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I do not own Harry Potter. This is HarryxDraco fanfic. It's a DRARRY if you don't like it then please don't read it. Harry Potter is a CEO of se*x product making company. He take his work seriously. He wants to do his best. Draco Malfoy was kicked out by his father for being gay. Now he is homeless without any money left. His friend Pansy offered him to stay with her. He accepted the offer but still he needs a job. what happens when they crossed each others paths? Read and found about it.. RATED "R" because of sex scene, Mature content.......

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Hot for blondie

*Harry Potter is a work of J.K. Rowling. I just borrowed the characters. It's Drarry and mature one that means it has se*x scene also. If you don't like it then don't read it.

If there are any mistakes then kindly point it out*


Harry Potter, even his name made his employees to be respectful for him. You can describe him in one word " PERFECT ". He is the CEO of s*ex products making company. When he was teen, he found out that he was more interested in pleasing others than himself. He feels pleasure to please others. He is a DOM. First, he didn't know about his sexual orientation. He knew that he was more interested in men. His parents accepted him, they have no problem with their son being gay. They love him so much.

When Harry did some sexual activities, he felt that something was missing. Then he came to know about BDSM. He knew that he was a Dom. He was not from a rich family. At that time he couldn't even afford expensive lubricants. Then he started making his own. Every time he fucked someone with his homemade lube, they always liked it's flavour and smoothness. Some people even gave him order to made it for them. It was the starting of his business. He started his business with different flavours of lubricant. After some time he expanded his business and made more sexual products. Now his products are in high demand because of there low price and good results. He doesn't have many friends besides Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley. They are married to each other. Hermione was not only his friend but also his personal secretary.

Right now she is pregnant and in her Eighth month. Doctor told her to take rest and she applied for her resignation. Harry didn't have any choice but to grant it. Because he doesn't want anything to happen to her. But before leaving him, Hermione wanted to find a perfect replacement for her. That's why she posts about the job vacancy.

Draco Malfoy was a normal college boy. He was a single child of rich family. He knew that he was gay from the age of 14. He always found male attractive than female. But he was scared to come out of the closet because he knew that his father will never going to accept him. His father always told him to be a MAN. Draco has a feminine body and pale skin with blonde hairs. He tried to change himself. But he couldn't do that. One day he was sitting in his room. When his father came to him and asked him "Are you gay Draco?"

Draco was shocked. He tried to make excuse but his father knew that he was gay. Then his father kicked him out without any money and backup. Draco tried to talk to him but his father ignored him. Draco didn't have any choice. He called his only friend Pansy Parkinson. He told her about his situation and she came to him. Then she took him to her house. She is also from a rich family but stay alone in a separate house from her parents. Draco stayed with her. He knew that he has to do some work but where? Pansy's boyfriend Blaise Zabini also stay with them. Blaise also a worker at Harry's company. When Draco told them about that he wanted to do some job. Blaise mentioned him about a new vacancy at his company. Draco was happy and eagerly accept it. It doesn't matter what job he has to do. He only wanted to do a job. Blaise informed Hermione about that and fixed an interview date.

Draco's p.o.v

Tomorrow I have an interview. I did all the necessary things for it and slept. It was my first interview and I'm very nervous about it.

In the morning, pansy woke me up and helped me to get ready. Blaise was on some office trip so he was not here. Pansy dropped me at the company and wished me good luck. When I walked into the building, everyone looked at me like some meat. I felt so nervous. At the reception, I asked her about where the interviews are held and she kindly gave me the way. When I looked at the watch its showed that I don't have too much time. When I reached the elevator, there are two elevators and one of them was full. The second one has only 3 people so I jumped in it. Inside everyone looked at me like, I am a some kind of meat. I kept my head down till i reached my destination and quickly jumped out. I looked behind and my eyes go wide. One of those 3 people, was so handsome. His has green eyes. I never saw green eyes in my whole life. When our eyes met, he winked at me. HE WINKED AT ME!!! But sadly the doors of the elevator closed and I have to move on.

There i saw a lady, that lady told me to wait there and she went to call Hermione. After some time someone called my name when I looked up, there stood a beautiful woman. She is pregnant and I know that she is Hermione. I stand up and shake hand with her. She told me to follow her. She asked me some basic questions then she told me

"I like you, Mr Malfoy. You fit for this job. But first you have to meet Mr Potter then he'll take the final decision. And yes he is your boss. So make a good impression."

"Sure mam. I will do my best."

"Ok then follow me."

She leads me to Mr Potter's office. The mirror walls were foggy which make it impossible to see inside. Hermione knocked on the door and went inside when someone called "come in". I kept my head straight and took soft steps.

"Mr Potter, he is Mr Draco Malfoy. He will be your new secretary. I approved him. If you want to ask any questions then go ahead."

"There has a no need to ask him any questions when you approved him. Tell someone to give him office tour and make him familiar with our work. Show him your office and give all details about his work." Said a deep voice. I couldn't see his face because Hermione was in between us. Hermione nodded and turned around.

"Ok, let's go." She started walking outside. But I wanted to thank Mr Potter

"Thank you, sir." When I said that, Mr Potter looked up and our eyes met again. Oh god, he was the same se*x god from before. I can feel myself blushing. When he noted that, he smirked and about to say something but Hermione called me. I moved out fastly like I have something behind me, which wants to eat me up.

All-day I got familiar with the office and my work. I didn't see Mr Potter. I have to start working here after 3 days. In these 3 days, Hermione will train me. They also gave me a flat. So I can moved out of Pansy's house.

After 3 days:-

Today, When I got into my office, Mr Potter called me. I went to his office and knocked on the door.

"Come in"

"Good morning sir. How can I help you?"

"Good morning Mr Malfoy I want you to inform the HR department to book a private plane for London. We have to go there tomorrow. And also reserve a room in a 5-star hotel for 7 days." Mr Potter said without looking at me. I made myself more presentable so that he can looked at me. But he didn't look up. I wanted to see his eyes, those eyes haunted me for the last 3 days. I couldn't sleep because of them, they were everywhere. I wanted to kiss him and do some naughty things to him but I can't. He is my BOSS!!!!!!

"Mr Malfoy??"

"Ooh sorry, sir. I will do that. And who is going with you?" I asked before any thoughts. He looked up and dropped his pen. He leaned back to the chair with both his hands behind his head.

"Who are you to me?" He asked with a smirk.

"Umm umm, I am your secretary?" I asked because I don't know what to say.

"So who is going there with me? It's you. You are going with me there, ok?" He said and go back to his work. I stayed there unable to move. I am going with him. I will spend my time with him. I can't help but feel happy from inside but then I remember something.

"Sir, how many rooms you want me to book?"

"One, only one suite with an attached room. You will stay with me." He said without looking at me. This annoyed me but forget it. I will stay with him. Many dirty thoughts came into my mind. But I have to control myself.

"Mr Malfoy I don't have all day. Just go and do it."

"Yes sir."

With that, I went back to my office and made calls for reservations.

Harry's p.o.v

Umm, how can I describe my new secretary aaah "Angel"? He is a pure angel. When I saw him the first time it's like that my whole world stopped. His blonde hairs which made him looks a like Angel and I have a kink for blondies *wink*.

When first time my eyes met his, I wanted to carry him to my room and ravished him. Every time he bites his lips, it's like he wanted to seduce me and invites me to take them, to kiss him passionately. Never in my whole life, I found anyone that attractive. I wanted him no no I NEED HIM!!!!! I am going to make him mine. I don't have any work in Landon. I just wanted to spend my time with him. I am going to love and naughty things to him. I knew about his background. He waa from rich family but his father kicked him out because he was a gay. How can he do that to my angel?

He(Draco) was gone for 30 minutes but my cock was still rock hard. There has a precum on it. When I removed my pants and took my coc*k out. Slowly I start moving my hand up down, thinking about his beautiful a*ss. It took me 10 minutes to bust my seed in my hand. I cleaned myself And start doing work.

At the end of the day, I informed him to be ready at 7 a.m and I will pick him up. He nodded and go back to his flat for packing. When I reached my house. I also packed many necessary things. It's going to be interesting.

Next day I went to his flat and called him to come down. He came after 5 min and I helped him to move his bags. We reached at airport 7:50. We did our checking. At 8:45, we were ready to fly. It will take 7.5 hours to reached Landon. I told him to make himself comfortable. After some time he slept, I can't help but moves my hands to his cheeks. They are so soft. I wanted to kiss him but I have to control myself. I will have him at night with that thought I also welcome sleep.

Time skipped to the hotel suite

"Sir do you want to order something?" Draco asked

(Yeah you with strawberries and dark chocolate) I thought that.

"Just something to eat but not now maybe after 2 hours and we are not in the office so just call me to Harry, ok?" I said to make him more comfortable around me.

"Ok, sir umm I mean harry. You can also call me Draco." Hmm, the way he called my name, it made me hard. Just wait baby you will moan my name loudly. I smirked at my thoughts.

"Ok Draco, I should go to the bathroom." With that, I picked up my towel and made my way to the bathroom. After 20 minutes I came out with towel around my waist, I can feel his eyes on me.

"Like what you see Draco?" I asked without looking at his direction. He gulped and fastly go to the bathroom. I took out my important things and put them on the bed. It's going to be interested.

When he came out with a towel, he stopped and looked at the items on the bed with confusion on his beautiful face. He looked so sexy.

"What is this, Harry?"

"Ooh, this. You know this is my new models of toys and lube. I wanted to use them first then introduced them to our business partners. What you think about it?" I told him innocently.

"It's a good idea but On whom you are going to use them?" He asked. I can feel little excitement in his voice with some lust also. Hmm, he is ready for me.

"Of course on you. I don't have anyone here." I said and go to him. Taking his hand in mine, I made our way to bed. I can easily felt his high heartbeats. Don't worry baby you will enjoy this.

I removed his towel. His skin was red with blush and I like it.

"I don't think it is a good idea si-sir." He said.

"It's ok, it will stay in between us. And I have to check them first." I said and took strawberry flavour lube in my hand. Opened it and gently apply it on his as*shole. His skin was so soft that I wanted to eat him but controlled myself. It's not the time for it. I will have him soon. I pushed one finger into his warm hole and he shakes little. He put his hands on his mouth to stop his voice. Don't worry baby you will scream soon. I didn't kiss him or touched other parts of his body. I will do that but now I wanted to lose him up. When he loosen up a little I pushed the second finger in and start scissoring him. After some time I pushed 2 more fingers in him. Now he is a moaning mess. I didn't know what he'll thinks about me right now. But I will have him. When he was ready I took a 9" inch vibrator and applied lube on it. Slowly I took out my fingers, he whimpered but moaned when I start pushing the vibrator in. I stood up and started the vibrator on slow speed.

"Harry ple-please take it out. It's so-so big. Please take it out." He moaned.

"No, you have to take it for 30 minutes. I want to know how it works. Ok? Just enjoy it." With that, I took his boxers and helped him to wear it. "And don't take it out otherwise you will be punished"

After that I went to the balcony and called Hermione. I talked to her for 30 minutes. I kept changing the speed of the vibrator.

When I came back. The scene in front of me was enough to made me rock hard. There was my baby with his as*s in air and fist in his mouth to control his moans. His boxers were soaked in cum. I walked to him and placed my hand on his as*s and kneaded it. He moaned with my touch.

"So how are you doing baby?" I asked with a deep voice.

"P-please sir t-take it out." He moaned.

"Just take it for some more time babe." With that, I moved down. I placed kisses on his whole back until I reached his a*ss. I removed his boxers. I bite on his both cheeks and kissed them. When I reached his as*s hole I licked it. He moaned and pushed back. I slapped him to stop moving his as*s. He stopped and I go back to my licking and biting. After 10 minutes, he cummed. I moved to sit in front of him. Once there I placed my hands on his face and leaned down to kiss him. He kissed me back.

"P-please harry take it out. I-i can't take it more. I cumed so so much. It starts hurting now. Please take it out."He requested in little voice. I was about to say No but what he said next, stopped my world and made me more happier. "Ha-harry it's my first time. I am a virgin. I c-can't take it more. Please, sir, take-take it out." I nodded and stopped the vibrator. After 2 minutes I pulled it out and help Draco to lay down. I went to the bathroom, bring a warm towel to clean him.

After cleaning him, I went back to the bathroom to solve my problem. When I came back Draco was sleeping. I hugged him and kissed his head. With him, in my arms, I slept.

Next morning I did my morning routines and ordered a large amount of breakfast. Because we didn't ate anything from last night. We ate our breakfast in silence. At 11 a.m I was on a call with Ron when suddenly, Draco cames and sat on my lap. I was shocked because I didn't expect this. I tried to move him but he hugs me and starts licking my earlobe. I can feel his co*ck. I cut the call and about to say something when he kissed me softly. He looked in my eyes like asking for more so I kissed him hard. And moves my hands to his naked as*s. Huh, Naked... I broke the kiss and looked down. He was indeed NAKED!!! Even his shirt was see threw. I can easily see his pink beads, they were calling me to lick them so I ripped his shirt and attack his right nipple. I bite on it hard and he yelped but push my head on it. My second hand was pinching his left nipple.

"What you want baby?" I asked with a deep voice.

"Y-you h-harry. Please fuck me." It was the last stroke for me. I pushed him down while kissing his lips, i trailed down to his neck. I sucked there hard which earned me a loud moan. Slowly i moved down to his navel and start fucking it with my tongue. Then i moved to his cock, I looked at him and gulp his cock in once. It was not small, I am the experienced one so I can take him easily. Slowly I start removing my bottoms and circle his hole with my fingers. Then slowly push 2 fingers in it. He moaned and pushed back.

I remove my bottoms and start removing my upper. When I was nude, I took the lube and start applying it on my cock while preparing him. When he was ready for me, I moved down and licked his hole for some time. I took out condoms but he stopped me.

"Umm umm, I am clean. I don't want you to use it. I want to feel you." He said cutely. He will be death for me. I also wanted to go bareback but I didn't want to scare him. But now I am going to do it. When I was applying the lube on my cock, Draco sat up with wide eyes.

"It's so big." He took my coc*k in his hands and slowly start moving his hands up and down. What he did next send me to my finish line. He took my coc*k in his warm mouth and start sucking it like a lollipop. It feels so good. He tried to take all of it but he gagged. I can't take it more and pushed him down. I applied more lube to his hole, placed his legs on my shoulders and in one push, buried deep inside him fully. He screamed but I kissed him to stop it. I stayed like that for 5 minutes. When he nodded, I start moving. First, slow then faster. After sometime, I pulled out my cock and told him to be on his knees and hands. He did as said and I pushed my cock in him fully. I fucked him for more 30 minutes. He already cummed twice while I'm still away from it.

"Baby I am about to cum. Where you want it?"

"In me. Cum in me sir please." He said and I cummed in his hole. We laid down in the same position. After some time I pulled out my co*ck and picked him up in bridal style. I went to the bathroom and we took a warm bath.


" Yeah, baby."

"What we are now?"

"What you want us to be, baby? I will be anything for you. A boyfriend or a husband."

"Right now I want you to be my boyfriend and maybe husband in future if you want." He said honestly but the last sentence in a small voice. He felt insecure.

"Then Mr Malfoy will you be my boyfriend and future husband?" I asked him in a funny way but he slapped my chest "OOUCH!!"

"What kind of proposal is this, Mister? I want a proper proposal." He said in an angry voice.

"Ok baby sorry." I kissed him. "Will you be my boyfriend?" When he nodded, I kissed him hard. "I am going to propose you properly for marriage. I promise Draco." I said and kissed him again. After the bath, I took him to the bed and sleep.

We talked about our lives. We made love, travelled to beautiful places and ate food for all 7 days there. When we came back to work I didn't bring my secretary, I bring my boyfriend and a future husband with me.

Draco p.o.v (After 3 years)

Last 3 years was a beautiful time of my life. I spend that time period with my lover and present husband. Yes, we are married from 2 years. We always made love. Sometimes I topped him but I liked doing bottom more. I liked to stay at home. But sometimes I helped him to check his new products you know what I mean, right? *winks*.

At marriage, only my mom came from my family. Dad was angry and didn't wanted to be a part of my life. But after some time we had babies through surrogates. One is mine and the other one is harry's. They are our world. We love them so much. They are our lucky charm because of them my father starts talking to me. He loves them both. He even tried to make our relationship stronger. Right now, our children are with their grandparents. And I am waiting for my husband to use our time to make love.

I can't pray for more because I have everything in my life.


* so guys my first Drarry fanfic ends here. Tell me about your thoughts.


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