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Stuck in the dark || Jeon Jungkook ff ||


"She is addictive because she possesses a pure heart with a dirty mind" One villain, two different victims but same reason. A Story of a womaniser who doesn't know the feeling of love and a girl who's life is a mess from every direction. Will he let a broken girl into his life or carry on being a womaniser? A sneek peek: The thought of him kissing those luscious pink lips was so tempting that he had to stop looking at her before he does something stupid. "Maybe the grey clouds loves the sun too much to the point where it hides the bright ball so that it won't lose its shine" [SLIGHT MATURE CONTENT]

Romance / Drama
Age Rating:


Jungkook's pov:
"I don't know why you are running with me, I am just someone who can cause trouble to you if you are with me", I said while we shifted from one train to another

"Nothing can be a trouble for me when i am with you, If i want to run with you then i really mean it, i don't care what others think of us if we're together but just remember that if you are in danger then i am in danger too, i won't let you face anything alone" she replied to me as she held her hand in front of me to take it.

I felt everything will be fine now, i trusted her. After all these bad luck in life i finally trust her to be my good luck. I hesitantly raised my hand to hold hers but it was too late when i heard a sudden salvo of the gun being shoot.

That was the time i realised that the train came to a stop like how my heart did when i looked at her, blood was oozing out of her mouth but before she could touch the floor i held her waist from behind and pulled her close to me. I felt an obese red liquid making her black jacket turn into red.

I saw a platoon of men running towards us, i quickly picked her up on my arms and ran outside the other side of the train. "please don't leave me, open your eyes and look at me. I beg you please" i felt warm liquid falling on my cheeks. I can't let her leave me like this, I need her in my life. She was the one who saved me when no one was their for me.

I was begging her to wake up when they lost the track of me. I came into a building was getting constructed and laid her down on the wall of it. I held her hand and brought it to my lips and gave it a long peck. i talked to her when i know she was still unconscious but suddenly her hand moved coz of tears and she opened her eyes.

She looked at me and gave a painful smile but i can't return it back, instead i started to outburst in tears. She hugged me and it soothes me up because of her patting my back "don't worry i won't leave you like this, not now, not ever", she said but i felt her hand loosed up behind me and it fell on her sides as her swollen eyes closed.

"no, noo, please nooo not now, no ever", I felt my eyes closed because of how many sleepless nights i rested my head on her chest.

But i felt something good, i felt my hopes coming up when i heard her heart beating but it was faint. Alll this fighting for straight 2 hours and running had made me feel so tired that i might faint. I forced my eyes not to shut but i failed.

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