The Undertakers Family and the New Meroderers

The First Time They Transformed

It was a rainy day, and the Moraders were sitting on the moving staircase, not having a class on a weekend. They weren't the only ones. A few stairs down was a blond girl, who kept sending Night odd looks.
"What do yo want?" Night hissed and the girl stood up.
"Your kind of cute." She said winking and gently grabbing Night's wrist. Night hissed in response. "Oh, you don't like my ring?"
"No I don't. I also don't like being grabbed." Night hissed pulling her wrist away.
"Leave her alone." Ceil growled and stood up.
"I'm just flirting a bit." The girl said and Night shook her head.
"What's your name?" Night asked looking going up a few steps.
"Gin Lockheart." The girl said following Night, Ceil let out a snarl.
"I said leave her alone!" Ciel snapped and jumped up from his spot, turning into a dark blue-black bog with an eye patch.
"Oh, so the rumors are true, there is another group." Gin said and got off the stairs.
Ginny hissed and turned into a cat, followed by Ron, Grell, Rilie and Will.
"Look kids there is no need to be hostile." Gin gulped backing up. Her father had told her stories about the old group, and his obsession with Remus.
"No need to be hostile? Take your own advice!" Night snapped transforming into her wolf form.
"That's enough! There is no reason to attack! All of you stand down!" Minny yelled from behind the man.
Everyone who was an animal turned back.
"Your being careless. I understand that your all bored but that is no reason to attack. " Minny said pausing when Night held her arm to Minny. "That looks like it hurt, go to the hospital wing it looks like it cut a bit. As for what I'm going to do. Ten points from both Ravinclaw and Griffindoor." Minny snapped as Night diapered in the direction of the wing.
"Also detention for all of you. One week."

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