Wasteland 2011 (Director's Cut)

When Angels Deserve to Die

VI: When Angels Deserve to Die

Allen glares at Road behind the black steel.
Purple couldn't hide the red he saw.
Not even the ghoulish stuffed animals could cool him.
She has held him for nineteen
months in her dream room.
Locked in a steel cage,
Wires attached to his great
white wings.

She ponders why he stares so
hatefully at her.
His skin covered in cuts, bruises,
dried and fresh blood, and sweat.
He panted in rage,
But, it's not good enough,
He won't break.
No matter how much she hurts him physically,
Allen refuses to bend to her will.

Road doesn't like this;
She can't figure it out.
What was so different about her new favorite toy?
What could she do to break him into her ideal slave?
She pondered this for many

Then, an idea came to her.

So one night,
Road took Allen from his cage
and ripped his wings off with wire.
The right one came off at the
Same with the left one.
The exorcist angel screamed a blood-filled cry.
His wings lie on the cold, stone floor,
Void of life.
The blood stains the feathers.

Road licks up the blood like it's an addictive wine.
The thrill is enough to make her quake and dream of
All of the things that she wanted to do to him and
His battered body.

Allen has turned into her helpless
submissive pet.
All alone and broken,

A terrible beauty is born.

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