The Undertakers Family and the New Meroderers

Greyback Attacks! Moony Defends!

It was the first full moon at Hogworts. Night was outside, walking the grounds, after her nightmare. Ginny had decided to stay inside and watch for prefects.
When Night got to the Wommping Willow she stoped. From inside she herd howling. Night smiled and continued walking long the path. She knew so well. She only stoped when she herd a growl.
"Who is that?" She wispered, dispite knowing that she was alone.
She was headed back to the school when she herd more growling.
"What do you want?" Night yellped, only just loud enught to be herd a mile away.
When the dark wolf dashed out she screamed, so loud it was no wonder that the wolf cringed, before running up to her. night had ran, she ran fast and far right into a tree.The tree she had no idea how she got that close to. The Wommping Willow.
"I'm going to die again!" Night whimmpered as the other wold lunged, only to get hit away by the tree, a small branch it her arm aswell.
Night tryed to calm her breathing, knowing better then to let herself hyperventalate.
Night whimpered and dashed from the tree as a second howl erupted from within, her fear endangering her even more. The bad wolf jumped and pinned her against a tee. Night screemed again and the wolf recoiled lightly.
"I just needed some air! I didn't want to die!" Night yelled as the wolf's jaws wrapped around her shoulder. Night screemed again, wth the wight hot flash of pain.
Night yellped as the wolf let go, having herd a secong wolf howling. The second wolf was more of a brown colour and hd the same thre scars as Remus.
Behind the wolf was a dog, a cat and a snake. The dog had shaggy black fur, the cat had a patern around it's ears like Minnys glasses, and the snake was a dark black with green and red deralings.
The dog ran up to Night and started sniffing Night, whimpering at her shoulder.
The cat tranformed, turning from a tabby into Minny.
"You fool. What were you thinking?" Minny's voice was stern, but her eyes held fear.
"Scared. Needed fresh air. Bad dream. Bad memmorys." Night whimmpered out, clearly trying to stay awake.
"You are telling your freinds and family. They need to know, and there going to find out eather way." Sirius said, after turning back from his dog fourm.
"'Emus?" Nught asked reaching out for the werewolf, making shure to use her good arm. The werewolf growled, but it was diferent. It sounded hurt.
Remus lunged snarling at the dark werewolf and bit it's leg, sending it running. It's work was done anyways. He bit a student at Hogwarts.
"'Emus." Night whispered, nearly fainting as the wolf slowly walked toward her.
"'M sorry 'Emus. I men' no harm." Night said and fainted as the pain got the best over her body.
Remus let out a mournful houl as the Undertaker arived.
"I wasn't sure what I hurd. But it hurt." He admited rubbing the back of his head. He didn't have his earings in, Sirius notted.
"She was bit Taker. One was bit, the others will deside. The Mouraderers fate continues, as one will betray the rest. the rat will be found befor the betrayal this time." Sirius said and handed Night's uncontius body to the Undertaker whe had nelt to pet the werewolf in a calm manner.
"Thank you Monny, you saved her."

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