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Ann and Marco chose a secluded restaurant in town, away from the curious eyes of the people. There is a reason why they don’t want to eat in a restaurant in the middle of busy city where they will be seen by a lot of people.

First, Marco is quite famous. If paparazzi sees him with someone, they might start ridiculous news again and spread it to everyone. Ann is aware of that as well. That would be a problem for her. Should her dad sees the news, it will trigger world war. No doubt, Marco will be the receiving end of fire lit by none other than, Gol D. Roger.

The restaurant is fairly small, with a few regulars dining in and most of them are middle aged men and women. The restaurant is near a village, so most likely, the diners are just the residents.

They chose to sit in the farthest corner. Ann’s eyes landed on the table right next to the one they chose, and she is surprised to see someone she knows.

“Jaggy!” She cheerfully greeted. Someone calling him by the weirdest nickname surprised the man, and his eyes landed on a familiar face.

The man did not answer her at first. His eyes landed on the man next to Ann. They must have known each other as they greeted each other with a handshake.

“On a date, I see.” The man named Jaggy smirks at Ann, making her blush.

“W-We’re just going to eat.”


Ann rolled her eyes at the man. “It’s been a while, Jaggy. Haven’t seen you in months.”

The tables are fairly close in distance, so, it is not awkward talking to someone from the next table.

“Could you stop calling me that nickname. Makes me irritated.”

Ann chuckles, enjoying the annoyed expression Jaggy is projecting.

“Don’t tell me my sister did something again?” She knows that Jaggy gets irritated being called Jaggy only if Luffia did something again.

“That brat never listens. Anyway, we gotta go. See you around, Ann and Marco!” Jaggy’s companion also bids his farewell to Ann and Marco. Alone, they decided to order meals. Once the waiter is gone, Marco asked Ann about that man.

“Didn’t know you knew Kidd Eustass, yoi.”

“I met him through my sister. They are friends, sort of? Well, my sister treats anyone she likes as friends, and apparently she gave him that nickname.”

Marco nodded and changed the topic. While waiting for the food, their conversation topic changes from their favorite movies, for their favorite dishes and to their siblings’ antics. Even while eating, they just kept talking about anything.

Ann talked about her childhood – how she and her sisters caused so much trouble with their grandfather, Monkey D. Garp.

“Your grandfather is one hell of a man, yoi.” Apparently, Marco knows Garp. He and Whitebeard are sort of drinking buddies. Marco had seen how insane the man is. Rambunctious and a glutton.

“Can you believe how he wants to send us to military? Thank god our mom put him in his place. Since we can’t be in the military, he made it his duty to train us – military style.”

“How are you still alive, yoi?” Ann just laughed while recalling the times she and her sisters escaped. Garp woke up with no granddaughters and an empty fridge.

After their meal, Ann excused herself first to go to the bathroom. Upon returning, she saw Marco taking the bill receipt.

“Hey! I said I will be paying.” Ann pouted at Marco as soon as she got back.

Seeing her upset pouting face, Marco can’t help but think how cute it is.

“Alright, alright. My bad.” He raised his hands in defeat. “Next time, I promise, yoi. You will be paying.” Ann still continued to pout, glaring at Marco as if measuring if he is lying or not. Her expression is so damn cute!

“You’re not lying, are you?” Her eyes are still squinting, doubting Marco’s words.

“I promise. Next time.”

“Fine. But you better keep your word, Mister.”

As soon as she smiles, Marco thinks that the world just got so much better.


Sab is visiting a rehabilitation center for those people that are in need of treatment. Not all of them have been into drugs, just some are experiencing traumas and depression.

She offers to counsel some of the patients for free. It is one of the Hospital’s programs. A free consultation from a specialist.

After visiting the rehab center, she attended a couple of meetings herself. The hospital is not the only one she is managing. She’s also manages the Condominium she shares with her twin sister. It is the first condominium building that relies on Solar Panels for electricity. The building is just about 20 floors, quite small compared to other Condominiums, but it is a start.

Usually, Ann also manages them, but if she is busy with other projects, Sab steps in. After another meeting, Sab decided to give her dad a call to discuss a program with him. JRC also has a foundation that helps those who are in need. A few times, they sponsored feeding programs to orphanage as well as sponsor their education.

“Hey Dad! How are you doing?”

“My cute angel! I am doing fine, still surviving from mountains of paperwork. How are you, baby?” Sab can’t help but smile. To other people – Gol D. Roger may seem like a cold and ruthless businessman, but to his family, he is nothing but a sweet old man. He usually calls his daughters by their pet names.

Ann is the Big baby, which she is, by the way. Sab is the cute angel while Luffia is the little devil.

“I’m doing ok. A bit busier than usual. Do you have time to discuss the health and education program for orphanage this year?” There is a reason why Sab is not bringing up this discussion when they are at home. It is the unspoken rule in the family. Never bring your work at home.

Their mother doesn’t like it. It is okay to mention work and a few projects, but to heavily discuss it? She will get mad. And no one – NO ONE will wish to get her mad. Especially not Roger. He may never admit this out loud, but he is scared of his wife.

“Absolutely, dear. I will always have time for you.”

Sab thanked her dad before explaining the plans. Although this has been discussed last month, she just wanted to go over the details to her das prior to the actual engagement. They chose an orphanage quiet far from the city. The program will be in two weeks.

After finalizing the details, they talked for a few more minutes before ending the call. At this time, Sab looked at her wrist watch. It’s already 2 PM and as if on cue, her stomach growled. With how busy she has been since morning, she forgot to eat lunch.

Sighing, she decided to take a walk to a nearby restaurant. Sab did not bother taking her white coat off since she will not be dining in, but just buy takeout. There’s a lot of paperwork she needs to finish, might as well be productive and do them while eating.

She continued to be busy for the rest of the day and wished to be home already. She has no energy to cook dinner tonight, might as well order food for delivery.

By 5:30 PM, Sab received a call from her twin sister. This reminds her that she needs to drive to her sister’s office to fetch her. Guess this ends her day, then.

“It’s Uncle Rayleigh’s birthday party this Saturday. Should we get him something?” Luffia asks while they are eating their dinner. Ann ordered boxes of pizza, chicken and pasta.

“Are we going to attend that party? There’s a bunch of businessmen there.” Ann answered. “We can just send the gift to him in private instead of attending.” Ann doesn’t hate parties, on a contrary, she loves them just like anyone else, but she’d like to avoid parties where it involves a lot of prominent names because she knows that there will be a reported invited in that party.

As much as possible, they are avoiding being seen together with their parents or with someone closed to them. People will question why they are calling Rayleigh as Uncle Rayleigh and they may start digging for more information – which inevitably may lead to their connection to Gol D. Roger.

“That’s true, but as far as I know, they only invited close friends. Why don’t we ask him?” Sab suggested before picking her phone up and called Uncle Rayleigh. After speaking with him for a few minutes, Sab got her needed answer. She ended the call and turned her attention to her sisters. “They just invited close friends. We can go.”

What Sab meant is that the friends invited know who they are. They will not have to worry about anything else.

After dinner, Luffia and Sab washed the dishes together since Ann was the one who paid for their food anyway. They were in the kitchen while Ann was watching TV in the living room. They were telling each other what happened to their day while washing dishes. One good thing about having a sister is that you can confide with them anytime. This is when Luffia mentioned that Ann called her earlier to ask if they have a spare part for a certain sports car and if Franky can fix it.

This reminds Sab that Luffia is not aware of what happened during Ann and Marco’s meeting.

“Shishishi! That’s so funny. Does it mean that Ann will be bringing Marco’s car to be repaired?”

“Yeah. And you know what it means? It’s like a date.”

“Oh! Oh! I know! I’ll be in the office this Saturday. Maybe I get to meet him!”

Sab is not sure that is a good idea. Luffia is known to be pretty straightforward and she may blurt out something in front of Marco… On the other hand, this may be a good chance.

“Yes, you may be able to meet him, but don’t embarrass Ann too much, okay?” They may like to annoy each other, but Sab makes sure that there is a clear line of when they should stop.

“Roger that!” As if to emphasize her point, Luffia saluted to Sab.

Oh well…. Let’s see how that meeting will go.


Luffia is so bored with staying in her office, even though it is fun to mess with her friends. They are all busy today since they have to prepare for a lot of projects, including the sponsorship for the biggest Motorsports event in Grandline, and the promotions they have to handle. Seriously, why did she have to suggest that? She should have kept her mouth shut, now, she has nothing to do, but wait for them to finish their paper works and sign it. With another sigh, she lumps on her desk, looking sulky like always until the door opened and a very lost Zoro came.

Upon seeing her best friend, she immediately lightened up. “Zoro!” She called and he looked at his ‘boss’.

“Luffy, what are you doing here?” He asked.

“This is my office. What are you doing here? Did you get lost again?”

Zoro sweat dropped at her. She was always straight to the point and he can’t use the excuse that the buildings keep on changing every time he passes by, so instead, he asked her about her boredom. She seems bored to death.

“You don’t have anything better to do, do you?”

Luffy’s sulky face became sulkier upon the mention of nothing better to do.

“Everyone is so busy! I am so bored and hungry!” She whined like a child, but this action made Zoro smile at her teasingly. She never failed to make Zoro smile no matter what the situation.

“You are always hungry and bored. You can’t sit still for minutes if you dislike what you are doing.”

“Hmp! I am so bored, Zoro! Do something!”

The green haired man just scratched the back of his head, because of all people to deal with a bored and cranky Luffy, it would have to be him - not that he does not like accompanying her in all of her escapades, it’s just that most of the time, trouble awaits them.

“What do you want me to do this time?”

Luffy’s face lightened a bit upon hearing Zoro’s reply. She is too optimistic for her own good that she took the reply rather positively.

“Can we go to an amusement park?”

“Amusement Park? Why there, of all places? Ask anyone else.”

He acted as if he is dismissing the idea but once he saw the puppy dog eyes Luffy is giving him, the swordsman’s resolve immediately wavered. No one could top Luffia in terms of getting people to do whatever she wants. Especially not the usual stoic Zoro. The green-haired man may act cold and distant to everyone, but he is actually sweet and caring to Luffia.

He is not usually that sweet to Tashigi, considering she is his girlfriend. There is just one person who could make him do cheesy things. He might never admit it openly, but people knew too well, especially the Straw Hats. They could see the interaction between the two. Even people outside of the company has their own opinions regarding the treatment Zoro and Luffy give each other. They usually conclude that the two are together, which they are not.

“Zoro.” She called. Zoro tried to look away and avoid her eyes. Her big owlish eyes will be the death of him and looking at those gorgeous eyes will make him say yes.

Luffy huffed with a rather good motivation to make Zoro say yes, so she stared at him more, while her hands are crossed in front of her chest.


Zoro still feigned that he did not hear her and just went for the exit, but she is too fast to block the door. That made Zoro let his guard down and looked into her eyes - his BIGGEST mistake because as soon as he looked into her eyes, he saw the sadness and the pleading look.

“Zoro.” She said once more, and the sound of his name coming from her made lips made Zoro lost every resolve he has.

“Ugh - Fine. Let’s just go.” The usual sulkiness of her face turned into a face of a child who was just given a candy.

She jumped happily and hugged Zoro. She always loves to cuddle, not that Zoro minded. Though, he does not like her cuddling Sanji for some reason. He is a bit overprotective (possessive) of her.

“Yosh! Let’s go!” And Zoro was dragged off by an over-energetic Luffy.

Zoro looked at the ride that Luffy wants to try. Of all rides she has to choose first, why the Roller Coaster? And for all Zoro knows, she would definitely want to come back in this ride again.

“Uhm, Luffy, why don’t we go to the bump cart first?” Thinking about riding this thing made Zoro’s stomach clench.

“Why? This is going to be fun! So, let’s go!” Zoro has no chance with her. Luffy dragged off the unwilling Zoro to his ride to hell. And it seems like a ride to hell is just a light statement for it. Of all places she wanted to sit, it was in front of the vehicle. Zoro wanted to protest, but he can’t - just seeing her very happy face made Zoro happy as well. It was a joy he can only find when he is beside her. He can’t put a word to the feeling, but what he knew for sure is that he will follow this woman to the depths of hell if he has to...


The ride started and Luffy is very joyful - she always is. And Zoro on the other hand just prayed to whatever deity available that he won’t fall off this thing because he is starting to feel sick.

The shouts started as the ride started to accelerate. Zoro joined in as well. Luffy is screaming “YOHOOO!“.


Luffy shouted. Zoro has a good sense of hearing so he heard her alright, but he wanted to pretend he did not. Luffy, not liking his ignorance tapped his shoulder to get his attention.

Zoro looked at her side - another big mistake as he saw Luffy’s insistence in the matter. When he sighed, stating that he will follow what she wanted, Luffy’s grin grew wider, if that was even possible. Both of them screamed YOHOO!

Luffy is happy that she got to ride this amazing ride, but above all else, she is happy she gets to spend time with Zoro. Every time she got to spend moments with him is one of her best memories. It is fun to have him around and be with him. In those times that they are alone, she gets the feeling that they are the only people in the world, that he’s only for her.

It is ridiculous to think that way - that she is stealing time to be with him just because she has feelings for him. But what can she say, she is just a human, and she has her own selfishness. It’s not like she will steal him away from Tashigi. It’s just that she wanted to borrow what little time they have. Is that too much to ask?

“Zoro! Zoro! Look, we are descending below!” she shouted, and Zoro’s mistakes that day tripled as he saw that they are indeed descending from the top.


Screams increased, shouts cannot be distinguished. Even for Zoro’s sense of hearing, he can’t quite tell what Luffy is screaming about. All he heard is the word ‘YOU.’

“WHAT?!” He screamed, but she just laughed at him.

Zoro let that slide as the ride went rigid once more as they are now ascending faster than ever. He did not realize what Luffy screamed was: “Zoro, I love you!”

After the roller coaster ride, they lined up for the Bump Cart. They keep on bumping into each other that it resulted a wreck as other riders are thrown in their bump car game. At the end, they got a warning because they sent a poor guy to the edge of the area, almost sending him flying out of his bump car.

They got scolded, but after they got a good distance away from the strict crew, they laughed it off like it was nothing. Actually, the Amusement Park is owned by her family. They just don’t know who she is, so they are scolding her, but it was okay.

After their 6th ride, Luffy is already hungry, so they decided to go to the food court to get food. Zoro knew about her ridiculous appetite, so he ordered food that looks like it is for 10 people. Everything was Luffy’s favorite, as long as it is food, so he just ordered random food.

After ordering food and asking for assistance to one of the crews to bring the other food he ordered, Zoro went back immediately to their seats, only to find a group of teenagers - probably around 18, staring at Luffy. And deities know, ZORO DID NOT LIKE IT ONE BIT. First and foremost, Luffy is already an adult at the age of 22. Though she looks like 16 years old. And for some reason, inside Zoro’s heart, he just doesn’t like men staring at her like that.

A naive Luffy just waited for Zoro, oblivious to whatever is happening around her. When she saw Zoro is already approaching with lots of food at hand, her sulking face brightened at the sight of food and Zoro. She has a hard time choosing whether she is happier to see Zoro or food. It is indeed a tough choice because she loves both of them - Food and Zoro.

“Zoro, hurry! I’m hungry!” She demanded, and the green haired man just rolled his eyes at the woman. Certainly, she is already drooling over the food he has. After arranging the food on their table, the eyes of people around them immediately went wide. They are not sure which they should be surprised about. The booze that is in the man’s hand – and he’s happily drinking it like a water – or the fact that a skinny woman can eat so much.

Both Zoro and Luffy don’t care. They are having fun and that’s it. Who cares about the others? They are discussing which ride should they go to next. It is still early, so they have more time for other rides, so they decided to play some games. The prizes are teddy bears and some stuff for women that won’t suit Luffy’s personality at all. But she saw the stuffed dragon animal, and she wanted to have it. The game is like darts. She just has to hit the right target, unfortunate for her, she has a bad aim.

“Hmp! Stupid game! Why won’t they just let me punch that target?” She muttered. Zoro chuckled at her childishness, but found it endearing to hear. Zoro decided to play the game, and with just one hit, he got the right target and won the dragon plushie.

“What? No fair!”

“Hahaha. I’m just good at this.” Luffy sulked because Zoro got the Red Dragon Plushie. Zoro played another game and this time, he got the Green Dragon Plushie - which made Luffy sulked even more as she muttered stupid Zoro.

The swordsman would like to tease her some more, but he wanted to make her happy as well, so he gave her the Green Dragon Plushie.

“Here. You should keep it, and I’ll keep the other one.”

“Really? Thanks!” Luffy hugged the Green Dragon Plushie. It is so big and huggable. She loved it.

The next thing they went to is the Ferris Wheel. This time around, the city lights are already visible. They fell in line with big Dragon Plushies in their hands.

They talked happily, unknown to them are the stares of the people around them and the murmurs of how cute they look like. Obviously, Luffy has the Green Dragon Plushy which kind of symbolizes Zoro’s hair. Zoro has the red one which kind of symbolizes Luffy’s red shirt.

They got lucky to ride the last car available. They slowly ascended.

“Zoro! Look, I could see the Raftel from up here!”

True to what she said, they could indeed see Luffy’s childhood home from up here.

“I could also see Thousand Sunny from here! The Oro Jackson too!” She just laughed like a child. Zoro stared at her, smiling and at the same time, shaking his head.

After riding on the Ferris Wheel, they decided to try other rides.

“Luffy. It’s getting late already.” He reminded her.

“Hmm? Really? Is it dinner time already?”

Zoro looked at his wristwatch and to his surprise, it is already almost 6.

“Well, we could have early dinner.”

“Okay! Shishishi!”

They went to the parking lot to get Zoro’s bike. They left Luffy’s car in the Thousand Sunny Building. After starting the engine, Luffy immediately hopped on behind Zoro.

“Luffy, get a good grip of me, will you? I don’t want to have any trouble with the police again.” On their way to the amusement park, Luffy almost fell off the Big Bike because she was having too much fun.

“Okay!” She grinned at him. Zoro put his helmet on, even if he does not have to do so but rules are rules. He does not want a published article that the famous VP of Straw Hats was thrown to jail because he neglected to wear helmet.

He started the engine, and as a repulse, Luffia put her arms around Zoro’s waist and leaned on his back.

Luffia is thankful that Zoro could not see her expression, because she knew, she is blushing madly.

The ride went on, with Luffy’s hands still wrapped around Zoro’s muscular torso. During this ride, Zoro could feel the soft mounds on his back - namely Luffia’s breasts.

He tried so hard to concentrate on driving. Never had he been so thankful that they arrived at the restaurant they frequented whenever they go out to hang out.

Zoro never brings Luffy to Baratie whenever they are alone. For reasons which are understandable. Sanji is there and he would start to gawk at Luffia which is too annoying in Zoro’s opinion. As much as the swordsman wants to annoy the shit out of that Shitty Cook, he does not want to deal with him and ruin this moment.

Good thing Luffy never asked why he would opt to choose this restaurant instead of going to Baratie where the food is better. Zoro would never admit that Baratie’s foods are delicious and better.

“Yay! I’m hungry! Let’s eat!” Luffy almost wanted to run inside the restaurant to get food. This particular restaurant specializes in Japanese cuisine, which are Zoro’s favorite. Specially Onigiri or Rice Ball.

“Let’s go. I want to have Sake.” He muttered and they entered the restaurant.


An impatient foot is constantly stomping on the floor, signaling the heavy mood the owner of that foot emits.

Chopper - the genius doctor - and Usopp stood far away from a furious Nami. Sanji is there as well. A few minutes after the deadly silence, Franky and Robin came.

“So, where are Luffy and Zoro?” Nami asked.

“I saw Zoro took his bike from the garage.” Franky shrugged, not caring.

The answer made Nami even more furious.

“And where the hell did he go to?! We need to finish everything up, and he is nowhere to be seen! Luffy as well! Where are they?”

Usopp and Chopper just stood behind Franky, cowering at Nami who is in Beast Mode. Robin just laughed at them.

“That Shitty Marimo! Where did he bring my beautiful Luffy~swan this time?!”

“Fufufu. They went on a date.” All heads turned to Robin.

“Again?!” They all asked. This is the scene where Brook came in.

“Yohohoho. Good day, everyone! What seems to be the commotion?” Nami glared at Brook for no reason - probably to satiate her irritation.

“Why does she always choose this time to go out?! Call her now!” She shouted.

Usopp took the initiative to call Luffy’s cell using the company telephone. They are all inside the office of Luffy.

After dialing the number, they all fell into silence when Luffy’s ringtone echoed inside the room. They now realized that Luffy’s phone was still on the desk, ringing.

“Uh, Luffy’s phone is here.” Usopp said the obvious and made Nami even more furious.

“Call Zoro!”

And the same thing happened, because they just realized that Zoro’s phone is also in the office - on Luffy’s couch.

A long deafening silence came. Without a word, Nami sighed and started to walk to the door. A few steps away, she paused and said:

“Let’s all get back to work. We have a ton of work to do and that includes scolding the President and Vice President. Am I clear?” Her voice, full of venom and she said those before storming out of the office. The rest of the Straw Hats just stood there.

“An angry Nami~swan is so beautiful~~~...”

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