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Sir this is a coffee shop

"So, how have things been?" The wide eyed co-worker asked whilst tying up her hair into a messy bun. Tom, an anxious teenager who worked at a coffee shop called "Cole's Coffees and Cakes", also known as the Triple C, replied, "Eh, could be better. I feel like I just woke up." the coworker, Elizabeth, rolled her eyes. "You DID just wake up." Tom shrugged and leaned on the counter, waiting for shop to open. It was 7:30am, and the coffee shop opened at 8:00. A few minutes waiting, and surprisingly, a tall boy, looked about 15-16 years old, around Tom's age, walked in. He had fluffy caramel colored hair that flicked up in two horns, and two heterochromic eyes. One was a crimson red, and the other one silver. He came up to Tom and asked, "Can I get your phone number, and a large espresso with extra milk? What one side of Tom's mind wanted to say was "Sure thing, Here's my number." And the other side wanted to say nothing and have a mini anxiety attack. Guess which side won? Tom couldn't take in what he'd just heard. A boy? Flirting with.. him? He was speechless. Tom blushed uncontrollably. He managed to mumble a few words that sounded something like, "Um.. the, yeah..". Tom could only think of that boy after he left with his coffee. Elizabeth laughed a little and said, "That was hilarious, next time I need to get that on camera." Tom felt a warm feeling run up his spine, but quickly dropped back down when he remembered what his parents would say. Tom sat down and looked at Elizabeth, and said, "If my parents found out I liked someone, they'd be all, yOu nEeD to fOcUs On yOuR cArEer, thEre's nO tiMe fOr sillY tHiNgs liKe thAt. NOw Do yOuR hOmEwOrk!", which is right, it is more important, but they can't say that they didn't have 40,000 crushes when they were teens. "Ugh. You're lucky you have parents like that. You know how I like writing fanfics and putting my characters in couples, right? So Just imagine me always forcing you in couples. My parents always try to set me up with other boys. It's literally THE most annoying thing in the world. And they always tell my crush's parents whenever I blush around someone. Like do you know how embarrassing that is-" Elizabeth was cut off when another customer walked in. It was that boy again. He ran over to Tom and began panting and said, "I almost got home when I realized I didn't get your number." Tom was surprised, and his face turn a little red, but then shaked it off, trying not to be obvious. He jotted down something on a small ripped piece of paper. The handwriting looked like a neater version of chicken scratch. Tom handed the piece of paper over to the boy, and the boy replied, "Thanks, I'll talk to you soon!" And ran off. Elizabeth smirked, and said, "Wow. You are bad at this. But nice try! It was a little better than the last time." "Gee, thanks." Tom replied, still confused. "Well, there's only a few minutes until shop opens. Get ready for another *amazing* day. Cole's got to give us a day off sometime soon." Elizabeth said. Tom agreed silently. And he waited.

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