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❬ 「 Killing, Protecting, Surviving 」 ❭ |:| ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE A.U


The school let students go visit their family, they were a bit hesitant but eventually gave in. On with Midoriya, he was with his mother bonding and catching up on things. In those moments a disease was spread around half the world, japan happened to be so close; things escalate from there. Cover art: Not Mine | - I only edit the cover the art is not mine -( if you know the artist please let me know in a private message ) Ships: ❥ TodoDeku ❥ BakuKiri ❥ EraserMic Possible Ships: - Asui x Uraraka - Iida x Uraraka - MomoJiro - KamiJiro Authors note: Vote if you want to see another chapter (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤

Drama / Thriller
Age Rating:

|| - Intro - ||

||• Izuku’s POV •||

" Do you want more Izuku? ”
My mom offered as she looked up at me with smile.

" No, it’s fine. I’m full.. ”

" Ok ok.. ”
I grabbed my empty plate and glass, walked towards the kitchen then placed them in the sink, I hear my mom turn on the TV, as I clean my dirty dishes. ” Listen people of Japan. There has been a new disease spreading around japan as well as other continents; please stay inside. ”
After hearing that my heart dropped, I quickly finish washing the dishes and went on my mother’s side. ” Officials say to stay in doors for at least, a month. ”

" A month..?!” I muttered under my breath, thinking of the worst possible scenario.

" The hero’s are heading towards I-Island, to find a cure for this disaster- ” my eyes light up with happiness and relieved for a moment then it got to me that they said ‘cure’. Arms wrap around me, making me flinch, I look down seeing my mother worried more than usual, it seemed like she was about to cry. “Its going to be okay, mom.. ”
I hug her back beginning to brush her hair down, she likes it when I do that because it calms her down and sometimes makes her fall asleep.
” we just have to wait it out.. Everything will be fine; okay?..”
My mom looks up at me and nods beginning to wipe away her tears, I could tell that she was afraid.

Deep inside, right then and there; I knew it was just the beginning.

To Be Continued . . .

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