The Undertakers Family and the New Meroderers

Wands! Pets! Robes!

Once inside the shop, the Undertaker looked quite content. Having been an actual Undertaker he enjoyed the dark colours that surrounded them. He truly looked like he belonged.

"Hello there. May I help you?" A man asked popping up from who knows were.Only Ron and Roxy jumped, Fred and George flinched, and the others were fine. Night and the Undertaker looked quite happy at the 'jump scare'.

"Not many can sneak up on a Reaper." Night commented and the man did a little bow.

"Me and my children and their friends need wands." The Undertaker told the man who simply smiled.

"Then you've come to the right man. I'm Olivander and this is my shop." Olivander said and Night giggled.

"You remind me a bit of daddy." She said and the Undertaker simply started laughing.

"He kind of does, doesn't he," Rilie said giggling as their father composed himself. Olivander looked confused.

"Alright, let's go with your first." He said pointing to The Undertaker, who never had used a wand before.

"Alright." He said accepting the dark grey wand and flicking it. When he did that a small firebird swooshed around before going out.

"15 inches, dark oak, lightly springy with a phoenix feather core. Alright Sirius, here's a replacement. 14 inch, maple, firm, with a dragon heartstring core. Bill, 15 inches, mahogany, slightly firm, dragon heartstring core. " Olivander boxed the wands and set them in a pile.

"Net the little red-headed boy," Olivander said handing Ron a wand. Giving it a flick the tip glowed for a bit then stopped. "Very good, 14 inches, willow, springy, unicorn hair core. Would the sophisticated one like his next?"

"My name is Will. But alright, if you offer." Will responded taking the light grey wand, and flicking it like the others had. When he his the box picked itself up and floated to the pile.

"15 inches, grey willow, firm, dragon heartstring core. Little lady?" Olivander handed Grell her wand after boxing Will's and Ron's. Flicking the slightly red wand a red heart formed and floated around a bit, but popped itself on a candle. "16 inches, redwood, flexible, phoenix feather core. Now, how about you little miss." Olivander boxed Grell's and passed night a wand. It was his first mess up all day, and Night couldn't help but giggle as they went thru six wands.

"I wonder." Olivander held out a wand that didn't look like any other wand Night had ever seen, night flicked it and a small snake landed on the desk. "18 inches, peach willow, flexible but firm, Thestral heartstring core. The only of its kind. That make's me think that you're going to be this one." Olivander handed Rilie a wand, when he flicked it there was a small little melody and Oliver smiled. "11 inches, holly slightly bendy, phoenix feather core." Then he looked at Roxy.

"A year young yet allowed to stay, a wand is in order for you today," Olivander said handing her a wand that looked a bit like Rilie's. Flicking it a small blue bird flew around the room, before like the snake, landing on the desk. "18 inches, holly, slightly bendy, phoenix feather core." Boxing the last wands Olivander looked up. Sighing the Undertaker handed over the money, as did Bill.

Once they left, they headed to Madam Malkin's robes for any occasion to get fitted for their school robes, and normal robes for the Undertaker.

Once they arrived they were surprised to run into a de-aged Ceil Phantomhve, and his butler Sebastian.

"Hello, Ceil." Night aid and Ceil waved with a small smirk.

"You too I see," Ceil said and hugged Night.

"Together alright?"

"For the fitting?"

"Yes, silly."

"Together it is then."

With that, the group entered the shop.

Once the group was inside Remus closed the door, and a lady walked out and sighed. She was an older lady with grey hair held up in a bun and blue eyes.
"I'm Madam Malkin. I suppose you all need Hogwarts robes, except for the three adults. They need normal, more personalized ones. Come, come." With that Malkin led the group to a station and got started.
"I'm a girl," Grell said lightly when Malkin tried to give her a pair of pants to match. "And I will be wearing a skirt of red, no mater what house I end up in because I am the Red Lady now." Grell was insistant, and slightly brave admiting to that fact.
"I must keep the eye patch." Ceil said and at this point no one was happy.
Once everyone had there robes they set off to get pets, they had gotten there other suplys first and now that was all they nedded.
"A cat, owl or toad?" Night questioned as they entered the pet shop.
"Apperintly, but I think they can make an exeption, as long as it's not dagerus." The Undertaker said, knowing that Night would still go for a cat.
"I want a crow." Ceil said and Sebastian smilled, geting the crow that landed on his master's shoulder.
"This one!" Night cryed as she picked up a short furred black cat witha single dark brown paw.
"I wan't this owl." Rilie wais pointing to the snowwy owl.
"This one likes me." Grell held up a red furred cat.
Will pointed at a small barn owl that was loking at him, and Ginny got a long furred wight cat with black paws.
"Names." The Undertaker sugested.
"Shadow." Ceil yelled.
"Bassy!" That was Night, Sebastian shivered lightly. Bassy was the name Grell liked to call him, despite being asked not to.
"Madam Red." Grell said, and this time Ceil shivered. Madam Red was his Aunt, and the idea of his Aunt being a cat frightened him.
"Hedgwig." Rilie said, no one shivered at this.
"Twanny." Will said and the Undetaker nodded.
"Ginger!" Roxy yelled and the Undertaker looked at the twins.
"What?" Fred asked and the Undertaker nodded at the selection.
Fred picked up a black cat with a wight patch over it's left eye, Gorge foun one that mirrored the colours, wight with a black patch.
"Domino." George said right as Fred said "Ace."
"I have an owl, Sirius here has a cat oddly enught. There at Hogwarts already." Remus said and the group left with there furry freinds.

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