Love's Labors Lost

Chapter 4

“Run!” Bobbie yells.

Wray looks for an exit and runs through the first door he sees. It leads into the hotel lobby. A lobby overflowing with Ninja Zombies. A woman in a Ninja Zombie costume stands on a platform next to the lounge entrance and calls out to her fellow Ninja Zombies.

“What do we want?”

“Our place in the Spectrum!” The crowd roars.

“When do we want it?” She calls.


The exchange repeats. No one seems to be looking at Wray. He takes an opportunity to get a good look around. There is a door on the opposite end of the lobby. No Ninja Zombies are standing near it. A glowing “EXIT” sign is hanging above the doors.

“Outside. I’ll get out and decide what to do next.” Wray whispers. He makes his way across the room only to find himself stalled in pedestrian traffic a foot or two from the doors by people trying to squeeze into the rally.

“Not much for variety are they?” Wray asks a fellow onlooker.

“Zombies only comprehend so much.” A guy in a Ninja Zombie costume says. “Don’t be a hater.”

A bunch of Ninja Zombies turn and look at him.

Wray looks at the Ninja Zombies and says, “No. No. Don’t be a hater. Haters suck.”

“What do we want?!” The woman at the front of the lobby asks through a newly acquired bullhorn.

“Our place in the Spectrum!” Vibrates around him.

“When do we want it?”


Wray sees that his way out has cleared and says soothing things to the Ninja Zombie supporters as he backs through the exit.

“Wray Nerely you are smooth.” He says to himself. Wray turns around to find himself surrounded by Ninja Zombies and Dawn, their recently appointed queen.

“Wray?” Jack calls entering the suite, “Wray?”

A woman follows Jack in and checks the rest of the suite as he looks around the sitting area for clues. She is wearing a battle costume complete with weaponry as well as professional communications equipment. The only indication that she might be in Florida to have fun is a pair of sunglasses that are hanging off of her bodice, the earpieces tucked within her cleavage.

“Your idea was brilliant Safety.” Jack says as he continues searching. “Chartering the boat and making sure that Dawn knew where we were going but not exactly where we were going. I really want Wray to be a part of this meeting with PJ Haars.”

“It’s enough information to make her think that she can kidnap you but not enough to be an obvious misdirect. It’s what I’m here for Jack.” Safety First says. “It was my pleasure Captain.”

Jack smiles and looks at Safety First. “I love it when you call me that. It reminds me of angels singing.”

Safety First smiles briefly. “My voice is not very appealing. You might want to get that checked sir.”

They continue looking around.

“I wonder if something has happened to him.”

“I would have heard sir.”

Jack looks at Safety First adoringly.

She turns on her microphone. “Base camp. Calling Base Camp.” Safety First says. “I need your recorded time and place for the most recent sighting of Wray Nerely.” Safety listens. “Thank you Base Camp. Safety out.” She looks at Jack. “The chicken has left the coop. He was seen in the lobby prior to exiting the building.”

“He’s been talking about this suite for days, taking a walk on the beach, doing some reading. Everything is right here. The beach is a few steps away. Why go through the lobby?” He asks.

Jack and Safety First see the abandoned picture of Dawn at the same time. He picks it up and they both look at it.

“He was trying to get away from Dawn.” Jack says. “ these clothes? He’s toast.”

“She’s plans on turning him. The spider is ready.” Safety First says looking at Jack. “And she’s set one hell of a trap.”

“Activate the Spectrum.” He says. “Wray’s in trouble.”

“You are smooth Wray. I’m smooth too.” Dawn says caressing her thigh. “Would you like to see where?” She purrs beginning her approach.

“” Wray says, immobilized by the sight.

“You’re not saying much Wray.” She continues. “Is something wrong?”

Dawn crosses the room slowly, calculating Wray’s responses, adjusting her approach as needed. “How have you been Wray?”

“” He manages to squeak out.

“I’ve missed you too.” She says. “It’s been lonely in the bathtub.”

A strange high pitched sound escapes Wray’s throat.

“What?” Dawn asks.

“Oh.” Wray lowers his voice. “I said, “Oh.”

She continues slowly, methodically, using every step to her advantage.

“That outfit is interesting.” Wray says.

“Do you like it? I had it made for you.” She purrs.

Trying to appear nonchalant Wray attempts leaning on a tall serving cart with an empty chocolate fountain standing on it and misses, “Is that armor?”

“Leather armor.” She says smiling.

“And you still managed to incorporate the stockings, garters, and spiked heels.”

“I know how much you like them.”

Wray pales. “The make-up is interesting. You kind of look like a zombie but then your eyes and lips are made up in a way that’s...”

“Very sexy.” She says smiling. “I did that for you too.” She finishes crossing the room, closing in. “I have plans for you Wray. Plans for us.”

“That’s not how Dawn acts.” Jack says as he and Safety First watch from the hotel’s security feed. “She’s usually more...physical.”

“What does a spider do when something is caught within her web? A lioness?” Safety First asks. “She waits until her prey is well and truly stuck, then she pounces.”

“You’re different.” Wray says. “Restrained.”

“It wouldn’t be befitting of a queen to be anything less.” Dawn responds. She reaches out, running her hand down the length of Wray’s arm which leads to the caress of a buttocks. Dawn finishes her walk around Wray and begins a second pass inching in closer, rubbing against him with her breasts. Close enough for Wray’s hand to reach out and touch her thigh. She purrs contentedly. “That’s better. Who’s a good boy?” She asks, smiling.

Wray looks down, sees his hand touching her and jerks it back. “Stop it! Bad hand!”

“It felt pretty good to me.”

Wray closes his eyes for moment, gathering his strength. "I’m not doing this again Dawn.”

“Your hand says otherwise. Men love crazy Wray. You especially.”

“I’ve been there. Done that.” Wray squeaks out. He closes his eyes again, opens them and says, “I’m leaving.”

Dawn looks at the Ninja Zombies and nods. Wray is grabbed, seated on a throne, and tied down.

“I’m done with you. It’s time you let me go.”

Dawn climbs onto Wray’s lap and smiles, “That’s not what Wray Jr. says. Wray Jr...” she grinds against him, “ very happy. I like it when Wray Jr. is happy. I think I’ll keep him for a while.”

She looks at the Ninja Zombies, “See to it that we aren’t disturbed.”

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