Wasteland 2011 (Director's Cut)

Long Night's Journey into Day

III: Long Night's Journey into Day


All you need is love
No one talks anymore.
They all hide behind technology in fear.
They do not connect.
They just floats alone in their lives.

I saw a man copulate with a crane last night.

I don't sleep anymore;
I can't see anything.
I feel blood dripping on my hand.
Modern life died tonight.
Roses mean nothing to me.
Angels and devils are one.
Angels, devils, and the mental are one.
I love the sin, but not the sinner.

Tomorrow never comes until it'stoo late.

My eyes can't escape Hell.
I am slowly going blind.
Every night, my mind ends up lost in
An endless maze that I don't know how
To get out of.
I hear their voices.
Yes, they speak to me.
I can't make them stop.
I hear their woeful cries onto me.
My blinded eyes see too much.
Every secret,
Every lie,
Every dying thought.
Rette mich! (1.)
Rette mich!
Rette mich!
I am…
I am…
Ich bin nicht ich… (2.)


Nobody's sleeping tonight;
Ikkebukoro is pitch black.
Tokyo stands still as
I am held to my bathroom wall
by invisible chains.
The scent of blood floats
through the air.
They can't break their habits;
They can't even see it.
Suffering of light.

The angels have chains on their
But, no one notices them.
Even God can't hear them.


I feel blood on my hand, but
It's not mine.
It doesn't faze me anymore.
Oedipus took my eyes.
Plato's Cave has blinded my mind.
I can't look up;
My head is fastened forward.
They are all just floating to get by.
But for what?
The end justifies the means.
The end justifies the means.


We are the hollow men,
We are the naked ones.

I remember her red stockings.
I reach out for something.
I can't remember what anymore.
So cold…
I keep seeing little lights in my eyes.
You make my tongue loose.
I don't know what the lights are;
They are all I see now.

I can't forget the scent of the
Hyacinth Girl.
We were one, naked in the grass.
I held her to my chest.
Smothering her,
Trapping her.
She didn't complain;
She never did.
I could abuse her if I wanted and
She wouldn't say anything;
She didn't argue.
She took it in as if as her punishment
for loving me more than her God.
Because of me, she wanted to feel
Pain for falling in love.
Oh my little masochist;
My empty shell of a heart
ached for her.

She begged for pain.
"Cut me."
"Abuse me."
"Make it hurt."
"Burn me."

The sun danced in her eyes.
Such a permanent glow couldn't be
I want to kill it dead and cold.


Hey, wait,
I've got a new complaint.
Oh my Shirley!
The wolves are out tonight.
Hide your wives and daughters.
They want to kill.
They smell the honey.

The wolves took my Hyacinth Girl and
Tore her to shreds.
Her blood stained the streets.
The wolves lapped up the sweet red tissue.

In her place came little Evie.
She left discord in her wake.
La dea del caos è venuto e ha rubato
il mio, (3.)
Ma lei non mi ama. (4.)
She sleeps in my bed tonight.
I cannot sleep;
I try, but the cries from Inferno invade
my brain.
She sees me perfectly,
But I can't see her.

1.) Translation: Save me

2.) Translation: I am not me…

3.) Translation: The goddess of chaos came and stole my heart

4.) Translation: But she does not love me

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