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Choose me (Y/N, Taehyung and Jungkook FF)


''date Taehyung? Never! He tried to kill Jimin!!'' ''Come on, Amy. You can take revenge back on him,if you do so.'' ''What if he does not like me?'' ''He does. Try it, you can take revenge on him''

Romance / Other
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Chapter 1

Start writing her “Just wake up already, Amy.” I felt someone shaking my shoulders.

I open my eyes to see Andy over me. I instantly get up knocking him down. “What happend? Did aliens invade our house? Or did monsters attack us? Whoa, wait! Did vampires-”

“Shut it up!” He yelled getting up and rubbing his head.

" Oh well...What happend?” I asked politely

“Nothing, i just came here to wake you up. Get ready for school.” Said Andy “And remember, eomma said that if you try to bunk school again, you’ll get a harsh punishment” Then he moved closer to my ear and said while smirking” You might even get all your novels thrown in trash bag” then he stood straight up again.

Well...that is my brother. He has dark bangs that just stop a bit above his eyes. He has dark blue eyes. His lips are a shade of pink girls might even kill for.

He acts so mature, while he is just eighteen, a year older than me. He likes to impress eomma and helps her with everything, just so that she could lecture me about him.

“Yeah, yeah, i said while getting up from my bed. I started to walk towards the bathroom, but then realized that Andy was still there, looking at me . I stopped and turned back to to look at him.i put my hands on my waist.

“Why are you standing here like a statue? Do you need something?” i asked

“Did you forget already?” he said “You said that you’ll ask Seulbi to meet me.”

At first i got confused, but then it came to my mind. He wanted to meet Seulbi, my best friend. He’d had a crush on her since high school, but had never got time to talk to her.

“Oh, yeah, i remember.” I said “I’ll ask her, if she says yes, then i’ll call you up.”

“okay, thanks, Ames.” He smiled and then left.


I walked to school. It was a ten minutes walk. Other people might’ve used car, bike or bicycle to walk such a distance, but i just liked it simple. Walking was my thing.

I entered the school. The hallway was not as crowded as other days. There was probably something wrong. I walked to my locker and saw a group of boys glancing at me.

I sighed.

It was my daily routine. People stare at me because i’m Andy Tyler’s sister or because i’m Clare Tyler’s daughter.

My mom, Clare Tyler, she is one of the biggest business woman in Korea. My brother, Andy Tyler, was the coolest, most talented and popular student in this school until he moved to college. I...well, i’m only known for being quiet, not attending classes or completing my homework.

I took out my history books and walked towards my first class, when i saw people gathered outside the class in a circle.

I pushed passed the crowd to get to the front when i saw Park Jimin and Kim Taehyung.

Jimin was slammed against the wall and Taehyung was squeezing his throat while Jimin try to get away from his grasp.

I gasped at the scene.

I quickly ran to them and pushed Taehyung away and he stumbled. I turned to look at Jimin “Are you okay” i asked.

Then i felt someone punch me from behind

I hope you guys liked this chapter. It’s my time writing a book, so please don’t mind if it’s not good enough, or if there are grammar mistakes And specially, I’ve never ever wrote a fan-fiction so it might not be as you expecte…

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