The Undertakers Family and the New Meroderers

Sorting Hat and the Teaching Cat

Once the group made it to Hogwarts, ad to the great hall they were grouped in the center in front of a hat on a stool. Standing by it was a woman with brown hair in a blue and green robes.

“When I call your name you will sit on this stool and get sorted.” The woman said as she started listing off names.

“Hermiony Granger.”

“Ravinclaw!” The hat yelled and Night looked up.

“Draco Malfoy.”

“Slithrin!” Grell’s attention snaped back to the hat.

“Ceil Phantomhive.”


" Grell Sutcliff-Taker.”

Grell walked up to the stool and sat down.


“Night Ruler- Taker.”


“Rilie Potter-Taker.”


William Spears-Taker.”


“Ginny Weeasly.” The woman looked at Ginny and instantly nodded.


“Ronald Weasly.”


“So we’re all in the same house?” Bill said as Ron sat beside him.

“Yes, we are.” Night said giggling.

“Most in a row for one house.That has never happened before. I’m awarding thirty-five points to Gryffindor, for most new students in a row.” Dumbledore said, smiling at the Undertaker, who was seated beside Remus and Sirius.

“Now this year we have three new teachers and three new mandatory classes. Remus Lupin is teaching Mithical Creatures: Understanding When One is Good or Bad. Sirius Black is teaching, Animagus and Kowing When Some One is One.Finally, the Undertaker is teaching, Introductions to Angels, Reapers and Demons. Assisted by Sebation Mechals, who will also be a tutor. Now for those who are new here, I am Professor Dumbledore. I am your headmaster. This is Minerva McGonigal, she is the Transformations teacher, is head of Griffindore, and Vice Head Mistress.” Dumbledore pointe to the woman who had made the speech.

Once dinner was finished and Speeches were made, the four heads of houses got up and walked up to their tables and sat down. It was odd seeing such a powerful looking woman sitting among students.

“May I?” She asked walking up to where Night and Ginny sat, and they moved apart to let the woman sit.

“It’s very nice to personally meet the head of the house.” Night said, giggling lightly in her joy.

“You’re going to be a hand full.” Minerva sighed, knowing that Sirius used to giggle when he was happy. “Are you related to the Black family by any chance?”

“If so very distantly, older too. Let’s see I’ve been a Reaper for about a hundred years. It’s possible that I had a relative. I don’t really know who I was before I died. Just that I was being tortured before an execution and killed myself using a rock, so I could be with dad.” Night admitted turning to the woman.

“You’re an Animagus, right?” Nights eyes were warm and inviting, and Minerva had to note the fact that Lilly had been the same way. Warm and welcoming.

“Yes, I am.” She said and Night’s smile got even bigger.

“I want to be one so that I can be a good information person. I’m going to be like dad, he’s and informer for the queen’s guard dog. That’s Ceil.” Night rambled earning an odd smile from Minerva, who could see Jame’s in her excitement.

“Very interesting,” Minerva said and turned to Grell.

“Se’s a girl. Malkin messed that up, but she is.” Night said, and Minerva’s smile widened, only Remus could be that kind.

“Your sister is quite, happy,” Minerva told Grell who smiled at Minerva.

“Red’s better than green, but on you, green looks really good. Maby a little red would finish it off. Here, I don’t wear it anymore but t might fit you.” Grell held out a necklace with a gold cat and ruby heart on it.

“Are you sure you want to give this to me?” Minerva looked surprised, as Grell nodded.

“As I said, I don’t wear it anymore, I think it would look better on you. You seem like a cat person. I am.” Grell said and handed Minerva the necklace, who put it on the table and flicked her wand at it. Suddenly it moved and the once still cat was playing with the ruby. After a bit, it stopped and Minerva put it on.

“Thank you.” She said, smiling at Grell.

“Excuse me? But may I ask why you decided to sit with us? I mean, were first years, yes, but don’t you know any of the older student’s better?” Will asked from across the table.

“I do. But the reason was sitting with the student’s, to begin with, is this is a new year. It is a year of change, and we decided it would be nice. As for why I sat with you, you had the same eyes as the Undertaker, I found that intriguing.” Minerva explained, realizing just how much of a hand full they would be.

“That’s a good reason,” Riley said and Minerva smiled, knowing that he was at one point Harry Potter, but now was his own person, free of judgment.

“I think so too. Minerva McGonigal, Minny!” Night yelled and Minerva sighed.

“That name is going to haunt me for the rest of my life, isn’t it.” Minerva teased and Night nodded.

“Have you met my cat? His name is Bassy!” Night said and the black can ran up to them, hopping up onto the teacher’s lap.

“Bassy’s my best friend, besides Ceil of course.” Night said and Minerva shook her head as she relized that Snape would probably react the same way his first year. The teacher who was at the next table, with black greasy hair and black eyes even turned around.

“Hi, Mr I like your eyes.” Night said and smiled brightly at him.

“That’s Severus Snape,” Minerva said and Night got up.

“Where are you going?” Rilie asked as Night walked up to Snape.

“Hello, Professor. I’m Night. We haven’t formaly met yet. ” Night held out her hand for the Professor.

“It’s nice to meet you to Ms Taker.” Snape shook her hand and Night smiled. “Wolfsbane potion is so werewolves keep their mind during the full moon. I read it in a potions book, that dad bought me because I quite enjoyed it. Well, I guess that’s odd to say because I think it was a school book and a really late year. Here see, Potion Book for Those About to Take O.W.L’s.” Night held out the bok and Snape couldn’t help but smile a bit.

“I must admit, that’s impressive,” Snape admitted. At this point, most of Hogwarts, that new the man, were staring at the two. Snape had a large smile plastered across his face and hadn’t looked out of her eyes.

“Not all Slytherins are bad, as not all Gryffindors are good. Angels and Demons are more similar than different. Words to live by.” Night said and Snape nodded his head.

“That actually makes sense,” Snape said and Night smiled brighter. “You should be careful with who you trust young one.”
He sighed and Night nodded.

“I know, but then again those who I trust, I have respect for. Loos my respect and lose my trust. Both are hard to gain and hard to lose.” Night said and Snape nodded. Truthfuly all of the Slytherins nodded and Night smiled.

“To activate a Patronus you must think of your happiest memory, what’s yours?” Night walked and Snape tilted his head.

“Meeting Lilly.” He answered and Night smiled.

“I think mines when I learned about the Reapers. I know that sounds odd but, life is short and death is not always swift. What I did, what I had to do to actually live on. When you know you’re going to die anyway, isn’t it better to do so yourself. To make sure you don’t suffer.” Night explained and Snape sighed lightly.

“I’m sorry to hear that. I never understood why people could harm others.” Snape said and Night nodded.

“See you around. I’m being summoned.” Night said and walked back to her seat.

“Well, that was odd. Why was she so chipper that...” Draco started but stopped when Snape glared at him.

“Call her a filthy mudblood and I will have you expelled.” He hissed lightly and Draco nodded, knowing better than to argue with a teacher.

“It is now time to go to your dorms. This year you will be lead by your head of the house.” Dumbledore said and Night smiled at Minny.

“Alright Students, come along,” Minerva said and the Gryffindors followed happily.

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