The Undertakers Family and the New Meroderers

The Start of a New Era

Once Minny reached the top floor, they stopped. "Password?" The painting of a fat lady said and Night giggled. Night loved the talking paintings and they filled her with joy and wonder.

"EraMoradus," Minny said and the painting smiled, the last time it was that a group of friends had formed. The Marauders were a group of pranksters, and it was clear that there was already a goop.

"Enter." The Fat lady said swinging open and Nigh smiled.

"Thank you." She whispered as she passed by, earning a grin from Minny, who herd her.

"Alright, welcome to Gryffindor.Boys rooms to the left, girls to the right. Boys can't get into the girl's dormitories, no matter what. Now seeing as this year we have a transgendered girl, I believe we may have a problem." Minny said right as Remus walked in.

"Minny. You know how James figured out how to get in our third year?" He asked and Minny glared at him, understandning where he was going with it.

"You did it, didn't you?" She asked and Remus nodded.

Flicking his wand at Grell he nodded.

"You should be ablw tou go up the stairs now." He said and Grell walked up and then back down, ltteraly just to prove Remus's point.

"You do know that I always thought that it was Jams's desperation that alowed him to figure out the spell, not you. Now would you care to explane... Oh, wait a second. You wanted him out of your hair. You wanted it so that you had one less person bugging you." Minny siad, letting out an exsapertated sigh.

"Exatly." He said befor adding, "It also got him out of the room, which was good the next year." Minny shuddered at the memory.

"Warnings. Warnigns are always good Mr.Lupin." She sighed and most of the students sarted giggling as they relised what she ment.

"Don't laught at her. It was actualy a big surprise, it wasn't like I ever had a girl freind, or that I seemed to act ifferent around him." remus teased and Minny sighed.

"Look, alright. You left little hints to your relationship, I didn't expect Sirius to do that. I thoght he was..."

"Far from it. Well actualy, not to far off. Sirius was Bi." Remus corected and even Ginny giggled, as she now knew what Remus ment.

"That's probly not something you wan't to ever walk in on agin." Night said and Minny sighed.

"The sad thing is, I never got used to it. They got bold, well Sirius did at least." Minny said and some older student's winced.

"Bed?" Remus sugested and Minny nodded.

"It's the era of a new group Moony." She said as they left the dorm.

"Yes Minny. This year it's bigger then ever." Remus sighed and smiled. "You ready for it?"

"Not if there anything like you four were. Or Even just you and Sirius."

"Sorry about that. Byt I think that they are just like us. Only, better." remus stoped and smilled. "Yes, this is the era of the Moraderes 2.0."

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