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Choose me (Y/N, Taehyung and Jungkook FF)


Someone punched me from behind and i stumbled. I turned to see it was taehyung.

“Don’t get in my way, bitch!” He yelled. Then he was about to punch Jimin again but stopped when Miss.Peach yelled, “What’s going over here” She was glaring at Taehyung and Jimin with a stern look on her face.

“Shit” Taehyung cursed politely

“I asked what was going here?“She repeated

“uh..Miss.Peach” i said “Jimin and Taehyung were fighting over something, but it’s settled down now”

“Miss Tyler, i don’t remember asking you anything”she said and i looked down.“As for Taehyung and Jimin, you guys are getting detention after school” Then she walked away with her hands at the back.

I cursed. I’ve always hated her. I was just answering her. And for Jimin, she didn’t even ask if he was okay, or take him to medical room.

Everyone was leaving for class. I turned to Jimin. “Are you okay?” i asked him urgently.

“Y-yes”he stuttered

His lower lip was bleeding and there was a blue-black spot under his left eye.

“No you’re not” i said, lightly touching his wounds with my hands.

“Then why did you ask?” He tried to smile but ended up flinching in pain.

“Yeah, you’re right” I said and giggled “but right now you need to go to the medical room. Come on”

We both started walking towards the medical room.

“So, why did that jerk did this to you?” I asked

“He was being annoying and was calling me a whore. So i accidentally said that it’s his mother ho’s a whore.”

I stopped and turned towards him” what did you do? How can you say such a thing, Jimin? It would’ve been an understatement if you would’ve called him that, but why drag his family into it? It’s not their fault”

“I know, Ames. I just accidentally said it. I didn’t mean it”He said

“OK” We continued walking.

When I was dropping Jimin to the medical room, I walked back to the class.

I stopped at the door when Miss.Park said “Why are you late, Amy?”

I looked up at her, “I’m sorry miss.Park. Jimin was hurt so i took him to the medical room, didn’t realize it would take so much time.”

“Okay, how is he now?”

“resting” i smiled a her

“ok then, please take your seat”

I walked to my seat next to Jungkook and sat down as Miss.Park continued her lesson.

“How are you, Ames?“Whispered Jungkook

“how am i?“i asked raising an eyebrow

“You drank too much yesterday, remember?“he said”At my house?”

“Oh, yeah. I’m feeling great actually” I said while grinning

“How was it?”

“Well...to be honest, it was not exactly good”

“Oh, come on. It was your first time. Next time will be better”

“As if” I rolled my eyes.


At lunch i tried to find Seulbi, but she was nowhere to be found. I tried the classrooms, storeroom, staff rooms, playground, art room, dance room, auditorium, and everywhere.

When the school ended, i walked alone to my house when i heard some one running behind me. I glanced to see Jungkook. He cached up with me breathless.

“Come on Ames, why didn’t you wait for me?” he looked hurt

“I’m sorry, kookie. I thought you left”

“No, Amy. I can never leave you alone somewhere, can i? I’m always with you” he winked at me and i laughed, but suddenly his expression turned serious.

“Amy” He said in a serious tone” I’ll wait for you at 9 pm under your house. Please come”

“Why? Are we going somewhere?“I asked

“You’ll see that at night” Not a hint of smile in his voice or on his face. Whatever it was, it was deadly serious.

“uh..OK, i guess” i replied and he left

I watched him go.

“What is it?” i thought to myself “is he okay? does he want to break our friendship?”

I walked home, while thoughts clouded in my head.

Hiii! So i just updated you guys with another chapter. Amy is confused what is it that Jungkook wants to tell her, he was never so serious before. I’ll update you guys with another chapter soon. There’ll be a surprise

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