The Undertakers Family and the New Meroderers


Minny sighed once she got to her office. The group was already there waiting for her. Night was sitting on the couch with Ceil. Ginny was on the other end of the couch. Rilie was sitting with Will and Grell on the second. On the last was Gin. Night and Ceil were playing muggle chess. Night had Ceil in check, but it was clear that Ceil was letting her win.
"Alright everyone. Since this wasn't that big of a deal, I'm not going to hold you up that long." Minny sighed and Night nodded taking Ceil's king in check.
"Good job Night, you picked up on the rules." Ceil Said smiling at Night. Night simply rolled her eyes, and sighed.
"You let me win." Night huffed lightly.
"Night, your not very good at it." Ceil whispered, but Night wasn't listening.

Night sighed one she lay down in her bed. She wasn't happy with Ceil for letting her win but she was even more upset with the fact that she never noticed, until the end.
"What's wrong?" Ginny asked looking over at Night.
"Ceil let me win are game of chess and it's just bugging me." Night sighed, rolling to look at Ginny.
"Is that all?"
"No, it's more that I didn't notice that he was letting me win until he said that I was picking up on the rues." Night huffed and crossed her arms, Ginny rolled her eyes.
"Well, I think that you just didn't want to accept that he was. You seemed to suspect it. You knew that he was truing not to hurt your feelings, but you wanted to win on your own." Ginny whispered waling up to Night and placing a hand on her shoulder.
"I suppose your right." Night sighed sitting up and hugging Ginny before adding, "Thanks."

"Don't worry about it Night, its what friends are for." Ginny responded.

For the rest of the night the two talked about there problems, and being true friends by not laughing.

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