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Drunken Signed Deal

Rouge’s been busy organizing fashion shows lately. Technically, she has retired from the runway, but oftentimes, she gets calls to be a cover of fashion magazines. There are times she will agree, there are times when she doesn’t due to conflict in schedule.

Right now, aside from supporting her husband as one of the financial advisers of JRC, she spends her time organizing fashion shows as head of the Grandline Fashion Community. This has been her life for almost 3 decades now.

She started at the young age of 17 as a runway model. When she turned 19, she joined the biggest beauty pageant in Grandline. From then on, her career as a beauty queen and model blossomed. At the tender age of 22, she was named as Runway queen. A feat that none ever managed to get.

Being a public figure and a celebrity, she often gets paparazzi snooping around her private life. Tabloids are continuously publishing articles that she’s dating a certain actor, or she’s dating a singer or another celebrity. Often times, she and her agency need to release statements that none of them are true. She was sought after by many men and was named as the most beautiful woman in the world.

Around that time, she met Roger on an island during her 2-week vacation. It was a remote island away from the spotlight of being a celebrity, something she needed. Being a celebrity is not always about glamour, it is exhausting.

Meeting Roger changed Rouge somehow. She began to look back at the little things she used to appreciate when she was still a nobody. She saw a man who dreams and works hard for it, someone who has a positive outlook in life. Their huge difference in age did not matter. They just fell in love.

Her agency thought she had gone mad when they found out her relationship with Roger. For them, a 12-year difference is nothing to scoff at, and given Roger’s background as a simple island man, they were pretty much against it.

But he promised… He will work hard to be worthy of her. At that time, Rouge thought of leaving her career to be with the man who made her complete, but Roger was against it. He would never want her to sacrifice the career she worked hard for.

They lost contact with each other after a month of leaving the island. She was heartbroken and missing him, but she held on to that promise that they will meet again, someday. A year after their meeting, she received a piece of news.

It was the news that she had been waiting for. That someone named Gol D. Roger – someone who had started from nothing built one of the largest hotels in the city. Despite receiving the news, he has not contacted her, but she believed in him. His promise is what kept Rouge’s faith.

Since receiving the news about Roger, she kept any news she can get about him. He was almost in the business newspapers every day. He’s technically bringing storms in Grandline’s economy. Slowly, he rose from a nobody to someone who’s prominence is rapidly rising. This went on for another year and she almost believed that he had forgotten about her.

But Roger proved her wrong. She read in the newspapers about his statement… I am going to marry the woman I met on the island where I came from. The most beautiful woman in the world.

Meeting him after 2 years is definitely worth it. His status may have changed, but he’s still the same. The same man she loved. A few months after meeting again, Rouge found out that she’s pregnant. The agency was so mad at her that they told her to abort it. She declined, of course. And they cannot do anything about it, especially when they found out who the father was.

They didn’t get married right after finding out that she’s carrying. It was because Roger was away on business trips and she’s getting bigger. Rouge was adamant about not walking the aisle while her stomach looks rounder than watermelon.

The public announcement came from her agency, stating that Rouge is expecting her child with her long-time boyfriend. Everyone was shocked. No one knew who her boyfriend was. And she explicitly told the agency not to include the name of her boyfriend.

Rouge and Roger had the best idea to announce their relationship in public. And that’s during the opening of the Oro Jackson building and the official announcement of forming Jolly Roger Group of Companies.

Rouge was 6 months pregnant that time, walking the red carpet for the grand opening in her green maternity gown while holding hands with Roger shocked everyone. It was the best surprise they had to shut the useless rumors going on about the father of her child.

The stories in the tabloid got more ridiculous since they publicly announced their relationship. There was a published article about how ridiculous the age gap is and how Rouge is portrayed as someone who was after Roger’s money. They basically named her gold-digger.

Once again, Roger shut them up during a live interview on the television.

“We met more than 2 years ago, on my home island. I was just a simple merchant on that island – basically a fisherman. Yet, despite the huge gap in social status, she loved me for who I am. There’s a reason why I am where I am today, and that is because of her. She is and will always be my motivation.”

After that interview, their love story became iconic. It’s once in a lifetime magical love story that they rarely see in real life. The public accepted their relationship, but along with that acceptance is their desire to know more about their private life. It was kind of ridiculous how they wanted all the details.

Rouge and Roger decided to keep all information about their children in private. They did not publicize if they are having a boy or a girl, nor they have told the public that they are having twins. Everything about their children remained private. They don’t want them to grow up in a harsh environment of being a public figure.

Keeping the name private became easier, especially with Uncle Garp and Uncle Sengoku around. Garp is a distant relative of Roger who’s an influential military officer. Rouge got used to calling them Uncle because of the difference in age and they are also taking care of her.

When the twins were born, only Dr. Crocus and Dr. Kureha were present. No one else, not even a nurse is there to assist during the delivery. This is to keep the gender and names private. Only the trusted ones can know.

When they were born, they were registered as Gol D. Andrea and Gol D. Sabrina. A week later, Garp arrived to visit his granddaughters and presented pre-registered birth certificates of the twins.

Monkey D. Andrea and Monkey D. Sab

They consulted their trusted lawyers about the matter and they said that since both birth certificates have listed them as parents, the children can use either. It was a mistake that became a blessing. To avoid unnecessary issues, they’ve decided to let the children officially use Monkey D as their surname.

There was a legal contract signed that should they come of age, they can legally renounce the surname and use Gol D instead.

After the birth of their twins, Roger and Rouge decided to build a secured house. The house they currently have is not secured enough. This is when Roger said: I will build you a Palace fit for a queen and fit for our princesses. And that was Raftel Palace.

A few years later, she announced her second pregnancy. It was not an easy pregnancy with Luffia. She’s always constantly kicking her and always active. It was hard, but Rouge survived. All the sleepless nights were worth it when they saw her bright smile.

The same circumstances have been applied to Luffia. She will officially carry Monkey D. Luffia until she renounces it herself. Two years after giving birth to Luffia, Rouge decided to retire from runway modeling and focused more on her family and supporting Roger.

It was tough, especially when the children became teenagers. Roger and Garp’s always on alert when it comes to boys. Seriously, they’ve gone mad trying to protect their precious princesses.

Roger usually abandons his paper works just so he can investigate men who tried to date his precious babies. He went as far as tailing them at school. He pretty much looked like a stalker.

Then, there’s Garp. He trained the girls in martial arts so they can protect themselves and kick men’s asses. He even pointed a gun at someone who just looked at his granddaughters.

Suffice to say, they’re both crazy, which is why Rouge cannot believe what he’s hearing right now. She thought she is talking to a stranger, but no – she’s not. This is Garp she’s talking to on the phone.

“Uncle Garp, you just said you wanted my daughters to date and get married. This is your granddaughters we are talking about.”

“Of course! I am serious! Rouge, it is time for them to get married and have kids! I want to see my great-grandchildren soon.”

Alright, Rouge is happy that Garp – for some miracle, have approved of the girls dating. Thank God, it took him years, but to think he’s asking for great-grandchildren this soon… Rouge can’t fathom the whole idea.

“Alright. As far as I know, they are not dating anyone.” Rouge is constant in asking her daughters about their lives. This includes dating. So far, none of them are dating anyone.

“That’s easy. Remember the signed deal Roger refuses to tell you?”

“Yes, what of it?”

“It’s a deal he signed together with his friend when they were drunk. A deal to marry off their first-borns.”

“It’s a what?!”

“HAHAHA. I know right? It’s ridiculous. It happened before you guys met. Probably when he was just 25 or something. But yes, he signed it. I still have that document with me.”

“I can’t believe he just signed a deal like that. Who’s the friend he signed this with?” Rouge asks. For some reason, she can imagine Roger doing this, no doubt about it.

“Oh, you know him. It’s Edward Newgate. And guess what? He has a son, doesn’t he? He’s single and unmarried! It’s perfect for Ann, don’t you think?”

“You mean Marco? Yes, I believe he is. Don’t you think this is too much, Uncle Garp? We should be letting the girls decide these for themselves, though I am happy that you finally approved of them dating.”

“Setting them up on a date is not too much. Although I’d have to remind Newgate about that deal when I come back to the city. Anyways, that’s it. Tell my granddaughters I missed them!” Rouge did not even have the time to say goodbye as Garp cut the line off.

She sighs. She is not against it, but the girls may not like the idea. Also, once her husband finds out about it, he will surely have a fit. Oh well, things will get interesting from here on out.


“You looked wonderful Ann!” Luffia exclaimed as soon as she saw Ann dressed up for tonight’s dinner with Marco. She’s wearing a body-fitting black and white sleeveless dress that cuts right in the middle of her thighs, paired with white heels. She looks gorgeous.

“Really? Do you think the dress is ok?” Ann can’t help but feel nervous. This is her first date with Marco. She wants to look great and hopes not to disappoint him.

“Of course! You look perfect! Shishishi! Ok, let’s take a picture of you!” Luffia took her phone out and opened the camera application to take a photo of Ann. Sab did the same thing. “Smile and pose!” She shouted.

Sab’s busy trying to find the right angle to take a picture, which Ann finds ridiculous.

They were busy taking photos of Ann that they failed to notice a certain car parking at the back of their house. Their garage is right in front of their house where they park their cars, but there is one extra right at the back. Its purpose is for when their parents visit, they can park their car away from the eyes of the people who pass by the sisters’ house.

Their parents carry duplicate keys to the house. They can visit whenever they want to. Of course, they rarely do so because of the risks.

The sisters are in the living room, taking photos of Ann when the door from the back opened. Someone came in. They were busy teasing Ann that they never noticed a certain someone walking into the living room.

“And here I thought it was a surprise not seeing you three in the kitchen.” The sisters almost screamed in surprise upon hearing a very familiar voice.

“MOM!” The three shouted at the same time.

“You three looked like you’ve seen a ghost.” Rouge said, walking to the living room and noticed how Ann is dressed up. “Are you going somewhere?”

None of the sisters were able to answer because their doorbell rang. The three looked at each other before having a silent agreement that Ann should be opening the door. Rouge’s instincts are telling her something is off.

“Are you going on a date?” She asks.

“Dad’s not coming here, is he?” Ann asked before getting her bag to go out and greet Marco, but she needs to ask this first.

“No. I just dropped by. Don’t worry, dear. Your father will hear none of this. Now, off you go. You don’t want your date waiting for too long now, do you?”

Ann smiles – relieved. She hugged her mother before walking out of the house. Thank god it was her mom who dropped by and not her dad. Had it been him – Ann doesn’t want to think about what he will do to Marco.

As soon as Ann is out, Rouge turned her attention to the younger siblings.

“Who is Ann’s date?”

“You know the guy! It’s Marco!” Rouge blinked in surprise at Luffia’s enthusiastic response.

“Marco? I only know one Marco and that’s Marco Newgate. Don’t tell me he is her date?”

“Yes. Isn’t it amazing?”

It is amazing indeed. Earlier today, she received a call from Garp, telling her about the drunken signed deal between Roger and Whitebeard. Then, there’s this situation. What are the odds?

I guess Uncle Garp’s plan will be easier than I thought. She thought to herself.

Such a coincidence…



Ann hurriedly walked out of the house to greet her date tonight. Marco was standing in front of his car, waiting patiently for Ann.

As soon as he saw her, his eyes immediately lit up upon seeing the beauty in front of him.

“Hi!” Ann greeted, trying to act calm and collected – but in truth, she is a living mess. Her heart won’t stop beating so loud.

“Hello. You look beautiful, yoi.” This is a genuine compliment.

“And you look great, yourself.”

Both of them could stay there and admire the sight in front of them, but they have to get this date started.

“Shall we?” Marco, the gentleman that he is, opened the door for Ann before walking back to the driver’s side.

“So, where are you taking me?”

“That wouldn’t be a surprise if I told you now, would it, yoi?”

“Fair enough.” Ann answered. When Marco started driving, Ann feels a bit uncomfortable. She feels conscious.

“Ann, are you okay?” Marco must have noticed that she fell silent.

“O-Oh, yes, I am. It’s just… I don’t know. I feel nervous.”

“You don’t have to be. If this makes you feel better, I am too, yoi.”

“You don’t look nervous at all. I still can’t believe this is happening.” She murmured but was loud enough for Marco to hear.

“This may not be believable, but I am nervous, yoi. I just hope you’ll enjoy this date.”

Ann can only nod. Just being with him is enjoyable enough. But, she won’t tell that to him. That sounds so cheesy.

“By the way, could you do me a favor and give Luffia the coupons in the compartment?” Marco asks. Ann opened the car compartment right in front of her. She saw several coupons stored inside.

“I still can’t believe you’re giving Luffia these. Did you bribe her to approve of the date with these items?” Ann jokingly asks while arranging the coupon and store it in her bag.

“Bribe her? Of course not! Although, I am thankful she did not oppose to me asking you out on a date, yoi.”

“She didn’t say anything weird, did she?” Ann feels like Luffia said something to Marco during their conversation. The youngest of the three won’t tell Ann anything at all. She will just smile and say nothing.

“Weird? Like what?” Marco smiles. Something tells Ann that he’s hiding something, given how he’s smiling in amusement.

“I don’t know. Anything unnecessary.”

“As far as I remember, everything she said is necessary.” Ann was about to answer back when Marco said they have arrived.

Surprisingly, they are in a dockyard near Thousand Sunny Building. There is a yacht lit up right in front of them.

Marco led her inside the yacht, guiding her to where their dinner location is. It’s on the deck of the yacht, a candlelight dinner.

The sea breeze helps to provide them a peaceful and calm atmosphere. It looks simple but romantic. Ann thought that they will just dine in one of the restaurants in town. This went beyond her expectations of the first date.


“I figured we will both be comfortable away from nosy eyes of people, yoi.”

Ann almost forgot Marco’s celebrity status. Everywhere he goes, there is a possibility of being photographed by paparazzi.

“Is it hard to always have paparazzi following you around?” She asks while being guided to her seat. Marco sat right in front of him before answering.

“It’s quite annoying to deal with, but I guess, I am used to it. I’d just like to avoid sending you on a tough spot considering this is our first date, yoi.” Ann smiled at him, appreciating his thoughtfulness.

Their meals have been prepared beforehand. No waiters are around. It’s not like Marco doesn’t trust them, it’s just better that no one sees them.

With how much he had seen Ann eat, he asked the Baratie restaurant to deliver a lot of their food in the yacht. He doesn’t want to ask Thatch to prepare their meals. Knowing him, Thatch will surely tell Izou about the date. No way in hell will Marco let Izou know that he’s going on a date with Ann.

As soon as they started eating, their conversation just flowed like usual. They talked a lot about their family. Ann mostly talks about her sisters and mentions her parents from time to time. When dessert was served, their topic of conversation landed on their love for Motorsport events.

“There will be a big Motorsport event in a few months. I decided to participate, yoi.”

“Really? Any opponents you’d like to go against with?” Ann’s smile holds a deep meaning to it. There is a reason why she’s asking about this.

“Yes. I don’t know if you’ve heard of this racer, but his name’s Akaren. He competed a few times before and haven’t been seen for two years. Maybe we can have another match. That would be exciting.” Marco answered. He competed against this racer before – someone who remains a mystery to everyone in the Motorsport industry. The organizers kept their mouth shut regarding the identities of those who decided to participate.

“Akaren. I’ve heard of him. Maybe he will be participating this year. Luffia’s going to be one of the sponsors and her teams have Akaren’s name listed down as one of the participants.” Ann smiled. Technically, Akaren’s name is not listed down under SHI’s banner, but that can be done anytime Ann wants. After all, she is Akaren.

“Wait, really? She managed to get Akaren in her team, yoi? I thought he’s more of a solo participant and doesn’t want to race under someone’s sponsorship.” This is true. Of all the participations Ann aka Akaren did, it was self-sponsored. The same goes for Sab and Luffia who sponsored themselves.

“Yes. You’d get compete with him.” When Luffia mentioned that there is going to be a Motorsports event, Ann thought of participating. She was a bit hesitant, but after hearing Marco will participate, she immediately changed her mind. She wants to compete with Marco again.

“I guess this year’s Motorsports event will be the biggest one in the decade. Wait, if SHI got Akaren under their banner, does that mean Aokuro and Lucy are too?” 3 years ago, it was Luffia’s first race. Ann and Sab decided to participate as well. Many of the audiences have seen the three interact and share one hangar which gave the public the assumption that they are under one sponsorship.

“Not sure. Maybe I’ll ask Luffia later.” Ann is not sure Sab will participate this year. Maybe she will, but who knows.

Continuing their conversation with a different topic, Ann brought up the idea of being in their main headquarters where their largest Solar Panels are.

Below the hill is a forest great for horseback riding and a farm. Ann and Luffia’s farms are actually right next to each other.

“Near the HQ, we have a few employees based there to ensure it is properly maintained. We usually ride on horses to get to the top of the hill. Maybe you can come with me next time! I’ll show you around.”

“You mean, you’re taking me on our second date, yoi?” Ann can’t help blush but still nodded, hoping that Marco will agree. “That sounds a lot of fun for a second date. When do you want to go?” Hearing him agree made her smile.

“This weekend. Are you free?”

“I have nothing this weekend. That’s perfect.”

It made her happy that he agreed. It just means he’s still interested in her, which is good. A few times over the weekend, she can’t help but think he’s too good to be true. It feels surreal. And when he asked him to dance after their dinner, Ann is pretty sure Marco just set the expectation bar higher for first dates.

Dancing with him on a yacht with slow music feels magical. Ann doesn’t really have the right words to describe what she’s feeling right now. Especially when she is looking at his eyes. His eyes are just beautiful. It feels like she is being drawn to them.

“You know, I have a rule when it comes to first dates.”

Ann frowns – a bit nervous and a little uncomfortable knowing that Marco had dated before. Not that she’s not aware of it, but sparks of little jealousy are gnawing on her heart, something she sets aside for now.

“I don’t kiss on a first date, yoi. But, I can’t help wanting to break that rule.” They stopped dancing and just stood in the middle of the deck, staring into each other’s eyes while their hands are still on each other’s body. Ann’s on Marco’s shoulder while his are on her waist.

Whatever discomfort Ann felt earlier is gone. She smiled at him, pulling him closer.

“Rules are made to be broken and if you won’t hear me preventing you from breaking that rule.”

Little by little, the distance is getting shorter. They are at a point where they can practically smell each other’s breath.

“Are you tempting me to break that rule, yoi?” Their noses met and there are a few inches of distance between their lips.

“I am…” Marco smiled before crossing that distance. He was thankful to have broken that stupid rule of his, because it is worth it. She is worth it. And this moment will surely be on his mind forever.


Roger was sorting out the documents he had in his cabinet when he noticed a very old folder at the back of the pile. He reached for the folder, wondering what it was about. When he opened the folder, he was greeted with a parchment paper with his signature on it and the words of:

We, Gol D. Roger and Edward Newgate, promises to marry our firstborns when they reach the age of adulthood.

Silvers Rayleigh and Monkey D. Garp are witnesses. If we break this off, we will apologize publicly, state our reason for declining. As an added punishment, we will supply the other party a lifetime’s worth of alcohol along with a punishment provided by the witnesses.

The date was clearly decades ago, before he met Rouge. With shaking hands, he sat down on his couch, staring at the paper in front of him. This is no doubt a deal that he made when he and Whitebeard were drunk. They have known each other for years. After all, the islands where they came from are pretty close to each other.

Over the years, they became drinking buddies, and even when they reached the pinnacle in the business industry, they still meet from time to time to get drunk. They had never talked about this deal at all. Maybe because it was forgotten.

But still, Roger can’t believe how stupid he is. He just signed his daughter off for marriage before she was even born!

In his defense, he didn’t know he would have a daughter as a firstborn, and Whitebeard doesn’t have anyone at that time. They were young and reckless.

“Fuck.” He muttered to himself. He fucked up big time. Because Whitebeard has a son and Roger has a daughter. Their children are adults and this deal can be implemented anytime.

“Shit.” Another curse came from his mouth. Thinking about his daughter marrying sends shivers down his spine. His paternal instincts are kicking in to protect his daughter.

No, this deal won’t happen. Whitebeard surely had forgotten about this deal and even if he didn’t, he did not even bring it up. Rayleigh most likely doesn’t bother remembering this stupid stunt of Roger’s. And Garp? Hmp, Garp’s as crazy as Roger. They’ve been comrades in protecting the sisters away from the harms of men. The probability of this deal happening is almost zero. Roger doesn’t need to worry about this. Yep, he doesn’t…

At least that’s what he thinks…

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