Wasteland 2011 (Director's Cut)

My Last Night

X: My Last Night:

The sun is coming up at last.
I won't be able to see it.
I don't even know the actual time, but
I believe that it's morning.

Evie will be up soon.
She works every morning,
Leaving me in my thoughts.
I don't want to be in my mind again;
Too much drowns me.
I can't turn it off anymore.
They took the controls away
From me a long time

It keeps running through me.
My mind has turned into a maze.
I can't get out.

Everything keeps assaulting me.
Silver Dreamer,
Oh, my Shirley.
She doesn't know herself.
All she sees is silver.

I want to stamp on the face of
every young policeman,
To break the fingers of every old
To cut off the feet of ever ballerina,
So much rage,
So much hate.

我太累了,感觉 (1.)

1.) Translation: I am too tired to feel

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