Wasteland 2011 (Director's Cut)

Long Night's Journey into Day II

V: Long Night's Journey into Day II


Ju and Yao are to be wed tonight.
She has to save her clan from
Their lusty trysts have led to this point.

She wears her late mother's red wedding dress.
He has reservations about this;
She's still so young.

She inherited her clan at age sixteen
After her father's funeral.
Since then, she battles uphill every
Day.Her father trained her to show no
Emotion as reigned over her
Once she and Yao entered into a partnership,
The steamy trysts followed.
Every time afterwards,
Something within her perished
Bit by bit.
Today, she would killing more of

On her twentieth birthday,
She purposed to Yao.
He wasn't easy about it.
But, he said yes in the end.
He only wants to help his lover.


Ami is pregnant by Lavi.
This should not have happened.
Two worlds that should not have met,
But somehow they did,
And now, she pays for it.

Her grandmother is not happy about this.
Bookman does not approve of this
But, Ami can't have an abortion;
That would cause a greater scandal
to her clan.
Better for the baby to go to a loving

To parelthon einai, to mellon skotenio. (1.)
Pseftes kai kleftes einai efcharistimenoi
mono to proto etos (meta tin praxi). (2.)
Didaxa boreite na voutixete, kai tora
thelte na me pnixei. (3.)
Oi dyskolies tha xeperatoun me tin
plirotita. (4.)
I kakotychia tou sofou einai kalyteri
apo tin evimeria tou anoitou. (5.)
I mesi odose ola ta pragmata einaipio asfalis (6.)

Now, they are stuck with the bill.


Turning away from the light,
Becoming adult.
The leader of the Yellow Scarves
had a threesome with Tsumugi and Ito.
Pure fun,
No attachments.
She swallows Yellow's whole length;
Her boyfriend fingers her from behind.

Take me down, six underground.

What exactly is love?
I can't remember what it is.
What Evie and I have is not love.
It's not even lust;
We just linger on.
Neither one can let go.
We will be together until the end,
But we will never be one.
Ju and Yao have lust-romance.
Ami and Lavi have feeble love;
Paolo and Francesca mirror their
love as doomed.
Yellow and Saki are barely hanging
Silver Dreamer feels nothing.
My Hyacinth Girl said she loved
But it didn't reach me.
The wolves don't care about
The other chase love in vain.
Only the man with his crane
And Tsuzuki and Anna have
Achieved love.

1.) Translation: "The past is certain, the future obscure

2.) Translation: Liars and thieves are happy only the first year (after the deed)

3.) Translation: I taught you to dive, and now you wish to drown me

4.) Translation: Difficulties are overcome with thoroughness

5.) Translation: The misfortune of the wise is better than the prosperity of the fool.

6.) Translation: The middle road in all things is safest

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