ASL Sisters

Meet Ann

Anyone can see people walking around the small office, trying to start the day by organizing data, ensuring that their tasks are being handled as well as they can. Some people are answering calls like crazy.

It is a sight that Ann is accustomed to seeing every day. Every day is as usual for them, getting phone calls and inquiries about their technology and what they can offer.

When Ann was still in high school, there was a forest fire that damaged a rainforest that’s been a home for many wildlife animals. Many animals lost their lives in that terrible fire caused by Global Warming. Years going by, scientists keep on telling people how we are consuming too many resources that the planet cannot sustain at all.

At an early age, she has been interested in building and studying technologies that are not yet explored, or at least not publicized. After that wild fire, she promised herself to do something to ensure that consumption of natural resources will be minimized as much as possible.

When she and her sisters were still a bunch of kids, often they visit the mountain near the island where their Grandpa used to live. They have been exposed to nature early on. This is why the three of them built a strong sense of connection to forests and anything that has to do with wildlife.

The wildfire made her realized that most of the people who has the capability to take action to prevent this from happening are not doing anything at all. Or they could be not doing enough.

From that point, she decided to dedicate in studying Mechanical and electrical engineering. She is not as smart as Sab, but she tried her best to pursue these fields in college. While still in college, she did a lot of trial and errors when developing a technology that can let manufacturers, companies and establishments use Solar Energy as a source of electricity.

Cities contribute a lot in terms of consuming electrical sources and even though Solar power has been introduced for years now, none of the companies are willing to invest more time in addressing one of the biggest disadvantages of this method: and that is its capability to sustain a huge building’s need in a day to day basis.

While studying a double degree in Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, she dedicated her free time in trying to find the right solution. And she did. Years of hard work, she was able to finally find a solution to her problem.

After graduating from College at the age of 21, she started to offer this idea to poor people who cannot afford to pay for their electricity. She offered them for free and this is so she can also test the capacity of her invention.

Around that time, Luffia has started her business and offered to be Ann’s first sponsor. Sab did the same thing.

“You and Sab offered to sponsor my venture when I was 17, so I might as well do the same thing.” Luffia said.

That sponsorship opened opportunities for Ann to target small establishments such as restaurants, grocery stores and coffee shops. From that point, she needs more people to help her in organizing all data and information necessary which results in establishing her own company, Firefist Technologies Inc.

Without her realizing, 2 years went by and the company that started from her doing all the work alone, she has now around 100 employees. Their office is located near Luffia’s main office – Thousand Sunny Building.

Not too far from them is a huge land that is still part of the city but remained untouched and undeveloped. They acquired that land to protect the trees and also so they can have a perfectly undisturbed and untouched area to place their Solar Panels.

It was not easy acquiring the land when Real State companies and manufacturers have their eyes on developing the untouched land, but Ann persevered. She is not fond of asking her family’s connections, but just once, she used it.

The land belongs to someone that her Grandfather knew, and thank goodness he decided to sell the land to her at a reasonable price despite what the other big companies has to offer.

For years, her company continued to grow, so many people have been convinced to embrace this method of consuming electrical resources. This brought a lot of criticism and enemies. Ann is not a fan of being the center of attention, but she needs to be used to it, especially when the topic of using Solar energy to sustain a huge building is a big risk after all. No one believed her, the media is writing reports about how it is a great idea in reducing consumption of electricity like what everyone is used to, but simply impractical.

Ann proved them wrong. Straw Hats Incorporated announced that they will be the first client that are willing to try the technology Ann is offering and the first building to have it installed will be Thousand Sunny Building.

Many people mocked them for being fools. It is because they are sisters that is why Monkey D. Luffia is willing to place her trust in Monkey D. Ann. This is what they heard.

Months after that declaration, Thousand Sunny Building continued to use this technology, not just in their main office, but also in sustaining their manufacturing companies. It is known to everyone that Luffia has a lot of business ventures not limited to Shipping and building ships, but as well as food and medicine production.

It shocked a lot of people, but a lot of small companies are starting to consider this idea. Then, Revolutionary Grand Hospital announced that it will transition to using Solar Energy to sustain the hospital needs. Again, it brought up the notion that it is only because the owner and director of the hospital is Sab and they are sisters, but those notions have been duly ignored.

Just like Thousand Sunny Building, Revolutionary Grand Hospital continued to function like normal. Not long after that announcement, Sab was able to announce that since transitioning to Solar Energy, they were able to save at least 40% of expenses spent in Electricity alone. Which is why, they used those saved 40% in their program in treating patients that cannot afford the hospital bills.

With the help of two large establishments, Ann was able to close off deals one after another from medium sized companies. And recently, she was given a chance to present her ideas and plans to the offices of Whitebeard Group of Companies.

This is her biggest deal to date and she can’t help but feel nervous. It is not everyday you will get a chance to be able to present to Whitebeard and his board members.

“Can you stop sighing nervously? You are making us nervous too.” Sab scolded during their breakfast.

“I can’t help it! This is Whitebeard we are talking about here and this could be my biggest deal if I close it.” Ann whined before she ate a whole piece of bread.

“You were not nervous when you presented to me and my friends.” Luffia reasoned out. Years back, Ann presented to Luffia and her officers, which consist of her close friends. Even if they are sisters, it does not automatically mean that the deal will be closed. She needs to provide at least a presentation to them. This is business after all.

“This and that is different. You already have an idea on what I am going to present, so as Nami and others. While here, they are complete strangers to me.”

"You are a stranger to them, but one of them is not a stranger to you.” Sab smirked before sipping her coffee and giving Ann a look which makes the older twin blush and glare at the cheeky blond sister she has.

“Shishishi! You are right Sabbie!” Luffia giggled. “Ann’s nervousness must have something to do with her crush working in WGC.”

“Can you please stop? I am trying not to think about it, okay?”

“It? Or is it him?" Sab added before she laughed along with Luffia. This pissed Ann off and made her even more nervous than she already is. She gets to present in front of one of the biggest companies in the world and it just so happens that her long time crush serves as its Chief Operating Office. Great, two birds in one stone.

Thinking about it makes her dizzy. She feels like she will melt at the thought of being in the same room as her crush.

Yes, crush. She will never admit this to anyone aside from her sisters, but she has been crushing on Marco Newgate for years now.

Marco is a well known car racer as well as a well established businessman. She and her sisters love car racing and naturally, she knows Marco. She had the chance to race against him in a competition under a different alias. He won by only a.50 second difference against her and that race has been a talk of the town for quite sometime.

She never mustered the courage to talk to him during that race because she is racing under the alias of Enkai.

“Maybe you can ask him on a date after the meeting.” Sab cooed which makes Ann glare at her even more.

“I am not stupid enough to do that.”

“I can always introduce you to Marco. Nami, Robin and Pappagg are friends with Marco’s sister, Izou. So, introducing you to Marco for a date will not be a problem at all.” Luffia said with a casual tone making Sab look at their youngest with eyes that shined as if the brightest idea has been presented to them.

“NO! Absolutely not! That will make me look desperate. Besides, he could be dating anyone now or I could just be not his type. It will never work out.” She mumbles while trying to finish her meal.

Sab and Luffia sighed at their sister’s negativity, but there is nothing they can do at this point. The reasons provided can be true and they do not want to pressure Ann into trying to be proactive when it may never work anyway.

“Alright. We will drop this conversation for next time. As for your presentation, you will do great. We know you will. What you are presenting to them is something you should be proud of.” Sab encourages, making Ann smile and feel better.

“That’s right! Dad even wants you to present to the board members, but you just refused. He’s been boasting about your technology to others as well.”

Luffia’s comment made Ann roll her eyes. Of course, their father would want to support his darling daughter, but getting a deal from the biggest company in the world is a dead giveaway of their identities. Even if it will help her company in a big way, the secret they have been keeping for years might be exposed.

That is right. The secret is about the identity of their parents. This information will shake the world and the sisters may not be ready for it – that they are the heiresses of the Jolly Roger Group of Companies.

For now, they want to keep it hidden. They know it is only a matter of time before they are required to reveal their true identities, but for now, they are enjoying the life they have.

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