Be Stronger


A Man who wanted to help others people but ended up being hated. Richard grows up to be a poor man which nobody would love to stay near him at all. One Day, There was a man name Olivier Gunlet (AKA John) comes up to him and try to help him to study. 10 years passed by Richard become a CEO of Armando Shoes, He began to stand up and shares his story about when he was young that how he felt about being the only poor kid in San Francisco, Everyday he might get beaten up and being bullied at school. He is strong enough to study hard and proves everyone that doesn't believe in him wrong. Until There is One Day, His company was grounded by the government's saying that it is illegal for starting that Armando Brand Name. He is very disappointed for what the government have did to him,but There was a girl who stand by him which is his wife name Kate, Who told him to become strong and start the new business. He listens to what Kate says and started a new brand called Adidas which became very successful back then. Right Now Adidas is used WorldWides Becoming One of The Best Shoes in the World. By : Lonn Thou Piseth

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Chapter 1

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