ASL Sisters


As daughters of the Richest man in the world, Gol D. Andrea, Gol D. Sabrina and Gol D. Luffia struggles to keep their identities hidden from the world. Grandline Celebrity life with paparazzi fiasco. Will they be able to keep it hidden? Find out their struggles in their lives – family, friendship and love.

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ASL Sisters

Newscaster 1: Breaking news, grandliners! It’s been a good day today and we now have a special scope in regards with Gol d. Roger, the richest man in the world. Recently, it has been reported that he is spreading a new line of business. It is not yet identified which line of business it is, but we can expect it will be big just like the other ones under his name.

There is still no confirmation from Mr. Roger. Even his wife, former beauty queen and supermodel, Gol D. Rouge.

Newscaster 2: We are hoping that they will give us details in regards to this matter. And speaking of details, we also would like to know about their family. They have been keeping their privacy up to this point. The public, especially from the social media, have been meaning to ask the couple about their heirs or heiresses in that matter.

Newscaster 1: That’s right, partner. Even I am curious about their heirs. Still, paparazzi and the media can’t get a hold of such information, with the tight security in their mansion, or dare I say, Palace, no one can get a hold of what they look like. It has been many years and the couple still chose to keep them private.

Newscaster 2: That is true. The public wants to know more about them, yet their information remains a mystery. For now, all we have to do is wait until we get more information.

“Wow, they are already rich enough and they want to be richer?” The black-haired woman snapped her head towards the man who dared to utter those words. She can’t help but stare at the man from head to toe. He looks a little well off, if someone will base it on the clothes he is wearing. She guesses that he’s about mid-thirties. He has that smug look on his face that audibly tells her he is a proud man, or may she add, an arrogant one.

“Hmp, I bet those people will not even eat the food if their wares are not made of gold. Gol D. Gold!” And they burst in laughter.

The black-haired woman with freckles on her face just silently snorted at the rowdy men inside the restaurant. The restaurant should be fairly quiet, had it not for big mouthed fools like them.

“Just let them go. They don’t know what they are talking, Ann.” The blond woman with a long a wavy hair like the woman named Ann spoke. They have the same stature, but their hair and their facial features are slightly different. Ann’s hair is dark brown in color while the other is blonde. The only similarity they have are their eyes. While Ann’s eyes embody a grayish hue, Sab’s eyes are dark gray ones.

“Yes, but they are talking nonsense. What do they know anyway, Sab?”

“Just eat your food, sis. You don’t want me to eat that, do you?” As if on cue, Ann digs on her food as if it is her last day in this world. Sab just smiled and digs on her food as well. They don’t have the usual grace of the other women in that restaurant, which let them earn dirty looks from people around.

They don’t wear sexy clothes like others wear. Sab wears black trousers paired with a blue polo shirt and a coat. It is more of a corporate attire, granted this is normal as she just came straight from work.

Ann is no better. She only wears a skinny jeans paired with a black sleeveless blouse. Usually she will only wear a tee-shirt, but Sab convinced her otherwise.

They continue to eat their food until a certain someone took the initiative to take some of the food on the women’s plate. Normal people would have been surprised or mad even, but this is a natural occurrence to them as the food robber is their little sister, Luffia.

If someone will ask them if they are really sisters, they would say yes, with no doubt. Each of them might look a little different, but the resemblance, especially when it comes to personality is a dead giveaway that they are siblings. Ann and Sab are fraternal twins. Ann was born a few minutes before Sab. From the eyes to their hair, they look nothing alike, but their lips, some of their personalities, anyone can say they really are twins.

The twins were born 3 years before the youngest, Luffia. They usually call her Lu or Luffy as she prefers it. She has a black hair like Ann’s, except for the freckles. Luffia does not have freckles. She’s an inch shorter than the twins. The twins stand tall at 5′9 while Luffia is almost 5′8. She has big owlish black eyes, which is her biggest asset aside from the smile that seems to shine brighter than the sun.

“Lu, stop stealing and sit down.” Sab reprimands, and she just grins at them but otherwise followed.

“Shishishi. Ok!” She is so enthusiastic about everything, especially about food. No one may believe them, given Luffia is quite skinny, but her appetite is twice larger than the twins.

“I’m hungry! Can I order more?” The twins just sighed. There is no stopping Luffia when it comes to food, so the twins just nodded.

“How’s business Lu?” Ann asks the youngest. Despite her appearance – a very cute but gorgeous woman that looks like a teenager – she is already a businesswoman. Her own building, the Thousand Sunny Building is the main office for her businesses. She is interested in ships and vehicles. Aside from that, she is also into weaponry and technologies. She might look like an idiot (well, she kind of is), but she is one hell of a businesswoman. Blazing the business world at the age of 17 and after almost 5 years, they now have a very stable foundation and are still growing.

“Well, Doflamingo is giving me threats about the medicines that we want to produce because it is cheaper. Hmm, I decided to bring them down!” She enthusiastically said and then diverts her attention to her food which seems to be far more important to her than business talks.

The twins sweat dropped. In business, getting enemies is natural, but always picking a fight with those who have higher bearing than you, well, that is not natural at all and Luffia is a master of picking fights. She rose to her position doing so, but still, as elder sisters, they must warn her.

“That’s got to be dangerous, Lu. Just be careful.” Sab reminded her.

“Uhmm-hmm!” The blond woman does not know if that was an agreement or just to shove the topic off. Anyway, at least, she told her.

“How’s the hospital now, Sab? Getting acquainted with the doctors?” Ann asked the blond. The question seems to be taking Luffia’s interest, well, not wholly, but partially because she is still eating while looking at Sab for response.

Sab is a doctor in a huge hospital in Grand Line. The reason why Ann asks such a question is because they know that Sab is one of the youngest people to earn a PsychD or what they call Doctor of Psychology. Earning such a title usually takes about 8 to 12 years and not all can pass the licensure examination, however, Sab was able to finish it by the age of 24. Well, earning a High School diploma at the age of 15 helped her enough to achieve such a feat.

Add to her impressive resume is that she was able to build one of the largest Hospitals in Grand Line and serves as its director. Many people doubted how come she was able to achieve such a feat. Some of them have even spread rumors - bad rumors about Sab.

“W-well, it is fine! Everything is fine there! I am having a great time!” She grins, and the two dark haired women just stare at her like they are debating if there is something behind the lines.

“Really?” It was Luffia that spoke first.

“Of course! I am having such a great time!” No one said any more word because Sab just changed the hot seat to Ann.

“How about you? How’s everything going on your end?”

“It’s been great. I am glad that people are being opened about using Solar Power as a source for electricity. They are doubtful, but it helps when there are businesses out there starting to embrace this path.”

Ann is a mechanical engineer who decided to develop a way to utilize Solar Power as main source of electricity. She decided to establish her own company to offer these kinds of products to companies to lessen the amount of resources being consumed. She received a lot of criticism and opposition especially from the Electricity providers, but she is pursuing this method as well as she can and closing business deals from various companies.

“That’s amazing! Congratulations! We know you can do it.” Sab sincerely said, and she is happy that her twin sister got what she wanted. They still face a lot of ups and downs, but they are still enjoying the path that they have chosen. It is peaceful as it is, they just hope it will last long...

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