Wasteland 2011 (Director's Cut)

We Live a Dying Dream

IV: We Live a Dying Dream:

Despair and disillusionment.
Tokyo pretends to be alive with its bright lights
And fast paced people,
But, Modern Life is dead.
Humans killed it with their isolation,
Technology, and sins.

New York is dead,
London is dead,
Berlin is dead,
Paris is dead,
Moscow is dead,
Beijing is dead,
Rome is dead,
Tokyo is dead.
Dead when Persephone married Hades.
Their union gave birth to despair.
Since then, everything keeps falling down.
Ikebukuro went pitch black that same night.
I started to go blind then.

It started to rain tonight.
I don't know why I am laughing
I don't remember anything,
I can't feel anything,
I can't see anymore,
I cannot talk;
I just sit chained in my darkness.

But then…I hear the drums.

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