ASL Sisters

Meeting Again

Koala can’t help but breath a sigh of relief after calling her best friend, Sab. After putting the phone back into her pocket, she timidly looked at the two intimidating men in front of her.

She is not usually scared of anyone, heck, even if she’s only 5′5 in height, she won’t back down without a fight, but not this time. It was her fault after all.

“So, who did you call?” The deep baritone voice of the red-haired man almost made Koala jumped in fright.

“My best friend. Don’t worry, I will pay for the damages.” She said. Thinking about what happened earlier, Koala wanted to beat the hell out of that man. First and foremost, this is not her fault – not entirely, at least. It wasn’t her intention to cause trouble.

Koala’s a renowned journalist in Grandline, mostly about politics and corrupt businessmen – sometimes anything about underworld or mafia. Her job is dangerous, but she loves it. She has to know the truth and so as the public. She made a pledge to report fairly and with evidence.

She is not like the tabloids who are basing everything in rumors. Right this instance, she was tailing a man rumored to have been conducting illegal business. Her proofs are not enough, so, she ends up tailing him since this afternoon, until she arrives at the famous The Red Rockers.

No doubt, this is the favorite club of wealthy people. The line is quite long right before opening hours. Only VIPs can get inside without falling in line after all.

This club is legal, that is as far as Koala knows. But given how the wealthy people like to drink and dance here, it made her revisit her first opinion and draw a couple of possibilities regarding the club’s activities.

It is possible that this club is involved in anything illegal, or can be an accomplice – this, Koala must know. With that thought, she sneaked inside the club. Being a petite woman has advantages as the guards must have not seen her slipping in between VIPs.

As soon as she got inside, she was overwhelmed at the amount of people. The place is spacious. There’s a dance floor in the middle, enough to have about a hundred people dancing. There’s the counter where to order drinks, the DJ on the side – typical setup. What sets this place apart is the fact that it offers private rooms for those who doesn’t want to mingle with too many people.

It offers variety of drinks that are hell expensive. Koala won’t be able to afford a bottle given her salary. It’s not like she’s rich to begin with. Let’s just say, she’s stable.

Looking around, her eyes are trying to adjust to the dim lights inside. When her eyes landed on the stairs, she saw the person she’s been tailing going upstairs, so she followed. Many men have tried to get her attention, but she ignored them all.

The man is walking so fast she can barely keep up. Going upstairs, she saw the man going into the corridor on the second floor, but upon arriving on the second floor, tracing where the man is, she lost sight of him.

She does not know which room he went to. Walking in the corridors, she failed to notice the hands reaching for her mouth covering it before she could scream. The next thing she noticed is the unknown man dragged her into the room behind her.

In the room, she saw the man sitting on the couch, looking like a mafia lord that he is.

“Don’t think I didn’t notice how you’ve been tailing me, brat.”

Koala can’t help but feel nervous. The Red Rockers is famous for it’s soundproof VIP rooms. No one will hear even if she screamed for help and the only way to get help is through the button which is right next to one of the bodyguards.

“I know a reporter when I see one.” The man’s eyes looked hateful when looking at Koala. There are about 5 men in this room, all big and muscled. Even if she knows Karate, she won’t be able to take them all at once. Best chance is to push that button.

The man holding her in place let go of her mouth so she can speak.

“You will be exposed for the crimes you committed.”

“Feisty, aren’t we? What information do you have?”

“Enough to send you to jail.” She answered while thinking of ways to get away.

“Hahahaha! Funny! Teach her a lesson!” The man shouted. Koala kicked the guy right behind her, punched him in the guts before running for the button. She was inches away from it when another bodyguard prevented her from doing so.

Getting the vase nearby, she threw it at whoever’s in front of her, but they dodged and the vase instead went straight to a very expensive looking glass table.

Shit. She mentally cursed.

No time to think about the damages when she’s about to be captured again, and she was. Someone’s got a good grip of her. They were about to hit her when they heard a knock on the door, shouting to open the door. It must be one of the bouncers.

“Boss, should we hide this woman in the bathroom?”

The ringleader just laughed.

“No need. This club won’t tell anyone what happened here. I’m a VIP after all.” There goes Koala’s hopes gone now. It seems that this club is an accomplice of illegal activities as well.

The bodyguard opened the door and two muscled men walked in. The first one has a spiky red hair. A 6′4 tall man who wears black leather pants paired with V-neck red sleeveless muscle shirt and a long red fur coat. Too extravagant and too mafia-like for Koala’s eyes. He looks like a demonic prince.

Following behind the demonic prince is another man who looks like a member of mafia too. 6′3 with long blonde hair, wearing blue skull printed muscle shirt.

The red-haired man looked around and his eyes landed on the destroyed glass table in front of him.

“Ah! Mr. Eustass! How can I help you today?”

“You seemed lively today, Mr. Orochi.” The red-haired man said.

“Hahahaha! Don’t worry about me. I’m just punishing a rat.” Then he looked at Koala. “I’m one of your VIP members, surely, you’d let this slide, won’t you? I don’t mind paying extra. I might even give this woman to you or your employees to play with.” Hearing this, Koala can’t help but shiver in disgust. The man should rot in hell.

“Of course. You’re one of the VIP members. I would expect you to know the rules of my club.” Mr. Eustass – the red-haired man spoke. It appears this is the owner of the club.

“Ah, nothing can’t be settled with a bit of money, don’t you think? Come now…”

“Who damaged the table?” Mr. Eustass asks.

“She did.” Orochi pointed to Koala.

“Alright. Then, she will be paying for the damages, according to the rules.” Orochi can’t help but laugh at what Mr. Eustass said. “And you – you will have to answer to the police, it seems.” The laugh died down and Orochi frowns.

“Don’t you know who I am?! Who do you think you are to threaten me like this?!” Orochi stood up from his seat, walked to where Mr. Eustass is and pointed at him, glaring in madness. He looks like a child standing in front of the demonic prince.

“I am the owner of this club. You are inside my club! You will follow my rules and one of them is never abuse women!” Orochi did not have time to react at all. The heavy punch came straight to his face, sending him flying to the wall. His bodyguards quickly tried to attack Mr. Eustass and his companion, but it seems that they are fully equipped with martial knowledge and skills.

It didn’t take a minute before the bodyguards found themselves on the floor, groaning in pain.

Koala found herself celebrating when the red-haired demonic prince looked at her and said: “And you! I don’t remember you being a VIP guest at all. You have a lot of explaining to do.”

And this is where Koala finds herself right now. Orochi and his men were sitting on the corner, still groaning in pain while Koala is sitting on the couch right in front of the owner of the club. They are at his huge office, waiting for this to get settled. It would have been, had it not for Koala’s idiocy of forgetting her credit card in her house. Great timing.

So, she has no choice but to ask her best friend for help.

“What is the name of your friend?” the red-haired man named Kidd asks.

“Sab. Her name is Sab.”

“Alright. We will wait for your friend to settle the damages you caused, then we will send these useless men to jail.”

“Sab is really going to kill me.” Koala muttered to herself. But what she do? Nothing, but wait till her best friend arrives and possibly kill her.


Parking her car in the nearby parking space, Sab started to walk faster going to the entrance of the club. It’s almost midnight, but there are still people lined up just to get inside the club. Shows ho famous it is.

After arriving in front of where the checkpoint is, she stated that she needs to get inside for her friend who’s at the owner’s office. The security must have been aware of what happened since she let her pass after checking her identity card.

As soon as she walked in, almost all eyes were on her. Clearly, these people must be regulars in this club as they were curious who Sab is. Men were staring at the new gorgeous woman, but Sab never paid attention to them. She directly asked a staff where the owner’s office is and proceed to go upstairs.

Going upstairs proves to be a bit difficult since men made it their goal to introduce themselves to her.

“I’m not interested.” She answered before walking past the guy. Then another came, then another. Seriously, can’t they just leave her alone?!

After ignoring them, she hurriedly walked upstairs to where the main office is. She just hopes Koala is ok.

Knocking on the door, she waited until someone opened it. It did not take a minute before someone opens the door. It was a very tall blond man.

“Are you Sab?” he asks.

“Yes. Is Koala inside?”

“Yes, please come in.”

The first thing that Sab noticed were a bunch of men groaning in pain on the floor, then Koala, who’s sitting on the couch. And then her eyes landed on the man sitting at center.

She was shocked. So as the man who stood from his seat, looking at Sab.

“You!” They both shouted at the same time. For several days, Sab had nearly forgotten about those incidents involving this man, and everything was peaceful. She thought she wouldn’t have to meet him anytime soon, after all, Grandline is huge. What are the chances? Yet, here they are, meeting again in a very bizarre situation.

“Can’t believe I’m going to meet you again!” She said while standing in front of the man, all things forgotten.

“Huh!” He exclaimed with disbelief and sarcasm. “Me neither! Who would want to meet you again?”

“Meeting you is bad luck! Do you think seeing you again makes me happy?!” Sab shouted back, hands on her hips. At her height of 5′9 and wearing 3-inch stilettos, but it still did not give her enough boost to match his height. She did not realize how tall he is until she finds herself standing in front of him.

“You’ve got a lot of nerve saying that meeting me is bad luck. I am supposed to be saying that! First, the spilled coffee, then the chips, and now this?”

“Excuse me, it was your fault that the chips scattered all over us!”

“And who was the one who was so fucking persistent in claiming it, huh?”

“I’m pretty sure it’s not me since I have the right!"

“Oh please! You know you don’t.”

“Yes, I do!” Sab answered back.

“No, you don’t!”

“I said, I do!”



“I said, NO!”

“And I said, YES!” Sab insisted.

“Err, you guys know each other?” It was Koala who’s asking.

“NO, WE DON’T!” They both shouted at her, surprising her at the outburst.

There was a heavy silence that followed after the shout. Both of them must have realized that they’ve been shouting at each other, everything forgotten. Even Sab forgot why she’s here in the first place.

Calming down, they both stepped back away from each other, but still glaring at each other like mortal enemies.

The heavy atmosphere caused by the tension between Sab and Kidd is too immense for Koala and Killer to intervene. Although, a certain idiot is not affected at all.

“Hoh~ if it isn’t Doc Sab.” This is Orochi’s voice. “Ah, as beautiful as always, Doc. I’ve always admired you from afar when I was hospitalized. Such an angel.” The man’s voice sounded so disgusting to Sab, especially the way he glances at her from head to toe, enjoying the sight of a very gorgeous woman.

Sab did not hide her disgust at the man. She doesn’t know him, but he must be one of the patients in the hospital for him to know her.

Ignoring the man, Sab looked at her best friend for explanation. She needs to get to the point so she can get the hell out of here, preferably away from the disgusting looks of that man and away from her mortal enemy.

Sensing Sab’s silent question, Koala starts to sweat while explaining what happened. After hearing everything, Sab glared at Orochi and his men before looking at her best friend. She sighed in disappointment while reaching for her phone.

“What are you doing?” Koala asks.

“Calling the police to send you to jail.” Sab answered.

“No! No! No! Don’t be hasty!” Koala is quick to steal Sab’s phone. Looking at the screen, she fears that Sab is really serious. After all, Smoker’s number is on display, one click and she’d be calling him to pick Koala up and be sent to jail. “You’re really serious!”

“Give me my phone back so I can send you to jail!” she demanded.

“You’re really going to call him? Of all people, him?” Koala is referring to Smoker who is known to hate nosy reporters like Koala. She remembers one time he almost sent Koala to prison.

“What, you want me to call Grandpa instead?” Sab asks sarcastically.

She and her sisters knew Smoker since they were kids. When their Grandpa is away on a mission, he couldn’t look after his granddaughters, so he pushed the responsibility to Smoker who was a trainee at that time. He was 20 years old and the twins were 10, while Luffia is only 7 years old. He’s been their ‘forced babysitter’ for years.

“No. Let’s just settle the bill, please? I’ll pay you!”

“How many times have you gotten yourself involved in dangerous situation like this?! Don’t tell me, next time, I’d have to bail you out of the prison cell!”

“I was being careful, okay? Besides, my job is to report those who needs to be sent to jail, like that bastard over there! Illegal activities have been ongoing for years now and it is my responsibility to let the public know how influential people are using money to abuse others.”

Sab can’t say anything from that point. Koala’s passion can never be changed. EVER.

“Fine!” She said then looked at her mortal enemy. “How much does this woman owe you?” Sab asks while smacking Koala’s head.

“10,000.” Hearing the amount, Sab glared at Koala before fetching her wallet to get the amount. Thank goodness, she has cash on her.

She was about to pay when all of the sudden, someone got behind her back, pointing a knife on her neck. Koala gasped while Kidd and Killer were alarmed.

“Let me and my boss go, or this woman will get her neck ripped apart!” It must be the bodyguard.

“Oh shit. Please don’t.” Koala said.

“Hahahah! I wouldn’t mind taking you to bed with me, Doc Sab, but you will serve as a hostage for now.” Orochi said while still struggling to get on his feet.

Sab remained calm, not even resisting the man behind her. When he loosened his grip on her, it was a signal for her to counterattack.

With applied strength, she hit the man on his stomach, then kicking his feet using her stiletto which made him scream, finally, she took the knife off his hands while she twisted it then kicked him so hard he fell to the ground.

With precision, she threw the knife to Orochi, barely missing his crotch as the knife stuck to the carpet.

“Who said about being your hostage?” Sab asks, glaring at the man. Since they were children, their Grandfather taught them everything about self-defense. Now, it has come in handy in situations like these.

Without saying anything afterwards, Sab continued to put the cash in front of the red-haired man. She added a few extra bucks for the damaged carpet as well.

“Here’s the payment.” She said. “Make sure you send them to jail.”

She walked away from him, signaling Koala to follow suit.

“I was afraid you’d aim for his head.”

“As if I’d kill someone that worthless.” Sab answered before opening the door to leave. Koala stayed behind for a bit and bowed to Kidd and Killer.

“Thank you for the help, and sorry for the trouble!”

And off they go, leaving a very shocked but impressed Kidd and Killer. Never had Kidd seen someone as badass as she is, not that he’d ever admit that to her.

Kidd was surprised when she saw her walk into the room, dressed up as if she had been to a party or something. Wearing a body fitting pink dress makes her look like a goddess. It wasn’t overly revealing as what other women wear, but it’s sexy and classy at the same time. He would have complimented her had it not for her sharp tongue – and they basically hate each other anyway. He did not expect that she’s a doctor.

“So, she’s the woman who spilled coffee on you.” Killer said when the two women are gone.

“You mean the stubborn woman who spilled coffee on me?” Kidd corrected.

“What I mean is, the gorgeous woman who spilled coffee on you.” Killer answered back, earning a glare from Killer. “What? You’re not blind not to see she’s a catch.”

“And your point?”

“Nothing. Just saying the truth.” Killer shrugged before turning his attention to the sorry looking lot on the floor. “Looks like we’ll have to report these bastards to the police now.”

“Send them the fuck away. They’re sullying my club.” Kidd glared at Orochi and his men who quivered in fear while begging for mercy. The ringleader never failed to convince Kidd that he will pay him millions. But Kidd did not pay attention to him anymore and called his contact from the police station.


As soon as they were out of the club, Sab is still not talking to Koala. She doesn’t know if she is pissed because she saw the man again, or the fact that Koala placed her in danger again.

Sab knows this is not the first time that she was in danger, but this is too dangerous.

“Sab. Please…” Koala is begging.

“You can’t do this all the time! You’re just a breath away from being molested or possibly sold off as a slave!” She shouted at her best friend when they arrived in front of Sab’s car.

“Ok, I know I got careless on this one. Kidd and Killer arrived on time to help me.”

“Yeah, right. And asked for compensation for the damages you did when you were just protecting yourself.” Sab sarcastically said.

“Well, it’s a fair compensation. It’s the rules of the club, plus I am not one of their VIP members, so, based on the rules of the club, I should be banned and kicked out. They could have just let Orochi and his men take me away, but they helped me.”

“Are you trying to defend them?” Sab can’t believe what she’s hearing… Or maybe she is refusing the idea that Koala has a point.

“I’m just telling the truth, okay? They helped me. Besides, don’t you find them smoking hot?” Koala’s eyes are shining, suggesting Sab to agree – which made the blond doctor flabbergasted.

“And you have the time to check them out. Wow.”

“I’m just saying that they are hot, okay? I mean, I’m not blind not to see it when I saw them. They looked like a total smoking hot badasses. Especially Kidd." Koala emphasized while looking carefully at Sab’s reaction. “He looks like a demon prince, don’t you think? He has that vibe.”

“He’s a rude barbarian. That’s what he is!” She answered.

“Didn’t expect that the man you spilled coffee on is that smoking hot guy. So, I was right in my first assumption! He’s a looker!” All Koala got from Sab is a glare. Instead of fearing her, she smiled and said: “He’s really hot. Did you see how well-built he is?!”

If only glares can kill, Koala would have been dead by now.

“I bet with his strong arms, he can carry his woman to bed, just fine. Do you think he has a girlfriend?” Sab’s glare is getting more and more intense. “Oh come on. Don’t worry, I am not interested in him. You can have him. I’m more interested in his friend.”

Sab did not answer her and instead, opened her car door to get inside and get out of here. She still has to go back and get her sisters.

“Wait! Wait! You’re just going to leave?”

“You have your car with you and I need to go back to my sisters. Let’s talk about this tomorrow. I’m tired, so remind me to kill you tomorrow.”

With that, she sped away from the club. While driving, she received a call from her mom saying that Luffia and Ann are staying at Rayleigh’s house. Apparently, they drunk themselves out. She is not surprised that Ann got drunk, but Luffia? Of all people, Luffia? The same Luffia who does not like to drink at all?

But it’s a good news for her. At least she won’t have to go back. She bid her good night to her mother and decided to go home.

While laying on a warm water in her bathtub, her mind starts wandering about what happened tonight. Meeting him again is definitely out of her expectations.

Demonic prince… he sure looked like one. She may never admit this, but physically, Kidd is gorgeous. No woman will deny that. Not even her, but no one will hear her praising him for his physical traits, no. He’s still a barbarian, and that’s it.

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