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The third installment of the tharntype series!

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19:Longing for each other

Tharn was very thankful to his brother for getting him a ticket for that night but when he arrived in Surat Thani, the last ferry to Koh Samui had already stopped, so he had to sleep at the airport and the next morning he came to the pier to catch the first ferry to the island, where the people he loved most lived.

It was the first time he’d come here unescorted or without an invitation and yet Tharn had been stubborn enough to come through the night, not feeling tired at all but on the contrary, when he saw the one he’d been thinking about day and night, with a single embrace, he’d left behind all his dignity, which, compared to Type, was nothing.

Tharn asked himself, what was he stubbornly waiting for, for Type to contact him just because he didn’t want to lose? Of course not, when Type did call him, it only took a few words and he was already beaten.

Is it really true that whoever coaxes the other first is the one who loses? That kind of thinking is irrational, it’s boring, it’s bullshit and it’s only making the problem worse.

By now, Tharn didn’t care who Faires was or what he wanted. He was surprised that Type was willing to embrace him without fear in front of his father and his friends and he cursed himself for his unreasonable and perverse possessiveness that almost cost him the one he loved.

Tharn opened his eyes, looked at the ceiling in the darkness, then turned his head to look at the face of his lover, who was sleeping with him.

It’s already 2am on his phone, so it’s no surprise he woke up at this hour. Type was on strike but there was too much work to drop off, so he said he was applauding love but in reality he was working all day at the B&B, till dark… Who’d have thought that the one who said he’d do the indescribable, would fall asleep as soon as Tharn finished his bath.

Tharn didn’t know how Type could sleep so well but when he came out of the cold shower, he saw the sleeping man and thought it wasn’t bad to hug his warm body and he was tired himself, so he fell asleep before nine o’clock.

At this moment Tharn was wide awake, looking at the handsome young man before him but the young man himself did not know how attractive he was.

“Type, I’m unreasonable because I’m afraid someone will take you from me.”

On the contrary, as they were of similar stature, Tharn could only put his arms around the other’s waist, snuggle up to him and lean his head back to sleep with him.

There was nothing romantic about this moment, Type even snored a little but for Tharn, who couldn’t stand living alone in his apartment, it was a blissful moment to be snuggled up together.

His home isn’t the same apartment he’s lived in for years.

“My home…. is you.”

If Type had been awake at this moment, he’d have called him a pansy and he’d have laughed heartily and k-issed him hard… K-issed the straight-talking man. He didn’t dislike Type’s straightforwardness, sometimes he wondered if he was a jitterbug but instead he grew to love him more and more and became obsessed with him.

Cheating… I don’t know what possessed him to say that.

“I’m sorry and… Thank you for calling me on your own initiative.”

The phone call made all the pretense of dignity unquestionable, even if he deserved it, even if he was cussed for coming here without stopping, even if he was called a softy, he didn’t care, he was a softy, he just liked this man he had liked since freshman year and he was venomous.

“I’ll ask you when you wake up.” Tharn smiled slightly, whispering in Type’s ear.

“If your reason for staying in Bangkok is me……it’s really nice.”

There were so many things he wanted to ask, to talk about but this was the most important and then Tharn fell asleep again, with the warm body of his lover, whom he hadn’t seen in a month, clinging to his side.


“You don’t know about Faires? I thought you knew before you came to see me.”

“What about him?”

Type was looking at this man who almost broke his back with an incredulous expression… Folding his body like that, thinking he’s a gymnast!

“About me teaching Faires a lesson, No didn’t tell you?”

“No, what did you do to him?” Tharn doesn’t understand.

Type sighed and started telling his “heroic story”. In fact, he went home and listened to Techno’s story, Faires went to ask about the person who “violated” him and the result was… Of course, it’s a good karma, karma is what you get.

Faires’ friends took pictures of him and threatened to expose him naked if he didn’t agree to continue sleeping with them, so Faires must be having a hard time dealing with his friends these days and shouldn’t have the energy to harass Type for a long time.

At first he thought Tharn knew about it, that he and the kid really didn’t have anything but, “No, I’m not here because I know this, I don’t care who you’re involved with, I’ve decided that if you say you didn’t do it, I’ll believe you and if you call me a stupid cow, I’ll be the stupid cow that believes you.”

And these words of Tharn, that he loved Type with all his heart?

F*ck you Tharn, doing the hero thing again!

Type couldn’t help but glance at the other, no wonder, how could he forget that Tharn was always like this.

“So you went to teach him a lesson, because he pissed me off?”

“You think I’m embarrassed when you say that? Well, I was going to teach him a lesson for you… I was going to let him off the hook but he wouldn’t leave us alone… so I had to kick his ass… but to my surprise, everyone knew about it except you… did you ever get your head rubbed against the floor?” Type thought that a big shot like Kengkla must have spread the word but he must have forgotten… After Kengkla fixed that, he was already hounding No to make up for the delay in Type’s bed during his stay at their house.

Tharn was still laughing, even when Type cussed him, he was laughing and then he was laughing.

“Am I to assume that you think of me as very, very important?”

“Yeah, it’s important.” Type didn’t bother to scold him, he just shook his head, leaving him to bask in the bliss of knowing what Type had done for him and then led him out of the room and downstairs and now, at this hour, he was afraid everyone was up and they walked downstairs, feeling the atmosphere today… odd.

“Dad, where’s my mom?”

“Went out early in the morning, some ungrateful kid wouldn’t come down to help, and one came just to break up the family.” “The old man’s sitting there watching TV with his arms around his chest, looking at them like they’re going to eat each other and he’s still not happy with Tharn, as usual.

No wonder, last night they made such a fuss, they were about to tear the house down. It was a bit much… but everyone knows it anyway, so they can just play dumb.

“Dad, seriously, he’s been your son’s boyfriend for years. When are you going to get used to his presence?” Type changed his tune, pointed at Tharn and said to his father.

“I’m not getting used to this!” The old man shot up, raised his cane and pointed it at Tharn as well.

“I don’t like his face, Type, look at this guy on TV, that’s the kind of girl I want for a daughter-in-law, not this fake foreigner!” Type’s father reached out with his other hand and pointed to a commercial for a face cream on TV and the spokesman… Looks familiar!

So familiar that Type couldn’t help but look away from Tharn and then… laughed out loud.

“Bastard, what are you laughing at?”

“Ha ha ha ha ha, Tharn, I can’t… Ha ha ha ha… Explain it to my father.” At this point Type couldn’t do anything but laugh, he patted the young man who was standing quietly beside him, he was silent for a long while, then turned to his father and smiled politely, he looked like he was about to burst out laughing too.

“What! Fake Yankee, tell me what’s going on!” Father Type’s tone was not good.

Tharn pointed to the TV, which had finished its commercials and the beautiful spokesperson was missing. The handsome young man of western and oriental descent named Tharn smiled and said to Type’s father, “The star, is it Thanya Tudara?”

Type’s father nodded and Type was surprised that his father liked celebrities, probably because he had injured his leg and spent more time watching TV.

“That Thanya… is my sister.”


“Oh Dad, you heard right, that’s Tharn’s sister. Want to see a picture of the two siblings together? Hahahahahahahaha… Ouch, your son has found a boyfriend who looks like a star, isn’t that to your liking? Don’t believe me, take a look again.” Then Type patted Tharn’s cheek and grabbed his father’s head, causing his father to almost fall off the chair.

“What? She’s your sister!”

“Yes, my own sister, I’ll bring her to visit you some day.”


Type’s father was completely petrified, Type nodded in satisfaction to the half-breed beside him and whirled him out of the house, until he reached the outside, where he burst out laughing like a pig squealing.

What kind of fairy made his father like that look!

“You’re laughing too much at that!”

“When are you going to stop laughing at me?” Type laughed and shook his head, he could see Tharn couldn’t help but laugh too, who’d have thought his father’s ideal daughter-in-law would look eight times like the man next to him.

“It’s a good thing mine and my sister’s both look more like daddy’s.”

“Yeah, let’s put the little princess aside for a moment but I’ll tell you this, you’re not staying at my house for free. I wonder if Master Tharn is up to work for his stay?” said Type with a smile.

“As long as I’m not cooking, I can do anything.”

At Tharn’s answer, Type moved over and blew in his ear, “Good, I’m going to treat you well tonight.”

Type, who was usually not very funny, was laughing all the time today and his words warmed Tharn’s heart.


Type said sorry to his father in his heart.

Dad, I’m sorry but this ungrateful son of yours probably won’t be able to give you a grandson, because my whole heart… I’ve got my heart in this man… He’s almost as good-looking as Thanya, so you’ll have to make do with him as a daughter-in-law.

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