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Namjoon Squared

3 They’re Either Gay Or Married

"Eun-Ha, I'm going to the shop. I've got some work to do. I love you, Yeon-in (sweetheart)." Namjoon bellows to his wife from the other end of their very spacious apartment. There's a faint echo behind his words.

"You're heading out early today?" She speaks with urgency, as she races through their home to see him off.

"I'm actually behind on this project," he answers pecking Eun-Ha on the forehead sweetly, before giving into his urges. Namjoon crashes needily into her lips slipping is tongue inside, while he firmly squeezes her bottom.

A breathy moans escapes Eun-Ha before she pulls away. "Well, if you're behind, then you shouldn't start something you can't finish." She does her best to taunt the tall handsome man in front of her.

He gives her a look as if to say, try me.

She quickly adds in a sheepish tone, "If you don't stop, we'll be stuck in bed all day."

Namjoon lets out a deeply annoyed sigh. "I know, and I truly can't spend all day in bed, no matter how much I want to." He wrinkles his nose attempting to be his cutest self.

"I love you, Agi (baby). I'll be down in about an hour. Do you mind making sure the new girl is getting on well? It's her first day. I really should be the one meeting her; however, I'm running a bit late."Eun-Ha shoots Namjoon an accusatory look. "Someone wouldn't let me alone this morning to get ready for work." Eun-Ha giggles at Namjoon's pink cheeks kissing them both.

They live a few floors below BTS so he can frequently spend time with the members and for occasional late night work.

Namjoon has this quirk about the way he works. He must use the same routine every time. He will quite often go to a cafe or coffee shop to find his inspiration. He'll order a Cafe Americano, and then find a corner table, out of sight and mind, but still able to openly view the whole space. People watching until someone specific catches his eye is the last step, before Namjoon's creativity breaks loose. His muse will fuel the artistry that flows from his mind and fingers like gasoline on a fire.

This is how he met the love of his life, Eun-Ha, two years ago. BTS moved to a new apartment, magnificent really, just outside of Gangnam called Hanam the hill in Hanam-Dong. Just down the road in the center of town an old industrial type building houses a gem you'd never expect.

Anthracite Coffee Roaster has a very contemporary atmosphere, with its modern furniture, jazz music, and local artist's work adorning the walls.

Shortly after the move Namjoon was in need of his usual work process to meet a deadline. He took a walk in town to explore his new urban setting, hopeful to find a new cafe.

It turns out he found a permanent muse instead. Namjoon instantly fell in love with his Noona, love at first sight really. He wasted no time in making sure she would be his forever.

Since their wedding a year ago he's begun to frequent the shop a lot more, almost daily, even if just to visit the owner, Kim Eun-Ha. Sometimes it's just to grab seven coffees and rush out the door to Big Hit Entertainment. Most of the time he does his work there, so he can fawn over his Yeon-in and how lucky he is. His music has reflected this for sometime now.

Eun-Ha has long light brown hair containing hints of red, seductive hazel eyes, and small facial features. Namjoon feels as though he could simply look at her forever, she's everything he's ever wanted. Eun-Ha is funny, beautiful, sweet, kind, assertive but still soft, and content with her path in life.

She feels the contentment to be a crucial part of her life. If she's content then her life's balanced, and she can put more focus on her husband and their marriage.

The bell on the heavy wooden door alerts staff and customers to Namjoon's presence, as he steps inside, letting the door slam behind him.

"Good Morning, Mr. Kim." The strikingly beautiful man behind the register greets his boss with a smile.

"Good Morning, Dae-Suk," Namjoon retorts, as he returns the smile setting his things down behind the counter. He could easily order from the barista; however, he'd rather not create extra, unnecessary, work for the staff. They really have enough to do without worrying about him too.

Namjoon rounds the corner to the back attempting to retrieve the computer charger he's left in the office from the previous night. Colliding with someone, he hasn't time to see who, he spills his iced Americano. He quickly looks down to see his brand new white SUPREME shirt drenched in the brown liquid, and dripping down his bleached skinny jeans onto the floor.

"YAH! What's wrong with you? Don't you watch whe..." He shouts angrily but is quickly cut short by the sight of the stunning young woman laying on the floor now covered in his sticky sweet drink.

She's short, thin, and has waist length curly black hair. Her American features with a hint of Asian make her stand out in Korea.

Namjoon reaches down frantically, with a slight blush dusting his cheeks as he extends a hand, "I AM SOOOO SORRY! I-it's completely m-my fault," he stumbles through his words.

"I'm sorry, I didn't see you. My name's Soo-Mi, I'm new here. It's my first day," she quickly replies taking Namjoon's hand letting him help her to her feet. She shakes her hands flinging drops of coffee to the ground. "I smell like an espresso bean," she laughs before adding, " I think I need new clothes.
Her eyes all but disappear into crescent moons as she smiles back at the man she doesn't yet know is her new boss.

Namjoon assesses her damage. "Oh my, here, come with me." He takes her hand gently guiding her to the office.

She turns bright red at the physical contact, following him, but highly confused. "W-where are y-you taking me?"

Namjoon pushes the door to the small room open, as he says, "I'm Kim Namjoon, and Eun-Ha is my wife. Actually, I'm supposed to be here to meet you this morning." He gives Soo-Mi a goofy grin releasing her hand swiftly, realizing he is still holding it.

"U-uumm, I think Eun-Ha keeps a spare set of clothes in here somewhere," he says searching through the small closet behind the door.

Namjoon holds out a pair of blue ripped skinny jeans that are faded down the center and a white button up dress shirt. The shirt actually looks like it could belong to Namjoon instead of Eun-Ha.

Soo-Mi looks at the clothes and at Namjoon, "Are you sure Mrs. Kim won't mind? I don't want to get fired on my first day for stealing," she eye smiles at him again gently taking the clothes.

Namjoon rubs the nape of his neck with an awkward look on his face. "No need to worry," he chuckles, "Eun-Ha knows I'm the God of Destruction. She'd actually be more surprised to know I hadn't had an accident today."

"Ok, thanks," Soo-Mi replies hesitantly before she heads out the door towards the bathroom laughing to herself.

She thinks, Oh, my, God! He's so beautiful. Why do they always have to be married or gay?

Namjoon changes into the clothes he keeps in the car, for reasons such as this, before he mops the coffee up off the floor. He's is making his second cup of coffee when Eun-Ha enters the shop and eyes him strangely.

"Agi, why aren't you already working?"

"Had to clean up a little disaster first," he mumbles, laughing, as Soo-Mi comes back to help.

"Here Mr. Kim, let me help." She takes the cup and makes his drink trying to avoid anymore mishaps.

Eun-Ha notices Soo-Mi wearing something that looks suspiciously like her spare clothes left in the office closet. The pants look a bit long for her, though. "Soo-Mi, those are nice pants where'd you get them?"

Soo-Mi turns around quickly, feeling as though she's gotten caught with her hand in the cookie jar. She bows, hoping her face doesn't reflect her panic.

"Good Morning Ms. Eun-Ha. U-uumm actually, I foolishly spilled coffee all over myself and the floor. I hope you don't mind, but Mr. Kim offered for me to borrow your spare clothes from the office. I'll clean them before returning."

"YOU spilled coffee," Eun-Ha immediately turns her body more in Namjoon's direction raising her eyebrows. "That is so nice of you to clean up Soo-Mi's disaster, Agi."

Namjoon's face becomes flush, "actually Yeon-in, it was my fault." He flashes her a goofy grin.

She sighs heavily, "what am I to do with you? Soo-Mi, Im sorry for Namjoon's ability to destroy things just by looking at them," she laughs. "No rush for the clothes. Aren't you behind on this project?" Eun-Ha attempts to encourage Namjoon to get to work, as she's notices the look on his face. She's never seen him look at anyone like that, except her.

He seems to be a little too interested in the new hire. I'm being stupid, he'd never... Eun-Ha's thoughts trail off, as she sees him sheepishly grab his things and heads to his usual corner table.

Namjoon sets up his computer trying to focus. His heart is racing, his palms are sweaty, and he can't take his eyes off of the beauty behind the counter.

What is going on? I am a HAPPILY married man, I've got to get my head straight. He thinks to himself, before peeling his eyes away from Soo-Mi, with an attempt to do some work.

# # #

Namjoon answers Suga's call, "Hey. What's up?"

"Did you Forget you're supposed to be at the office with me today," Suga urgently questions the younger. "I've been waiting on you for two hours. Where are you? THIS PROJECT IS GOING TO BE LATE," he's screaming by the end of the call.

Namjoon looks at his watch, "Holy shit! I'm so sorry, I didn't realize the time. I've been," he hesitates searching for the right words, "distracted this morning." He's loud while frantically throwing things into his bag.

"I'm on my way, don't leave." Namjoon hangs up without even saying goodbye. Eun-Ha has been buried in paperwork in the office, out of sight, for a few hours, and Namjoon doesn't think to go back and tell her he's leaving as he bolts for the door in a panic.

Eun-Ha looks over noticing Namjoon's usual table is now occupied by some teenagers being a bit louder than she'd like. "Dae-Suk, did you see where Namjoon went," she asks not knowing how long her husband's been gone.

Dae-Suk keeps making the coffees for his order, as he answers his boss. "He ran out the door like someone lit a fire under him," he looks at his watch, "I think about an hour ago."

# # #

Suga stops working and turns toward Namjoon. He's been seated on the couch in Suga's studio for three hours, "what is going on with you Joon? You were two and a half hours late, and the last hour you've said, maybe, five words. If even that many."

Namjoon snaps back to reality, "you are reading way too much into this. I'm just having an off day. I'm tired of sitting in this room, let's go to the shop and get some coffee. We can do a bit of the work there."

Suga shrugs, "ehh, I could use a break anyway, and coffee sounds good as long as the owner's buying." He laughs as he grabs his coat.

# # #

Suga walks up to the counter to order, but Namjoon stops him. "I'll get it hyung, just take a seat."

Suga walks to their, now empty, corner table waiting for Namjoon. He looks over to see him talking to a very cute girl behind the counter he doesn't recognize. I wonder who she is? She's daebaek! Maybe Joon will put in a good word for me.

Namjoon makes their coffee and reaches into the glass case behind the register to grab some snacks, when he brushes his hand against Soo-Mi's. A deep heat rushes across his face, as they both instinctively jolt upright, and he fumbles through an apology. "I-I'M sorry, U-uumm, I didn't see you."

"Seems we haven't seen each other all day," she replies with a giggle.

He rubs his neck, "I have to, uumm, get to work. Suga's waiting for me." He awkwardly walks off towards his seat.

The actual fuck is wrong with you Namjoon? You can't be feeling like this, and even if it WAS ok, why are you acting like you've never spoken to a girl before. He mentally scolds himself, as he hands Suga his coffee.

Suga doesn't give him a chance to say anything, "who's that girl? I NEED to know her."

Namjoon's face unknowingly screws up and he can't think of anything to say except, "she's seeing someone." As soon as the words come out he regrets it, because he knows there will be questions he doesn't have the answers to.

"What? Who is she, and how do you know she's dating someone," Suga says with obvious disappointment and suspicion in his voice.
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