Love's Labors Lost

Chapter 2

Daytona Beach, Florida

Wray Nerely enters the suite of rooms that Faith has reserved. He quickly pays the bellman and rushes to the windows to enjoy the view. “This is better.” He says. “So much better than last time.” Then the knocking starts. Deflated, Wray rests his head against the cool glass of the window. “Make it go away.” He says. The knocking continues, Wray rests his face against the glass and closes his eyes. “Please make it go away.” The knocking grows louder and more frantic. Wray groans in frustration and mutters, “I was enjoying the moment. Why doesn't anyone let me have a moment?” as he answers the door.

Bobbie is standing on the other side of the door wearing a brightly colored bikini and a wrap. She is ready for her Florida vacation.

“What are you doing here?” Wray asks as Bobbie walks past him and into the suite.

“I'm here for my thirty percent.” She answers.

“You didn't book this so you don't get any money.”

“Based on our contract if you go to any event regardless of who booked it for you I get fifteen percent.”

“We don't have a contract.” Wray says.

Bobbie takes a folded sheet of paper out of her bikini top and holds it up. “We do have a contract, see?”

Wray takes it from her and quickly unfolds it, he pales as he reads the contract.

“That is a lifetime contract Wray. I am and always will be your booking agent.” She says holding out an open hand.

“That's not my signature.” Wray says smiling. “This is Jerry Lansing's contract.” He points out, returning it to Bobbie.

“You caught that. Damn.” She says accepting the sheet. She folds it up carefully and returns the contract to its safe spot.

“When did you start booking for Jerry?”

Bobbie smiles.

“Really?” Wray asks.

“I have a special touch that he can't find anywhere else.” She says proudly.

“Jerry goes to all the cons. You're making a lot of money.” Wray says.

“Yes I am. But the man is costing me a fortune in panties. Do you know that he wants to keep my panties every time we...?”

“I don't need to know that.” Wray says rubbing his forehead. “I don't want to know that.”

Sensing an opportunity Bobbie asks, “Do you want to know what his favorite position is?”

Wray pulls out his wallet and starts counting money. He hands her a wad of bills. “Here's fifteen percent now go.”

Bobbie shakes her head and refuses the money. “It's thirty today. I have information that you need to know. For another fifteen percent you will be in the know and ready for action.”

“Without it?” Wray asks.

“You are walking into your own personal hell.” She answers.

Wray looks at Bobbie suspiciously.

“Dawn is here. She's been busy.”

Wray studies Bobbie closely. He opens his wallet and slowly begins pulling out more bills. “Dawn is here. What has Dawn been doing?” He asks.

“Campaigning for the ninja zombie story.”

“Jack is not going to use that story.”

“She has organized all of the Spectrum fans that are upset about Bree's demise during the final episode. The fans are spreading the word. They have been here all day. They're on the main floor rallying for the story so that Bree can be brought back for the Spectrum movie. There are already close to one hundred people wandering the main floor made up like zombies and wearing ninja costumes. My sources tell me that her target this weekend is you. Wray, she plans on turning you then she'll have Jack right where she wants him.”

Wray hands Bobbie her thirty percent. “Thanks for the info.” He says. “I have a date with that beautiful beach outside. If you don't mind.” Wray gestures towards the door.

Bobbie reaches out for Wray's arm and guides it back down. “It's okay. I already have a plan. I can cancel your appearances from here then I'll sneak you out of the hotel. We can take a boat across the gulf to Mexico. I know some coyotajes that can sneak us back into the states.”

“I'm not leaving.” Wray says.

“She always gets to you. You have to walk away now. Save yourself.”

“I'm not leaving. I'm in Florida, staying in a first class suite. Everything I need is right here. I'll go down just for events and come straight back up to the room. She won't get to me. Besides your kind of help is too expensive.”

“Dawn has you targeted Wray. You can't say 'no' to her. You couldn't say 'no' to her three months ago when she had just given birth. You have to get”

“That wasn't my fault, there were all of those hormones and she had me pinned. Once a guy gets pinned things just work on their own.”

“That's why you have to leave. Now.” Bobbie says.

“No.” Wray says, shaking his head. “It's time to stop this. I'm going to take control of the situation. We just did it three months ago. Before it had been a long time since I...had company.”

“She's wearing this.” Bobbie says holding up her phone.

Wray studies the picture, looks down and says. “We've got to get out of here. Now.”

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