Love's Labors Lost

Chapter 3

Wray picks up his suitcase on his way out the door. He doesn’t get that far. He opens the door to find two ninjas standing in front of him.

“Wray Nerely. Come with us please.”

Wray turns to Bobbie. “It’s for you.”

Bobbie looks at Wray.

“Wray Nerely, The Queen of the Ninja Zombies requests your presence in Hall C.”

“You’re ninja zombies?” Wray asks.

“Affirmative.” Ninja Zombie One answers.

“I can see the ninja but not the zombie.”

“It’s...complicated.” Ninja Zombie Two says.

“You’re both so well spoken. Shouldn’t you be moaning or something?”

The first ninja zombie lifts his mask revealing his zombie make-up. “Transformation has not yet occurred.” He says replacing his mask.

“You transform?” Wray asks.

“Yes. Metamorphosis does occur.” Ninja Zombie One says.

“There is a blood curdling scream. It’s quite dramatic.” The second ninja zombie reveals in an even, monotonous tone.

“So you’re butterflies?” Wray asks. Wray looks at Bobbie and says, “They’re butterflies.”

“We are not butterflies.” Ninja Zombie One says.

“We are stealth and deadly.” Ninja Zombie Two adds glaring at Wray.

“Stealth and deadly creatures that transform like butterflies.” Bobbie says.

Wray looks at Bobbie.

They both look at the ninja zombies.

“Nobody said that this was a perfectly crafted race.” Ninja Zombie One says.

“We’re enchanted. Deal with it.” Ninja Zombie Two says.

“Let’s go.”

Wray looks at Bobbie.

“What are you looking at me for? We were screwed the moment the butterflies showed up at the door.”

Wray puts his suitcase back where it was to begin with and follows the zombies.

Wray and Bobbie are led down the hall and along a back staircase.

“You can’t meet with Dawn. We have to do something Wray.” Bobbie whispers.

“I’m thinking.” Wray says as they continue down the back stairs. “What do you think are more dangerous the ninjas or the zombies?” Wray whispers.

“What?” Bobbie asks.

“Both are equally dangerous.” Ninja Zombie One says.

“This is a private conversation...hence the whispering. Do you mind?” Wray asks. He stops for a moment, getting out of line he steps in front of Ninja Zombie One’s path. “How did you hear that? Bobbie couldn’t even hear that and she was standing right next to me.”

“Super hearing. It was a gift from our queen.” Ninja Zombie One answers.

“Super hearing?” Wray asks.

“Super hearing.”

Ninja Zombie Two steps forward, “Don’t listen to him. He just had his ears candled. He likes making up stories about having super hearing.”

“I can hear a robin take a crap in the rockies from here. It’s exhilarating.” Ninja Zombie One announces grinning. He glances up at the ceiling, cocking his head slightly, “There goes another one now.” Ninja Zombie One says.

Radio static breaks the silence. Ninja Zombie One removes a two way radio from his hip and answers.

“Our queen wants to know what the delay is. Over.”

Ninja Zombie One starts to hand the radio to Ninja Zombie Two, Ninja Zombie Two pushes it back to Ninja Zombie One. Ninja Zombie One looks around for a moment and says, “The bunny is refusing to hop.”

Wray looks up, looks at Bobbie, glares at Ninja Zombie One and shakes his head. “She’s calling me a bunny. A bunny?”

“You two are kind of like rabbits.” Bobbie points out.

“Excuse me? If anyone is like a rabbit around here...”

"Hold on." A voice says. After several seconds the voice returns. "The queen says to get her honey bunny's butt down here. Burn his cottony tail if you have to. She wants him. Now."

Everyone stands in the stairwell listening. Wray, Bobbie, and Ninja Zombie Two are all looking at Ninja Zombie One and awaiting his response.

"Copy that." Ninja Zombie One says returning the radio to his belt. "You heard her ladyship's instructions, let's go."

Bobbie looks at Wray.

"I guess that the only way out of this is to go through it." He says.

"Good Bunny." Ninja Zombie One says.

Bobbie looks at Wray and says, "There's always another way." Grabbing Ninja Zombie Two by the arm she throws herself at Ninja Zombie One. "I'm scared. Hold me." She says as she hurls herself to the floor bringing both ninja zombies down with her. "What are you doing standing there Wray? RUN!"

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