ASL Sisters


“Ann, wake up and get ready!” Anyone in the household can hear the loud voice coming from the kitchen. It was an annoyed Sab while cooking breakfast for her sisters.

It’s Saturday and they usually don’t have work, unless there is something important they have to do in their offices. So far, Sab finished everything she needs for the week and decided not to go in the hospital. For now, there is something she needs to witness. And that is her twin sister going on a date.

Ann has been never a morning person. The earliest she can wake up to is 8 AM and that’s with a lot of grumbling and coffee.

Sensing that her sister is not waking up at all, Sab decided to quickly finish the bacon and eggs she’s cooking to go upstairs and wake her twin sister.

“Ann!” Sab shouted.

“W-What??” A sleepy Ann answered.

“Wake up! You have a date today! How can you not wake up early?”

“It is not a date!” Looks like the word date woke her up from her slumber. Ann sleepily walked out of her bed when her eyes landed at the clock on the table. “It’s freaking 7 AM! I have 2 hours to spare!” She shouted at Sab who was almost at the door.

“You have to take a bath, make sure you are properly cleaned - ”

“I take a bath everyday!”

“And we have to do your hair and make-up. It’s your big moment to seduce Marco! This chance rarely happens! Once in a blue moon! Hurry up and eat, then take a bath!”

With a sigh, Ann went to her bathroom to wash her face before going downstairs to eat. As soon as she arrived, she saw Luffia already eating, which makes her question why Luffia is awake.

Sab is the only morning person in the three of them, something she inherited from their mom while Luffia and Ann are not a morning person. Luffia wakes up around 9 AM whereas Ann will wake up as late as 11 AM if she has a choice.

“Why are you awake so early, Lu?” Ann sat beside Sab and started to eat her breakfast.

“Hmm? Oh…” There was a pause, most likely because Luffia has tried to swallow everything in her mouth before answering. Sab will get mad if she talks when her mouth is full. “Franky and Usopp are testing the motorbike they created – the one that uses water instead of gasoline.”

“Wait, the testing is today? Why didn’t they invite me?” Ann asks. She’s involved in that project as well. It’s a joint venture between FTI and SHI.

“It’s just a prototype testing. And since you will be going to Sunny Building, Franky must have forgot to tell you.” Luffia shrugs as she resumes eating. Ann did the same thing as well.

After their breakfast, Sab tasked Luffia to wash the dishes, so she can prepare Ann’s clothes. Luffia is eager to accept the chore since it was for Ann’s date.

“I told the two of you, this is not a date!”

“Uh-huh…” Sab and Luffia answered, much to Ann’s annoyance. Sighing, she decided to take a bath, smiling at her sisters’ supportive attitudes. Even if it’s out of place.

After about 40 minutes in the shower, she walked out of the bathroom, wearing bathrobe. Surveying her room, Sab is not there, probably in her walk-in closet. As soon as she walks in, she saw Sab looking at the clothes Ann prepared beforehand.

“This? This is what you are going to wear? Are you serious?” Sab looks insulted while looking at the clothes. Ann sometimes hates how Sab took after their mother in terms of being judgmental in what they wear. Ok, not that Sab is really into fashion, but she dresses very well fit for the occasion. Nothing really fancy, but still, she knows when not to wear something.

“Would you like me to wear a dress? Wouldn’t that be too much considering this is not a date? And we are going out to have his car fixed.”

“I am not saying you should wear a dress, but at least you could have chosen something better! Come on, a polo shirt? Really?” Sab answers, shaking her head and rolling her eyes at the choice. What Ann chose was a simple jeans and red polo shirt. Very casual.

Sab placed the clothes back in their racks and started to look around. After rummaging around Ann’s closet, she chose a black skinny jeans and a sleeveless white turtleneck top. Without a word, she pushed the clothes on Ann’s hands, then proceeds to take a brown belt and brown ankle boots.

“There! That should do it! Now, come on, get dressed. We will be doing your hair and make-up.”

Ann decided to follow her sister’s advice and started to get dressed. Once she’s done, Sab decided to blow dry her hair while she applies the basic skin care.

If there’s anything their mother strictly told them to do, it is the fact that they cannot ignore skin care. NEVER! She told her daughters to take care of their skin. Even though this is a chore for their lazy asses, they still followed it.

Ann’s usual skin care routine involves washing her face, a cleanser, creamer, moisturizer and sunblock.

“Put a foundation on, just a little. Not too much.” Sab instructed and Ann followed. “Use a little bit of concealer as well.”

This is one of Rouge’s lessons to them. That is the knowledge on how to put on a make-up. Sab is the expert out of the three of them, but Rouge made sure that they know how to apply it themselves, even if it’s the basic of the basic.

After applying a little bit of foundation and concealer, she used powder, then applied a little bit of blush on. Her lips are naturally red, thank their mother for the blessing – so she just used a lip balm and dab of pink lipstick.

Sab on the other hand used a curler to tame her waxy locks and to style it, so it will fit her attire.

It didn’t take long before Ann is ready to go. They have 30 minutes to spare before Marco arrives.

“You’re done! You look great!” Luffia walked in Ann’s room, dressed to go out as well. Only Sab is in her sleeping attire, she probably has nowhere to go. “I’ll go ahead of you, Ann! Good luck on the date! Shishishi!”

“I told you, it’s not a date!” But Ann was ignored – as usual. Since the youngest is no longer there, Ann decided to pay attention to her twin sister who is busy taking pictures of Ann.

“Come on, Ann. Can’t you pose for a bit?” She encourages.

“Why are you taking pictures?”

“I’ll send it to mom. She will be ecstatic hearing about this!”

“No way in hell! Are you crazy? She’d go tell Dad!” Just thinking how their father will react – or overreact – Ann can’t help shiver.

“Oh, you’re right. But it would be best to have a memento.” Sab was about to take another picture when the doorbell rings. Her eyes instantly brightened. “It must be Marco!” Without hesitation, Sab ran downstairs before Ann could react.

With frantic thoughts that it could be Marco who is waiting outside, Ann gathered her cellphone and wallet, placed them in her sling bag before walking downstairs as well, feeling nervous as hell. Stupid Sab and stupid Luffia.

Before going out to open the gate, Sab decided to take a look at whoever’s at the gate through their security camera. Surely, it was Marco and he’s earlier than they expected. With excited smile, Sab called out to Ann to get downstairs.

She opened the main door before walking to their gate so she can welcome Marco.

“Oh, hi Marco! How are you?” Sab greeted. When she looked at what Marco’s wearing, Sab can’t help but feel excited for Ann.

“Hello, Sab. Doing ok, and yourself, yoi?”

“I’m just enjoying the rest of the day without my sisters in the house. Ann’s ready to go. Do you want to come inside?”

“That should be fine. I’ll just wait her here.”

They didn’t wait too long as Ann is already at the gate, behind Sab. Stepping aside so she can get a better view of Ann and Marco’s reaction, Sab tried so hard not to giggle, because the look both have is just priceless.

They are just staring at each other processing everything. This is because they are wearing matching outfits! Marco is wearing a white polo shirt tucked inside his black jeans paired with a brown belt and brown shoes. What a coincidence!

“Aherm. So…” Sab called out to both Marco and Ann. “I need Ann to be home before 6.” She told Marco, who just nodded at Sab.

“Hey!” Ann protested, not liking that Sab sounds like a strict parent, seeing her daughter off to her first date.

“Need I remind you we have a birthday party to attend?”

“Oh, you’re right.” Ann was reminded that they have to be at Uncle Rayleigh’s birthday dinner.

“With that being said, shoo! Off you go! And enjoy!” Sab shut down the gate as soon as Ann and Marco are outside.

Alone with Marco, Ann feels a bit awkward now. She doesn’t want to be reminded how she almost drooled in front of him. Nope! Not at all. And there’s the matching outfits. For all she knows, Sab must have planned this out. But that shouldn’t be right.

“Ready to go, yoi?” This woke up Ann from her thoughts.

“Yes. Sure.” She smiles before getting inside the passenger seat. “Do you know the way to Thousand Sunny Building?”

“Yes. I’ve been around the area.”

Ann nodded before going silent. She feels nervous now. It’s not the first time she’s been alone with Marco in his car, but this is different. Sab and Luffia’s words are getting into her head. It is annoying especially when she’s been trying to avoid thinking about this as a date.

“Whose birthday party are you going to attend, yoi? If you don’t mind me asking.” Thank god, Marco is great in breaking an awkward silence.

“Oh, it’s our uncle. He’s not a blood relative, but he’s been friends with my parents for a long time. It’s not really a big party since it’s mostly family and family friends that will be attending. How about you? Any parties to attend tonight?”

“Not really a party, but more like a family dinner. Pops usually hosts family dinners twice a month. Usually on Saturdays or Fridays. It depends, yoi.”

“Let me guess. It will end up being a drinking party night.”

“I won’t complain if it does. It’s fun seeing your siblings get dead drunk and make a fool of themselves, especially Thatch.” He softly smiles in amusement while remembering how Thatch looked like an idiot in the last family dinner.

“That doesn’t surprise me at all and it wouldn’t be a surprise if this party tonight ends up with lots of people getting drunk.” Thinking about the people who will be attending, Ann can’t help but imagine the outcome of the party. Everyone’s going to be drunk.

“Are you planning to get drunk as well?”

“What? No! Of course not. Err, maybe a little. At least Sab will be there if Luffia and I get drunk.”

“Sounds like at least one of you is responsible.”

“Hey! What do you mean by that?” She pouts.

“I didn’t mean anything by it, yoi.”

“I’ll have you know, I am a responsible drinker. I drink too much sometimes, but that’s only if Sab is there. Oh, wait. She got drunk one time! There’s a funny story about that. Sab rarely drinks - ”

“Because she’s busy making sure you don’t get drunk too much?” Ann paused for a second, glaring at a laughing Marco at her side.

“I’ll let that comment slide. But! She got drunk, and I wasn’t drunk at that time. It’s like her shitty personality doubled. She’s sassier and curses a LOT.”

“And your younger sister?” Marco likes hearing Ann tell him anything about her or her family. She has an interesting family – just like Marco’s. Besides, this is like getting to know her even more.

“Luffia rarely gets drunk. She doesn’t like to drink alcohol. She’s more likely to eat throughout the night than drink.”

The awkwardness is gone and their conversation kept on flowing. Their topics jumped from being drunk to their University experiences. Marco is not shy in sharing some of his experiences, especially they graduated from the same college. Although Marco was in Master’s program when Ann was just starting her double major.

The ride to Thousand Sunny Building is not that long. Ann told Marco to go to the back entrance. Usually, no one can access the back entrance except for Luffia and her officers. The only entrances available to the public are the front, east and west side.

The back entrance has an automate gate wherein no one can get passed unless you have an electronic pass. Ann asked Marco to scan her card and as if on cue, the gate automatically opened.

After entering the back entrance, Ann told Marco to go to the car elevator using the same pass again.

“Never thought we would be going to the basement.” Marco commented.

“Normally, the hangar would be at the West side of the building. This one is exclusive for Luffia and the higher ups of SHI. Technically, the office is closed, but they’re here to do a prototype testing for a new vehicle.” Marco almost forgets that SHI is owned by Luffia, which is Ann’s sister.

Without saying anything, he quietly drives forward. They saw a bunch of people circling around a motorbike.

“Ann! Ann! Ann!” Marco spotted someone waving enthusiastically at the passenger’s seat. A brunette that looks like a teenager wearing red sleeveless shirt, shorts and sneakers.

“That’s my youngest sister.” Ann pointed to the laughing woman outside. “Let’s go.” Both of them got out of the car at the same time. Some of the people stopped what they’re doing to look at the newcomers.

Luffia stood in front of Ann and Marco, eyes shining brightly before saying: “Oooh! You’re wearing matching outfits! I love it!” She shouted then giggled. Before they can react, she stood in front of Marco, extending her hand. “Hi! I’m Luffia! You must be Marco! Nice to meet’cha!”

Marco can’t help but stare at the woman. He can’t believe that the renowned youngest Billionaire in the history is this enthusiastic and lively woman.

“Marco. You must be Luffia. Ann told me so much about you, yoi.” They shook hands.

“Really? Ann told me about you too!” That was a warning to Ann. She decided to interrupt her sister as she may blurt out something unnecessary.

“Right. Lu, why don’t we introduce Marco to everyone?”

“You’re right!” Ann and Marco followed Luffia so she can introduce the people around. “This is Franky, he will be fixing the car Ann wrecked.” Talk about roasting a sister in front of her crush. Damn Luffia. This comment made Franky smile a little. “This is Usopp, he’s helping as well! Zoro was here a while ago. He must have gone somewhere.”

Marco introduced himself to everyone and they welcomed him well.

“We will be fixing your car in a minute. Let me just wrap things up a bit.”

“Don’t worry. I am not in a hurry at all, yoi.” Marco doesn’t have anywhere to go or any errands to do, so he doesn’t mind.

“We’re doing a prototype testing of a new vehicle. Bro, do you mind if we borrow your date for a bit? She needs to see this.” Franky was clearly talking about Ann. Saying a straight yes to Franky’s question sounds too much, so might as well dodge the question in case Ann feels uncomfortable.

“Ann mentioned you are doing a few tests for a vehicle.” He answers before looking at Ann. “You’re involved in the project, are you? Don’t worry about me, yoi.” Is she blushing? Cute. Marco thought.

“You go and take a look Ann! I’ll give Marco a tour around! Come on!” Before either Ann and Marco can reply, Luffia dragged the blond older man away.

Seeing Luffia drag Marco away, Ann can’t help but feel nervous. Who knows what Luffia will tell him when they are alone. Shaking her head, she just concentrated on what Franky and Usopp is trying to show her.

Meanwhile, Luffia dragged a very innocent Marco inside the basement, which looks like a fully furnished apartment. What took Marco’s attention is the big aquarium inside, as if it was inside the wall.

“Amazing, isn’t it? Franky made this!” Luffia was pointing to the aquarium. “We also have one inside the Thousand Sunny ship.”

“I admit, this is amazing, yoi.”

Luffia led the way, pointing the parts of the exclusive basement. There are 4 rooms in the basement which serves as sleeping quarters in case anyone wants to do overtime while working in the underground hangar – or in case they decided to get drunk.

There’s a functional kitchen as well as living room where the aquarium is visible.

“Did you know? We also have a slide in Thousand Sunny ship! Also a grass mound!” Luffia excitedly told him.

Marco can feel so much energy from her. She’s so enthusiastic and very rambunctious. She may look like an innocent and pretty teenager, but as far as Marco knows, she’s an adult. Meeting Ann’s sisters, Marco can’t help but agree think good genes really runs in the family. The three of them are beautiful and smart.

“Hey, hey. Can I ask you something?” Her innocent eyes looked up at Marco after giving him a cola to drink.

“What is it, yoi?”

“Where are you headed to next? This is a date, isn’t it? So, you should have somewhere you plan to go afterwards!” Her smile is so bright, as if she’s expecting a good answer from Marco. He doesn’t know how to burst her bubble and say this is not a date. Well, not really.

“Well, we did not talk about plans after fixing my car.”

“What? That’s boring for a date.” Her pretty face is scrunched up, disappointed at him.

“But this is not a date, at least as far as I know, yoi.”

This made Luffia silent for a while, blinking at his response.

“But you plan to ask her out, do you?”

Marco did not expect that question. No, he did not expect to be in a hotseat question and answer portion with Ann’s sister.

“Hm, well, yes. I do, yoi.”

Luffia smiled as wide as she could, happy with Marco’s answer.

“That’s great! Sab told me that Ann won’t have the guts to ask you out anytime soon even though she’s been crushing on you for years! Can you believe that? What a wuss.” She sounded so disappointed at Ann, pouting heavily and frowning.

Marco can’t process everything she said in one second. Luffia revealed too much for Marco in just one breath.

“Wait, are you saying she likes me?” Luffia looked at Marco, her eyebrows raising as if questioning his sanity and a clear ’duh’ written on her face.

“Oh! Oh! Let me show you something!” Luffia fiddled on her phone, probably looking for something. “Aha! Here! Look!” She showed a picture to Marco. It was a poster of him wearing his car racing uniform in front of his blue sports car. “She has this in her room! Ah! I shouldn’t have said that! Don’t tell Ann I told you.”

Now, Marco can understand what Sab’s comments and suspicious smile means. This must be it.

“I won’t tell her what you told me.”

“Great! She’d kill me if she knew.”

“She’s not dating anyone, is she?” Marco needs to ask this. Ann may have a crush on him according to her sister, but it doesn’t mean she can’t date anyone. Better be safe than sorry.

“Her? No. A few guys tried to ask her out, but she declined them. They’re assholes anyway. How about you? You’re not dating anyone, are you? You can’t date two people at the same time! I won’t let you ask my sister out if you’re dating anyone!” The sudden seriousness in her tone took Marco aback, but he’s impressed of how much bond and care these sisters have for each other.

“No, I am not dating anyone right now.”

“Ok, you pass! You can ask my sister.” And she giggled.

“Glad to have your approval, yoi. Let’s just hope that she will agree.”

After the initial agreement on asking Ann out, Luffia decided to change topics, mainly about restaurants in Grandline. Apparently, she and her sisters are gluttons. Not that Marco minded anyway. He kind of knew when they were eating lunch.

Marco promised a discount coupon to one of Thatch’s restaurants which made Luffia happy. Time passed by, they did not notice that an hour has gone by. The door opened, revealing Ann.

“Ann! Guess what? Marco will give me coupon discounts to a restaurant! Isn’t that amazing?”

“What? Please don’t tell me you asked for a discount coupons.” For some reason, Luffia loved to have discount coupons. Which is odd. She can pay for her meals just fine.

“No! He told me he’d give me some!” Ann can’t believe her sister, so she looked at Marco for explanation.

“I offered to give it to her. It was just sitting in my office desk. Besides, it was Thatch’s restaurant anyway, so, it’s fine, yoi.”

“She’s not giving you too much trouble, is she?”

“Of course not. She’s been a good company.” Indeed, Luffia is. After all, she gave Marco many information and a seal of approval.

“Sorry about that. I got held up in checking on the prototype. Anyway, car’s ready and it’s fixed.”

“How much do you think it will cost?” Marco instinctively asked.

“Don’t worry about the cost since I’m the one paying for it.” Ann answered. “Lu, charge it to my account, will you?” Ann gave Luffia her credit card.

“Hm? Ok. Should I charge you half a million?”

“Hey! That’s extortion!” Luffia only laughed before going silent.

“I don’t know how to.” She was pointing at a POS system. “Can you just transfer it to my account? I will have Nami sort it out.”

After arriving at an agreement on how the payment will be processed, Marco decided it’s time to leave.

“Shall we go now, yoi? I still remember you owe me a meal.” He asks Ann.

“Yes sure.” Of course, Ann will agree. After all, she will have more time to spend with Marco.

Bidding their farewell and saying thank you to Franky, they drove out of the building, looking for restaurants in town. While driving, Ann asks about what he and Luffia talked about. Knowing her sister, she must have ranted too much about food.

“You’re sister’s lively and very energetic, yoi. It’s like I am looking after Haruta when she was younger, although twice as energetic.”

“She has too much energy. I’m glad she didn’t annoy you.”

“Not at all. She asks a lot of questions though.” This made Ann nervous.

“W-What kind of questions?”

“She asked if I am dating someone.” Ann almost face palmed in embarrassment. Seeing her expression – wide-eyed and blushing, Marco can’t help but enjoy the sight.

“I’m sorry about her. Please tell me she didn’t ask more embarrassing questions.”

“Hmm, let me think… She asked if we are on a date.”

Ann closed her eyes and pace palmed, literally. Of all questions, it has to be this one. She will kill her sister later.

“I told her we are not on a date, yoi.” Ouch.

Ann should have expected that answer, because technically, they are not on a date, but hearing Marco deny it in front of her kind of hurts.

“But I want it to be.”

His last answer made Ann looked at him in shock. He’s still looking in front as he’s still driving, but constantly glances at a very silent Ann.

“Uh what?”

“I said I want this to be a date, only if you want it too.” Moment of truth… Even though Marco looks calm, he’s freaking nervous inside. Who knows, maybe Ann finds his attitude a turn off or something.

Her silence is freaking Marco out. She’s not saying anything. When the car stopped because of the traffic, he looks at her and said: “Look, you don’t have - ”

“Accompanying you to get the car I wrecked to be fixed is hardly considerable as an ideal date, don’t you think? I am sure you have better ideas for a first date.”

Seeing her smile at him makes Marco breath a sigh of relief.

“Not this Sunday. How about Monday dinner time?” He asks.

“That sounds like a good plan.”

“It’s a date then, yoi.”

“Yes, it’s a date.”


“O.M.G! Really?” Sab can’t help but shout while getting dressed for Uncle Rayleigh’s birthday party. Marco dropped Ann by around 6 PM, just in time for her to get dressed for the party.

It may just be family and friends attending, but they still have to be properly dressed. Their mom will scold them if they showed up in ripped jeans and shirt.

“Yes, now stop shouting in my ear and go get dressed!” She was scolded but still her excitement is rising. “Lu! Ann and Marco are going to an official date! Finally!”

“I know! Marco told me he will ask Ann.” She said.

“Can’t you believe she has the guts to ask Marco if he’s dating anyone or not?! Where is your shame, young lady?!” Ann shouted at her sister while putting make up on.

“At least, I am gutsy to ask him that. Besides, it is a legit question! Besides, I need to know. I don’t want him asking you out when he’s dating someone already.” Luffia reasoned out.

“Admit it Ann, she got you good there.” Sab said.

They all feel silent while putting their own make-ups appropriate for the party. Ann chose to wear an emerald off-shoulder dress with asymmetrical hem right in the middle of her thigh.

Luffia on the other hand chose to wear a baby blue halter short lace crop satin top paired with a-line skirt of the same color.

Sab on the other hand chose a sleeveless pink dress that falls just above her knees. After getting ready, they all decided to drive their way to Uncle Rayleigh’s house, which is not that far from Raftel. They’re basically neighbors.

They were careful not to be seen by paparazzi – who was hoping to get a glimpse of the party they were never invited to.

The sisters decided to use the car that is under their mother’s name, just in case there is a paparazzi around and decided to dig into the details of the car they are using. It wouldn’t be good if that happens.

As soon as they are inside, they immediately greeted Uncle Rayleigh and offered their gifts. Which is a wine. Luffia picked this from Zoro’s winery. It was aged well and there are about 30 of them in the world right now. 20 of which are still in Zoro’s cellar.

After greeting Uncle Rayleigh, they decided to also greet their family friends, who were also eager to meet them after so long. All of the guests tonight are trusted friends. They know who the sisters are, so there’s nothing to worry about. As soon as their parents arrived, they also greeted them and sat beside them.

The night continued on. Some of the guests were already drunk while the others are enjoying the time to catch up with others.

Ann was kind of tipsy already, but Sab let her be. They have no work tomorrow and besides, these are all family here. It’s not going to be dangerous getting drunk.

It’s almost midnight when Sab received a call from her best friend, Koala.

“Hi, Koala. What’s up?” Sab walked away from the noise of the party.

“Hey Sab. Are you busy?”

“No. Why?” Judging from her tone, she must need something very important from Sab. She knew Koala for years now.

“Uhm, I may need your help?” Ok, she sounds like she’s in trouble.

“Alright. What did you get yourself into this time?” This is not the first time that she received a call from Koala asking for help. Her tone is a dead giveaway.

“Err, nothing much. I may or may not have damaged a property and I forgot my cards in my house. So, I need help.” Sab fell silent before sighing the biggest sigh of the year.

“Oh my god. Don’t tell me you’re in jail.”

“No! Well, not yet. The owner is kind enough to let me call for help.”

Sab felt relieved that at least she won’t have to bail her out of the jail.

“Ok, fine. Where are you?”

“I am in a club called The Red Rockers.” Sab can feel a headache coming to her now. She can think of a lot of reasons why Koala was there, but she would save the interrogation once she gets there. The Red Rockers is a very famous club in Grandline and it has a lot of branches.

“Which branch are we talking about here?”

“Near East Grandline.” Koala gave more specifics with the branch.

“I’ll be there in 20 minutes. Make sure you prepare a good explanation to me.” Then she ended the call. Walking back to the party, she bid her farewell to her parents and told them the reason why she needs to leave. Same with Uncle Rayleigh.

After that, she left the Uncle Rayleigh’s house. She is not drunk at all, so thank goodness she had the decency to avoid drinking too much when Koala called. She’s a bit tipsy, but nothing she can’t handle.

While driving to where Koala is, she is thinking of many ways how to murder her bestfriend if she finds out she’s up to no good at all.

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