they keep their house pretty off-the-grid, so no cameras are directly on it, but there are a couple that are only around the corner from the house.

I drag a simple picture of Y/N into the system and do a full search through the cameras in that area.

“Hm, nothing pops up within the last twenty four hours,” I whisper.

“Maybe their car windows are tinted, so her face wouldn’t be seen if she was in one of those cars,” Jin suggests.

“I honestly think Jeongguk is being paranoid,” I turn to look at Jin.

Jin nods. “But I think it’s good for him to be cautious. I mean, it’s true that her father has been suspiciously quiet.”

“What are you saying?”

“Maybe he’s been waiting for Jimin to be out of the picture?” Jin shrugs.

“For what reason?” I try to wrack my brain around all the possible reasons why her father would want Jimin gone before he would attack and nothing makes sense. “They were on the same side, though.”

“Or so we believed,” Jin adds. “Maybe they wanted Y/N for different reasons. Jimin wanted her for...power or his equivalent of love. I think her father had alterior motives.”

“He didn’t appreciate her enough for her to be one of the assassins. She was just the distraction, basically a prostitute,” I start. “He abused her pretty bad whenever she failed a mission. He sent his men to gang rape her. I think he did want her dead.”

“Okay, so if that’s true, why has he been hiding?”

I shake my head. “I don’t know...”

Something ‘pings’ on my computer, so I quickly turn around to face it. Two words pop up. ‘Search failed’.

“See? Nothing to worry about,” I lean back in my chair.

“How far back are you searching?”

“Twenty four hours.”

Jin clicks his tongue on the roof of his mouth. “What if they got her before that?”

“What do you want me to do? Check for the past three days?”

Jin shrugs. “Maybe a good idea.”

I sigh and type it into the system. “I honestly think this is unnecessary.”

Jin bites his lip. “We all know a good mob boss keeps everything pretty hidden. Even if they do have her, we probably wouldn’t be able to know unless we showed up and found out for ourselves.”

As sad as it is to admit, Jin’s absolutely right. I don’t know what Jeongguk is expecting us to find. “Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that.”

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