creature by night


Lois is a normal girl she lives with her room mate Ryan. a large 1 month gaming convention happened in Wales. Three big you-tubers were renting the apartment above them but each one had a dark secret

Action / Fantasy
Age Rating:

a weird day

“The alarm jerked Lois awake at too-early o’clock. Reluctantly, she dragged herself out of bed and got ready for work, taking care to keep quiet lest she wakes her roommate still asleep in his room . She and Ryan had been up until well past midnight watching stupid videos on the ’net, a decision she was coming to regret. ‘I’m a real adult, even if I’m only 14’ she muttered sardonically as she hunted for her jacket. The sun had not yet come up over the green hills of Wales as she headed out the door; the air was just cold enough to be chilly, but not enough for a jacket, she slung it over her shoulder. Despite being tired, there was a spring in her step - she actually liked her job and looked forward to going every day. Besides, today was payday!”

Lois worked at a small warehouse where all she had to do was clean up but everyone was very nice there. As Lois walked to work a low growl came from the bushes she stopped looking around...nothing maybe just a fox. As she carried on walking in the empty forest park the growl was louder and closer.

Lois looked around in the bush a large golden and brown eye looked at her full of fury and rage. CRASH a large dark brown wolf larger than a normal wolf jumped out the bushes growing. Lois froze then in a panic reached for her jacket and held it in front of her, the wolf jumped teeth bared but Lois threw her jacket over his face and ran for her life. The wolf shook his head violently and clawed at the jacket before finally he was able to throw off the jacket and growled chasing after her sent.

She had some time and she got under a park bench, the wolf stopped near her she could see his paws, they were huge and the claws would be able to finish her of in one swipe. The wolf sniffed the air low growling he knew she was around here the smell of many people on the bench made Lois’s smell more hidden the wolf started to crouch down to look under the bench.

Lois shivered as he crouched down lower but he shot up and looked at the rising sun with a flash he ran off. Lois got out and sat on the bench heavily breathing she was holding her breath for a while. she held her head in her hands.

“D...did I just get chased by a large Wales?” she said aloud. About 5 minutes later someone came up to her. Lois was still pale and her hands shaking.

“Hello miss? are you OK you look very pale?” a deep voice said.

“Oh um......hello. sorry that I am looking scared I thought something was chasing me”. Lois stood up not realising who it was.

“Is this your jacket? it’s a bit torn up” he said with guilt in his voice.

“Thank you I had to use it to detract something” she sighed “anyway thank you but I should get to work before I’m late bye!” she smiled getting up and slowly walking off.

“um Bye,” he replied walking off a little confused.

Lois walked to work she was still on time but just.

“Hey Lois you look very tired did you sleep?” a woman called.

“No Ray I was up all night” Lois lied who would believe she got chased by a giant wolf? ray looked at blue laughing, ray was her boss but a very nice and fair boss which was rare these days.

“Only you Lois only you anyway just so you know I may have two surprises for you come to my office” Ray called walking into her office Lois walking in “want coffee?“ray asked.

“Please I need something to keep me awake” Lois laughed taking the coffee “so what is it?” Lois asked.

“First here is your holiday money ” Ray handed her an envelope.

“ £300 I could do so much with that I can buy an awesome computer” Lois squealed.

“No need I did take £200 of that because I got you the best computer available, you keep talking about how much you want one so to save the hassle I ordered one for you” Ray smiled.

“WHAT? thank you so much, words cannot express how happy I am” Lois cheered.

“Ahh no need to thank me you are hard working you deserve it” Ray smiled.

After a quick talk Lois worked till 10:30am then she went home noticing the apartment for rent was taken its been a long time since it was taken. It was one right above Lois and Ryan’s apartment.

“hey Ryan I’m back” Lois called

“OH hello Lois you’re early and your new computer is here a few guys set it up in the spot you wanted a computer I told them” he replied to concentrated in his game to explain.

“OH thank you, Ryan, I got my holiday money its £300” Lois cheered.

“OH cool we can do something good with games?” he asked now not so concentrated in his game.

“Oh you know it I’m going to spend like half of this on steam” she laughed turning on her computer and setting it up. Lois and Ryan have been friends for nearly 5 years when Lois got kicked out of her house forever somehow she got a job and was just able to buy the apartment. Ryan got kicked out of his house a year later so Lois said he could stay with her for some time.

Lois told Ryan about the furry encounter but strangely he did not laugh he believed her. He wanted to find out what is was so he listened very closely.

“hmmm interesting Lois let’s look up wolf encounters in Wales,” Ryan said getting his laptop.

“We got a few similar encounters over the past 200 years seems like anyone who is badly bitten by the wolf is never the same again any ideas? because I have none so far” he asked Lois looking through the records.

“Look up shapeshifters Ryan” Lois suggested looking at the records.

“Nothing like the encounter you had.....wait I got an idea what about a werewolf?” Ryan added.

“Yes, that would make sense look up werewolf records!” Lois replied excitedly.

Ryan looked up “yes here we go here I shall read what is website has to say A true “werewolf”, according to most legends, is a human being that uncontrollably transforms into a wolf or wolf-man during a full moon.......”

Lois listened as carefully as she could. As things about “skinwalkers” and “Quileute” passed over her head. She picked up on pieces like
“If a person is bitten by an alpha werewolf they will turn into a large full on wolf”

“Well, that is interesting anything else? it says like other ways to become one?” She asked

mainly about genetics, so if you have family who is a werewolf it can get passed down but that’s rare. The main one, of course, is getting bit for at least 3 seconds to have a one hundred percent saliva contact and the last way is a curse but any known ways seem to have been lost or very hidden or just fake ” he finished.

“makes sense let me try to find something from what happened earlier AH here it does say all werewolves run from sunlight to a certain spot to de-shift” she eagerly said.

“Just a thought but can friends stay friends even if one became a vampire and the other a werewolf,” She asked thinking about it

“Well now you say it Lois sometimes there are cases here where friends became the opposite creatures somehow and they stayed friends” Ryan yawned.

A knock at the door alerted them. Lois opened the door she could not believe who it was it was Markiplier, jacksepticeye, and lordminion777.

“HELLO, there” Jack shouted.

“Hey, I met you this morning,” Mark said to Lois.

“I knew I reconsidered you but I was in too much shock to realise....WAIT how and why are you guys here?” Lois asked.

“We just took the apartment upstairs for the one-month convention,” Wade said from the back.

“And we thought we should say hello to the loud one downstairs” Jack laughed.

“Fair enough you want to come in,” Ryan asked from behind.

“Sure come on Wade and Jack” Mark tugged Wade in.

“What were you talking about?” Jack asked, “if you’re louder than me then it must have been existing!“.

“I and Ryan were talking about werewolves”.

“Werewolves....why....werewolves” Mark stuttered.

“You won’t believe me but this morning I got chased by a large dark brown wolf Ryan believed me so we looked up similar encounters and what not turns out this is not the first time in Wales this has happened” Lois replied to Mark.

“What exactly would you do to the werewolf?” Jack asked eyeing Mark.

“Nothing I would never purposely harm another human if they are a werewolf vampire demon I don’t care” Lois happily replied.

“You would never harm one?” Mark said relaxed.

“Nope not now not ever, to be honest, I love werewolves I mean I love wolves as a first and I don’t think they are mindless beasts they need to just find a way to go not humans” Lois stood up walking to the kitchen.

“I agree with Lois werewolves don’t mean to hurt people in most cases it’s normally the humans attacking them in the first place” Ryan agreed.

“So no I wouldn’t hurt one unless they were wanting to hurt my Friends even then the chances of me wanting to kill one is very slim” Lois went and made coffee.

“I’m with you Lois” Mark agreed.

“Me two”.

“And me”.


The five of them talked for the rest of the day then before it got dark Mark Jack and Wade left. before she closed the door Lois saw Mark giving a nod to Jack and Wade they gave a nod back and the two of them went upstairs but Mark went down and left for the park.

Lois got confused and took her old ripped jacket and said to Ryan that she was going to some night walking. Ryan nodded this was not the first time she does night walks normally and by the time she is home he is asleep. She left for the park not seeing Jack and Wade seeing her walk towards the park from their window.

“OH no we got to make sure nothing happens,” one said to the other and the other nodded.

Lois went to the bench she normally goes to it was the same one she hid under. Hanging her head down she took in thoughts and was also wondering where Mark was. Then suddenly she jumped as behind her a growl and the wolf from the morning leapt from the bushes growling showing his teeth. Lois and the wolf were looking at each other in the eye both showing no fear.

Jack and wade saw them from behind a tree “we got to stop him before he does something he regrets in the morning” an Irish voice whispered to wade.

“Give it a minute remember the first time this happen it took him only a few minutes to recognise a way” wade whispered.

Lois was staring at the golden brown eyes she felt like she recognised the wolf but in a different way. But the wolf did not recognise her rearing on his hind legs she was pushed onto the floor before she had any time to react one of his huge paw was crushing her chest and stopping her from moving. He looked at her and went with his mouth to her throat. She closed her eyes feeling his warm breath she was bracing for the bite but instead of biting something else happened he.........


So here is the first chapter of my story. I hope you liked it

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