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After Season 3

~I’m not a particularly good story teller, but I’ll try my best. I DON’T OWN ANY THING EXCEPT FOR PHILOMENA, JULIE, AND THIS STORY!~

It’s been months & everyone close to her has died. Atleast, that’s what she thought before she heard of a hunter, scholar, and “Messiah” defeating Dracula. She knew who the Messiah was. It was him. He’s okay. He’s alive - Adrian is alive.

So, she started her journey to the place where it all started - Dracula’s castle. But once she arrived, all she could do was stare in shock at the two fresh corpses on sticks on either side of the entrance.

Are those the h- No. He didn’t do this….he couldn’t have done this. Not Adrian.

She shook her head a little to get rid of the thought of him doing something so cruel and started carefully up the stairs to the closed doors.

She stopped midway when she heard footsteps and mumbling behind her.

“Well. I suppose I could’ve put up big signs all over the place. Do not enter. Danger of death. Abandon all hope.” He scoffs. “That sort of thing.”

The moment she began to turn around and face him, she was lifted into the air by a clawed hand gripping her neck so hard she didn’t think it was possible for her to even breathe. Her eyes were squinted shut from the pain of losing air but she managed to open them to see him. His fangs were flashing, his skin was rather light gray than pale, his blonde hair was platinum, and his eyes were more of a gold than a sunny type of yellow. Knowing that trying to get a word out would be pointless, she made another choice.

She kicked him in the chest. Hard. The kick broke her free and sent them both flying in opposite directions - he crashed through the castle doors and she rolled down the steps. She coughed and her hand went to her neck to ease some of the pain and pressure. She glanced at the damaged doors and was very surprised to see that he was just lying there. His chest rose and fell but his eyes remained closed. Once she was close enough, she gripped his head and snapped his neck. Then, she dragged him to the kitchen where she removed her cloak and folded it. She set it beneath his head as an attempt for him to be comfortable lying on the floor. She caressed his cheek with the back of her hand and wondered what happened to him while they were apart for so long. Now, his physical features were back to normal - pale skin, blonde hair, and bright yellow eyes.

Noticing something shining in her peripheral vision, she glanced to the side of her and then down. There was a ring on his finger. A ring she saw too many times to count. She removed Dracula’s ring from his finger and pocketed it in her pants.

Why would he still have it? Even after he’s killed him? He should have gotten rid of it, she thought to herself. She glanced down at him again. She could see an old scar popping out from underneath his shirt. Her heartbeat started to speed up as she carefully lifted the littlest bit of his shirt to uncover the full thing. And she could’ve sworn she heard her heart shatter at the site of fresh scars along his chest along with the old one.

Sitting atop the table with an opened bottle of red wine in her hand, she watched as he awoke and snapped his neck back into place. His eyebrows furrowed as he stared at her and then, “....Philomena.”

Philomena hopped down from the table. “Hi,” she whispered as tears gathered at the corner of her eyes. He eyed her from head to toe then back again. His observation stopped once he saw the bruise wrapped around her neck. With his vampire speed, he shot forward so he was standing right in front of her. He wanted to reach up and caress the terrible bruise he left on her. He hoped it would disappear if he did. But, he stopped himself. “Leave..”

Her eyes widened, staring into his yellow ones. “What?”

“I said leave!” He hissed in her face. However, she didn’t back down. She glared at him, defiantly. “We haven’t seen each other for a whole fucking year! And you’re demanding me to leave?!” She shook her head. “No. Not when I’ve thought you have been dead and never coming back. Not when I hear that you’re alive and killed your father. Not when I’ve found two fresh human corpses decorating the entrance to the castle. And definitely not when you’re the only person I have left.”

He scoffed at her. “My castle isn’t open for travelers that need a place to stay for the night.”

“That’s not what I meant and you know it.”

“Farewell, Philomena.” The half vampire couldn’t even take two strides away from her before she grabbed his hand and pulled him back around. “No, I know what you’re doing. You’re not shutting me out and I’m not leaving. I want answers.”

He roughly took his hand from hers. “Answers to what, Philomena!”

The witch threw the wine bottle at the wall and cried out in frustration. “Where are the hunter and scholar and why are they not with you? Are those corpses at the entrance theirs? Why do you still have Dracula’s ring? Why haven’t you destroyed it? Where did you get those countless scars on your chest from? What happened to you and why do you act this way?”

When she finished, he could only hang his head down in silence. Afterwards, she began to hear little sobs coming from him.

Philomena brought her hands up to his face to make him look at her and sure enough there were tears streaming down his face and his eyes were closed. “Beloved...I’m sorry. So... much...has...happened... ”

“Adrian,” She wrapped her arms around him and brought his head down to lie on her shoulder. She let him cry. Let him be vulnerable again - with the true person, other than his mother, that he truly trusted and knew would never betray him. “’re okay. You’re safe with me.”

So, she held him and cried with him as he told her everything that happened.

And that night, they held each other so tight for the fear of letting one another go and leaving one another again was too painful to bear.

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