The Undertakers Family and the New Meroderers

Animals and Names

When Night woke up, she was surrounded by her friends. Her shoulder was wrapped by bandaged. She had a small patch on her cheek.

"Night? Are you ok?" Roxy asked and Night nodded lightly.

'You have to tell your friends and family. They will fin out ether way.' Night thought, remembering Sirius's words.

"I was bit." Night whispered running her good hand thru her hair, and wincing.

"The tree told you off." Minny said walking up,and Night nodded.

"Wait, a werewolf bit you? Was it him?" Ron demanded and Sirius sighed.

"No it was Greyback." Remus said as he woke up.

"Remus!" Night yelled clearly happy.

"No, cub. Your going to hurt yourself." Remus cooed and Night couldn't help but calm down.

"Teach us." Grell hissed lightly looking at Sirius and Minny.

"What? Teach you what?" Sirius asked, despite knowing the answered.

"Make us animagus!" Roxy yelled and glared.

"Alright. I think you all should be moved up to the N.E.W.T class anyways. You all already know the dangers of doing it improperly." Sirius said and Minny nodded.

"You will be brought up to date on current material and your classes will mirror your change." Sirius said and the group smiled.

Once Night was back in class, she was caught up by the teachers. In potions her marks had not been affected. Her lates weren't even being counted, and full moons meant no school for at least one week, after and a lot of pain.
Once Night reached the Aniagus: Your Inner Animal, Night sat beside Roxy, who put a hand on her knee. In front of her was Peachy.
"Peachy?" Night asked and Peach looked back.
"Why are you lot here?" Peachy asked and looked at Sirius.
"They were moved up, like you were." He said, nodding at Ginny.
"Now to start off the lesson were going to be looking inside us, one at a time, with assistance, to find our inner animal. For those who have just joined us, I don't expect yo to get a clear image yet. " Sirius said and the class nodded.
"However, since you all have been exiling at your other class, I wouldn't be surprised. First up we have Rian Bringen." Sirius said.
"Hermiony Granger."
"Ginny Weasly. This is your first time, so I don't expect a clear animal, but if you do keep it in your mind. Animentum."
Ginny was surprised to be on the grass, in front of a pond. Looking in Ginny was surprised to see a silver dog with red detailing. When she opened her eyes, she seemed stunned.
"Ron Weasly." Sirius called as Ginny walked back to her seat, the cat still clear in her mind.
"Grell Sutcliff-Taker."
"Night Rule-Taker." Night felt very wolfish after words and snuggled into Ginny's grip when he sat down.
"Rilie Potter-Taker."
"Will Speres- Taker."
"Ceil Phantomhive."
After everyone had a turn, Sirius pulled up a board.
"I would like you one at a time as I call you, to wright your animal down. If I call your name, you saw an animal. Rian." Sirius called and Night looked at the Bord.
It read in a t chart
Name/ Animal/ Similarity/ AName
After each person went up, the list grew. In the end it read.
Name/ Animal/Similarity/AName
Rian/ Dog
Ginger/ Cat
Lussy/ Dear
Hermiony/ Cat
Ginny/ Cat
Ron/ Mouse
Grell/ Cat
Rilie/ Elk
Will/ Dear
Ceil/ Dog
"Alright class, I want you all to try and see your animal in your dreams, wright them in your journal, and hand them in for marks." Sirius said dismissing his class, but holding Night back.
"Did you see a wolf or werewolf?" He asked and Night shoulk her head.
"I'm not sure, wasn't clear. You know that." Night said and earned a sigh.
"Were trying again tomorrow, in groups, but individually." Sirius said and Night nodded.

The next day Night sat with Ceil instead of Ginny, conflicted in her emotions.
"Alright class, today we are going to finish finding the Animal and then the similarity. If you don't find your animal in this class, that's fine, you just don't take the O.W.L's level course when it roles around. Oh and by this class, I mean year." Sirius was kind again the second day, just like the first. When he called students up to the board it filled up more of the chart. After they were done it read.
Name/ Animal/Simularitys/AName
Rian/ Dog/ glasses design on eyes
Ginger/ Cat/ Gold blond with red detailing
Lussy/ Dear/ spots like freckles
Hermiony/ Cat/ bushy, curly brown fur
Ginny/ Cat/Silver and red medium lengthen fur
Ron/ Mouse/ red fur like hair
Grell/ Cat/ling red fur and glasses design, scar
Rilie/ Elk/glasses design. scar
Will/ Dear/glasses and black
Ceil/ Dog/ Eye patch
Sussy/ bunny/ pink tipped ears

Sirius smiled at the board, dispite the small amount of new people. "Good job everyone. I want you to continue journaling any animal fealings, and if you havent already found your animal your animal when you find it. For those who have we are staring to think of names. I'm a dog named Padfoot, Mcgonigal is a cat nmed Minny. If you have any name ideas, journal them. " Sirius said hainding out the jurnals. Smiling at the more personalises ones.

"Now for the student who is making the most progress at the end of each week, there house will be given ten points. Due to this being the firs week of this, and a short week for some of you. I'm giving both houses five points." Sirius said and the hole class cheered.

After class again, Night was held back.

"I know you saw it clearly this time, I just didn't call you incase. What one did you see Night?" Sirius asked and Night sighed.

"It was a wolf, not a were wolf. Just a wolf." Night said and Sirius nodded.

"Your like Remus then. You can turn into an animagus. Next class I want you to wright your name on the board. Your name, then wolf then similaritys." Sirius said and Night nodded.

"Alright class,I want you all to go a head and find your animal names. Dose any one have any ideas?" Sirius asked and three hands went up.
"Alright, Ginny."
"Leo." She said earning a smile from Sirius.
"Good, Night?"
"Lune." Night smiled and grinned.
"Alright, Rilie."
"I herd you call me Prongs J.r and I kindda liked it.." Rilie said and Sirius smiled.
"Then I'm Wooded." Will called and Sirius's smile widened.
"Scabbers." Ron said and Sirius sighed.
"I'm Demoneye." Ceil yelled and Sirius smiled again.
"Is that everyone?" Sirius asked and Night nodded."Alright to the bord with the." After every one sat down the board read.

Name/ Animal/Simularitys/AName
Rian/ Dog/ glasses design on eyes
Ginger/ Cat/ Gold blond with red detailing
Lussy/ Dear/ spots like freckles
Hermiony/ Cat/ bushy, curly brown fur/Shanks
Ginny/ Cat/Silver and red medium lengthen fur/Leo
Ron/ Mouse/ red fur like hair/Scabbers
Grell/ Cat/ling red fur and glasses design, scar/FireLione
Rilie/ Elk/glasses design. scar/Prongs J.r
Will/ Dear/glasses and black/ Wooded
Ceil/ Dog/ Eye patch/Guarder
Sussy/ bunny/ pink tipped ears

At the end of class Sirius smiled and let out a dog like bark of a laugh. At this Night started laughing.

Once the two were done the class was even closer to being done and Sirius still had his speech to give.

"Tomorrow we are going to finish up names and start with assisted transformations. It's been a week so, ten points to Griffindore, as Night had made the biggest amount of progress." Sirius said dismissing his class. Night stayed back.

"I like Ceil. In that way, I want Ceil to be my mate. He doesn't want to get married. " Night admited and Sirius nodded in understanding. Right as he did Remus walked in.

"She has a mate in mind already sweetheart." Sirius cooed lightly and pulled Remus into a flirty hug.

"No. Not in front of the cub." Remus snapped lightly and nipped Sirus's neck when Sirius whent to kiss his nape still.

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