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Best season of the year


This story is about a girl who has recently moved to another continent, in need of a fresh start. She has had many ups and downs but not this year. This is her year and she will have to keep it that way, no matter how many people try to pull her down.

Humor / Romance
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Have you ever had that feeling that this is for your own good that no matter what happens it was meant to be?

Well that’s the situation I find myself in right now.

I have just recently moved out of the place I lived the first 14yrs of my existence in and I am going to make the best of it, besides living in the same place your whole life has its good as well as bad moments. I mean I practically grew up in front of my neighbors meaning they saw my baby-don’t-want to-wear-a-diaper-stage. Hehehehe

But that’s all in the past, I have a checklist and everything even went as far as watching some videos online on how to strike up a conversation. In other words I am beyond prepared.


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