The Undertakers Family and the New Meroderers

Meating the Weaslys

"So this is Diagon Ally." The Undertaker was impressed, it was a long road with many shops. A beautiful place to be.
"Dad, I meant to tell you yesterday. Me and Grey broke up." Grell whispered to his father who petted her long red hair lightly.
"He wasn't worth it then."

Once they had visited Gringots the Small group went to Olivander's to get wands.
As they were about to enter the shop a Young boy ran into Rilie.
"I'm sorry." The boy said looking at Rilie.
"It's O.k. I'm Rilie Taker by the way. What's your name?" Rilie asked smiling widely.
"Ronald Weaslly!" A woman, yelled walking up with two boys.
"Call me Ron." Ron said and smiled.
"What happened to your face?" One of the older boys asked. The two looked exactly the same.
"My brother and I had a fight."
"Cool." The two jinxed and there mother glared and the Undertaker walked up.
"I'm sorry about my kids." She said and the Undertaker smiled.
"No need to worry, I have four of my own." He said as Will, Night and Grell walked out.
"Are you Reapers?" The boy to the left of there mother asked.
"Yes. I'm The Undertaker and these are my kids. Will, Grell, and Night who are also Reapers, and Rilie who is not. Who are you?"
"I'm Fred and that's George. Were twins. That's are little brother Ron." Fred said deciding to be nice and mess up his hair.
Rilie looked up at his father and pulled on his coat.
"Can we put my hair up?" Rilie asked and The Undertaker nodded knelling down and taking out a small elastic. Rilie had let his hair grow long like Grell's but always ended up having it in a messy pony.
"I like your hair." Ron said and his mother sighed.
"Your not growing your hair that long. Bill's is already out of control. Besides Ginny's is to short for a girl, but she refuses to make it long." His mother hissed and the Undertaker looked at her with a small frown. Ginny was a Metamorph, meaning she could change her appearance at will.
"Why not?" The Undertaker asked, clearly upset with the woman.
"I'm Molly by the way." Molly said and The Undertaker nodded.
"Well then Molly. Why can't your son's if they wish, have long hair?"
"Because I don't want them getting any ideas."
"Like what?"
"Like that they should pretend to be girls."
"Look! My brother has long hair because he likes it. I have long hair and were a skirt because I'm not a boy I'm a girl! If your son was a girl he would be." Grell hissed and the Undertaker picked her up.
"Don't fret Grell. May I ask what you would do if you found one of your sons wearing your makeup?" The Undertaker looked at Molly, then to Fred who's head was down.
"Actually, why don't you tell me Fred?" This caught the boys attention.
"She started yelling at me. I was four, I thought I was cute, George said the colour was wrong but otherwise he didn't care. When she found out she snapped saying I was a boy. Bill, Charlie and Dad agreed with George." Fred said as the Undertaker cupped his chin sportingly and pulling back his bangs. When Fred looked into the Undertakers eyes he calmed down.
"Look, I was having a bad day. I was getting stressed and I didn't know how else to respond." Molly sighed and the Undertaker held onto Fred lightly.
"Look, I don't think it should mater how stressed you are. Calm down and try to think it over." The Undertaker sighed and George walked up.
"Can we go shopping with you?" George asked and the Undertaker nodded.
"No your not shopping with that freak!" Molly snapped glaring at the Undertaker.
"Molly, calm down." A man with short red hair and blue eyes sighed, walking up with a young girl and two older looking boys.
"I'm Arther by the way. These are Charlie, Bill and Ginny." He added shaking the Undertakers hand.
"I'm the Undertaker. It's nice to meet all of you." The Undertaker responded, walking up to Ginny.
"Hello your Ginny I would presume." the Undertaker smiled at her.
"Yah, I'm Ginny Weaselly." Ginny said, looking down at her shoes.
"Are you absolutely sure about that?" Ginny looked back at his eyes and nodded, admittedly she didn't know what her real name was. She never really understood why she was given it.
"I didn't think so. How do you feel about the name Roxy?" He asked and Ginny smiled.
"I love it."
"Your name is Ginny! Your lucky I am allowing you to shorten it to that Ginerva." Molly snapped again and Ginny paled.
"That's not fair. She should be able to have whatever name she wants." Bill hissed picking his little sister up.
"I like the name Roxy." Charlie added fiddling with his earring.
"I don't care." Molly hissed.
"What dose Molly disapprove of now?" A man asked walking up, holding another man's.
"Sirius stay out of this!" Molly snapped at the man, who ran his hand through his long black hair. He was glaring holes in Molly's head with his grey eyes.
"Molly? Why are you acting this way?" The second man asked and Molly glared at him.
" Look I get it Remus, you love him and your frightened but let go of him." Molly sighed glaring at the second man.
"Leave my Moony alone!" Sirius hissed kissing Remus's messy short brown hair, then looking into his dark blue eye's.
"Both of you need to stop! This is a public place!" Molly hissed, already passed her stress limit.
"I want to shop with them!" Hissed Roxy glaring at her mother.
"We'll go with you too." Bill added and Charlie nodded in agreement.
"No one is shopping with the creepy man!" Molly hissed and Remus growled.
"That's enough you mutt!" Molly hissed punching Remus's arm, which he raised to block his his face. Remus hissed and recoiled looking at his arm, then at Molly's hand.
"Let me see." The Undertaker whispered, looking Remus into his eyes.
When the Undertaker looked, he noticed a odd bruise. The bruise was normal minus the silver ting it had taken on.
"Do you mind if I ask you an important question?" The Undertaker asked smiling at Remus.
"Sure, what is it?" Remus said and nodded.
"Are you a werewolf?" the Undertaker asked quietly.
"Yes. Why?"
"It looks like her ring is silver. Looks like it just bruised."
"Why would you do that?" Sirius snapped, glaring at Molly.
"Let's just go shopping." Night suggested walking in between him and Molly.
"That's a good idea." Remus whispered and Sirius glared.

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