The Undertakers Family and the New Meroderers

First True Day of School

At the Griffindore table Night was happly eating her breckfast. Beside her on her left was Rilie, and her right Grell. Across ftom her was Ginny, with Ron on her left and Will on her right. Then to his righ was Fred then George.

"First day of class. What dose every one have? I have Potions, Transfiguration, D.A.D.A, Reapers Angels and Demons, Animagus, Good or Bad, Charms, and history." Night said.

"Same." Rilie said and Will nodded, as he had food in his mouth.

"I do to!" Ginny beamed and Grell hi fived her.

"So were all in the same classes?" Ron asked and Night shruged.

"Today it's Charms with the Ravinclaws, Potions wth the Ravinclaws, then lunch/ study, then Reapers with the slyhterin, and Animagus with the Ravinclaws." Night said as she finnished off her plate. when she did rhe sighed as she couldn't reach the fruit.

"Can't. Reach. The. Peach." Night said as she tryed agin.

"Here. You can have this one. I don't think any one want's it." A girl behind he said, handing her the one from the Ravinclaw boul.

"I'm Hermiony by the way."

"Thank's Hermiony, I'm Night." With that Night simpl ate her peach and turned away. Hermiony sighed and turned back to her table.

Once done there food, Night, Rilie, Ron, Ginny, Will, Grell and Ceil all headed towards the Charms class and sat close in the middle row.
"Moony and Padfoot were here." Night read and Ginny looked at were he was pointing.
"We have Prongs and Worm tail." Grell said and Night lit up.
"The Moraders. That's who they ment. The pranksters." Night said and Will nodded.
"This can only mean one thing." Night gushed and Will sighed.
"Were this generation of them." Grell said and Ginny nodded.
"Settle down class." A short man with spectcals and short brown hair said.
"Today we are learning Wingarduim Leviosa. Remember swish and flick. Wingardium Leviosa" The small teacher said and a book floated up.
The class instintaly filled with the sound of students trying to levitate there feathers.
"Wngardium Leviosa." Night, Will, Ginny and Rilie got it there first try. As did the Ravinclaw from breackfast, named Hermiony.
"Good job Peachy." Night said, lightly teasing.
"I an not being called peach girl you nut brain." She hissed and Night smled.
"Then it's settled, your Peachy."
"Oh, last time I do something nice for you."
Grell got the spell on his second try, but on his sixth Ron still had no sucsess.
"It's leviosa not leveosah." Peachy said and cast the charm again.
"Show off." Ron hissed and Will sighed.
"Should we really tease her?" He asked and Rilie shruged.
"She truthfuly didn't have to call me Nut Brain." Night said and Peachy's jaw dropped.
"Oh, I call you one thing and you get to be rude?" She snaped and Night stuck her toung out in what Flitwick would call, a Padfoot maner.
"Oh, sorry Peachy. I didn't know that you had a hot temper." Night said and so begain the true first day of school.

Once the group got to potions they were already calling themseves the New Moraderers.
"Welcome class to Potions. In my class there will be no toleration for rude behavior. If you don't get higher then a 80 on your newts, ou wont be taking potions in your sevinth year. Do I make my self clear?" Snape said walking aroung the room, wincing a bit at were the 'New Meraderers' were sitting. Night and ginny had Monny and Padfoot, Grell and Ron had Prongs and Wormtail. Peachy was sitting were he used to sit.
"Don't tell me they chose you." He sighed as he walked up to her.
"I don't know. There calling me Peachy, I don't know why but it sounds rude." Hermiony hissed and Night sighed.
"As you have called me nut brain, you have insulted the group." Night said in a very ofended maner, but oddly it was othentic.
"You called me Peachy first!" She hissed and Night sighed and giggled.
"This will end bad." Snape sighed walking up to the front of his class. By the definition set by the Moraders, Night, Ginny, Ron, Will, Ceil, and Grell were aloud one person and one name.
"Moraderers clasifacation of one person, one name. They have started up an old gorup. This will end in pranks." Snape sighed.

Once the group got to there therd class they sat together, near the back.
"Hello class. I'm the Undertaker, and this is Angels, Grimreapers and Deamons." The Undertaker said smiling at the class.
"Hi'a dad!" Night called and The Undertaker winced lightly. He had been imformed by the other teachers, that there was once a group of boys. They were pranksters, but were a but crule to one kid. They were the Moraderers.
"Please behave yourself." He said, he would not be happy f he had to give his children detentions.
"Ok dad!" Grell yelled an the Undertaker glared.
"May I start my lesson without any more interuptions?" He demander, surprising both houses.

"Yes, sis." The class orused and looked down.

"Now that I have your attention. There is a large diference between Reapers, Demons, and Angels." The Undertaker said.

At the end of the day the teachers were exasperated.
"There definitly Moraderers." Flitwick sighed as he sat down.
"They started calling Hermiony, 'Peachy'. Aperintly it's offesively." Snape said and Sirius couldn't help but giggle.
"I get how Snivulus was, but Peachy?" Sirius asked and Snape shoulk his head.
"Have they shown sighns of who they will be?" Minny asked and Snape nodded.
"They havn't too much but Night had a mix of Sirius and Remus, and ron is showin Wormtail sighns." He comfermed with a sigh.
"Is that bad?" The Undertaker asked and Remus nodded.
"Wormtail was a trator. we trusted him and he betrayed us." Remus said and Snape's head liffted up.
"Will is showing sighns of being like Remus and a bit like James." Snape said and Remus nodded.
"Are they showing any sighns of animagus animals?" Minny asked and Snape shoulk his head.
"No one has a clear animal." Snape said and Minny sighed.
"They will as soon as one is bit. Sadly I think it's ound to happen." Remus sighed and Minny nodded in agrement.
"They shall not be aloud any were near the womping willow tree." Dumbledore said, earning an odd look from he Undertaker.

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