ASL Sisters

A Little Awkwardness

It’s early in the morning but Sab’s been frowning at their youngest. At first, Sab ignored what she noticed, but it’s been several days since she noticed it. Luffia is feeling down.

She still smiles and acts as usual, but there’s something that’s been bothering her. Whenever Luffia smiles, Sab can clearly see that there are times that she’s faking it.

“Luffia.” Sab called out. It’s 6:30 AM and she’s unusually early in waking up too - which is pretty odd. At this hour, Ann is still snoring on her bed.

“Hmm?” Luffia looked up to her sister from where she’s sitting. The blond can faintly see the black circles under her eyes.

“What’s wrong?” Sab sat down in front of Luffia while waiting for her answer.

Luffia looks visibly surprised at the sudden question. No wonder because she’s not expecting to be questioned vaguely. On the other hand, she should, given that this is Sab she’s dealing with.

Amongst the three, Sab is the most quick-witted in noticing small things others failed to. At first, Luffia hesitated in answering the question, but she decided that there’s nothing wrong with telling her sister about it.

“I missed Zoro.” That was all she could answer because that is what she’s feeling for the last couple of days since he took a sudden leave from work. There are times that she is tempted to call him and ask him if he’s okay, but she decided not to. She knew first hand that he’s going through something she shouldn’t butt in. It probably has something to do with Tashigi.

“Is he not with you in your office?”

“No. He took a leave from work.”

Sab nodded, understanding a little bit of the situation. Luffia and Zoro are always together no matter what. They’re inseparable. Sometimes, it makes Luffia’s family a little bit jealous that she’s spending more time with Zoro than them, but they just let her be. Sab witnessed how Luffia looks so happy when she’s with Zoro.

“You did not fight, did you?” Sab inquired which was answered with a shake of Luffia’s head. “Maybe he just needs some time away from everything. I am sure he will tell you and he will come back once everything’s been settled.”

“You think so?”

“I believe so. He’ll be back before you know it, okay?”

Luffia smiled, feeling better after hearing Sab’s words of encouragement. Without going into detail, Luffia knows that Sab is aware of her feelings to Zoro. Or at least she has an idea about it. Luffia appreciated that Sab is not openly inquiring about it - that she’s keeping quiet about what she noticed.

Talking about it will make things more difficult than it already is. It might force Luffia to think of what she should do next. She might end up feeling sorry for herself if she keeps thinking about her feelings with Zoro. Might as well keep it a secret as long as she can.

Luffia left their house feeling a little better due to Sab’s encouragement. Nami called everyone to their meeting room and it shocked Luffia to see Zoro sitting there right beside her usual chair, in front of Nami’s.

To say the least, Luffia’s a bit distracted upon seeing Zoro, but she forced herself not to act as if it bothered her. She must act as usual. When the meeting ended, there was an awkward silence.

But in the end, Zoro had invited her to tag along while he does test drives for Franky. It made her happy to see him smiling at him again as if everything is back to normal. It feels like it is.

While on the elevator, Luffia started ranting about dinner with Marco that Zoro unfortunately missed. He was always invited when the sisters celebrate something and he rarely misses any celebration at all.

“Dad dropped by a few minutes after Marco left. It was so damn close. Had he seen Marco, he’s dead. LITERALLY DEAD.” Luffia pointed her right thumb and crossed it in front of her neck as a sign of Marco’s death.

“Ann ought to think about how to tell your parents about it.”

“Nuh-uh. Mom knows.”

“Right... Your dad doesn’t. And I assume, your grandpa too.” Zoro can’t help but wince at the memory of Roger glaring at him. Thank goodness he had eased up at Zoro over the years. Zoro’s the only one who can freely go in and out of Raftel Palace to visit Luffia without his life hanging at death’s door.

“Ann won’t allow it. Grandpa might send his personally trained army against Marco.” That is something Zoro can imagine. He met the crazy man several times. If there’s one word to describe the sisters’ grandfather, it will be the word: CRAZY .

Arriving in the hangar, Franky opened the mini car racing field they have. The purpose of this area is to test drive the vehicles they invented and assembled.

Luffia decided to do a few test drives as well with her own sports car while Zoro is getting instructions from Franky about the new motorbike he invented.

The test drives took about an hour before they decided to end it, after all, Franky needs to make appropriate adjustments. As soon as they decided to leave, Luffia said she was hungry.

“Why don’t we eat in the usual place?” Zoro asks.

“Really?! Let’s go!” She dragged him to the parking lot so they can immediately leave before Nami can shout at them. Luffia’s already wore her helmet when the devil arrived.

“Luffia! Zoro! Where are you two going?!” Nami shouted upon seeing them getting ready to leave.

In a flash, Luffia hopped on the motorbike behind Zoro.

“Let’s go! Let’s go! Hurry!” Zoro did not think twice before starting the engine and speeding off somewhere, leaving a furious Nami again... They’ll be in trouble once they get back, but it’s okay. Zoro doesn’t mind at all. At least, for now, he gets to spend time with Luffia. That’s what matters.


It’s afternoon and being bored, Sab decided to walk around the hospital. Maybe she can also visit the old man who was in an accident several days ago. Thank goodness he was out of critical condition and is recovering.

As for the child, he was having Dengue, but have been treated. Sab found out that the child has no parents, so it’s just him and his grandfather, a retired High School teacher.

The monthly pension he’s getting is probably not enough to pay for the expenses of the hospital bill, so Sab volunteered to should them for the man.

After dropping by the departments’ office, she decided to walk to the nearest flower shop to get flowers for the old man and the child. They are staying in the same room. Flowers may help them cheer up a little bit.

While walking to the flower shop, she noticed a group of rough-looking men in suits a few steps from where she is. It is inevitable, but she’ll be crossing paths with these men as this is the only way to the flower shop, so she slowed down while walking on the farthest side.

They shouldn’t be bumping into her, but it looks like the man in sunglasses decided to accidentally bump into her, resulting in spilling the coffee he’s carrying on his suit. How did that even happen, Sab is not too sure.

“My suit!” The man shouted while looking at Sab. “You ruined my suit!” He said.

She had to resist rolling her eyes because this scene is very familiar with her, although the big difference this time is that this man purposely bumped into her to spill coffee on himself.

“I am sorry for what happened to your suit, but I was walking in the farthest corner. Had you not accidentally bumped into me, your suit would have been fine.”

“Tsk! Tsk! Someone wants to get away from the trouble she did. But it’s okay. I forgave you. It’s just a suit after all.”

Sab almost smirked in sarcasm upon hearing the tone of this retard. Seriously, he’s making it sound like he is a forgiving man when it was his fault.

“Since I won’t be asking for compensation for my suit, how about you treat me to a meal, Ms. Beautiful?” He took off his sunglasses while staring at Sab from head to toe. The bastard didn’t even bother hiding the lust in his eyes.

“No thank you. I’d compensate you for that suit, only if it was my fault, but it is not. So please accept my deepest condolences to your damaged suit instead.” Sab smiled sweetly at the man. If it were not for the fiery words she just spoke, anyone would have thought she’s being nice and sweet.

“Come on, now. I am being nice to you.” He dared to grab Sab’s arm, dragging her but she resisted.

“Let go of me.” She firmly said.

“It’s just a meal... Or maybe you’d like to go somewhere else instead? I don’t mind.”

Sab’s losing her patience over this maniac. She would have kicked him had it not for the hand that grabbed the man’s shoulder.

“What the - ” When the man looked behind him, he saw a 6′4 tall and muscular man glaring at him.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing, getting in the way?” The newly arrived person is none other than Kidd. He briefly looked at Sab before his eyes landed on the hand that was grabbing her arm. Seeing the situation, he tightened the grip on the man’s shoulders, causing his grip on Sab’s arm to loosen.

“Ah-Ow. Mr. Eustass! It’s been a while!” Kidd glared at the man, looking down on him as while remaining silent. “Ah, right. We’ll be on our way now.”

Sab was let go of while the bastards walked away, leaving her with Kidd right in front of her.

“Is it your hobby to spill coffee on men while walking on the streets?”

“Haha. Funny.” She sarcastically said before walking past Kidd.

“No ‘thank you for the help’?” Kidd followed her and eventually caught up to her so they are now walking side by side.

“I could kick their asses just fine without your help, thanks!” Sab did not stop walking while talking to him. She hates how tall this man is, making her look up to him. She should have worn 3-inch heels instead of 1-inch sandals.

“Tsk. Tsk. How many times has this been now? You owe me twice, don’t you think?” As if he did not hear what she said, Kidd continued to talk smugly while walking beside her.

The blond doctor looked up at Kidd and glared. She hated how smug he looks right now.

“Where are you going anyway?”


“Huh?” As far as Kidd knows, there’s no place called Nanya.

“None of your business.”

There’s a visible frown in Kidd’s eyebrows as it twitches in annoyance at her answer.

“That’s not how you should talk at your savior, witch.”

“I did not ask you to save me, Barbarian.”

There it is again, their usual arguments. It’s not like Sab hates him, it’s just that he makes her so annoyed for whatever reason. It’s as if her mood is fluctuating whenever she’s talking to her that she can’t even understand why.

Without noticing it, Sab arrived at the flower shop while bantering with Kidd about anything. As soon as Kidd realizes the shop they’re in, he scoffed in amusement.

“You’re buying flowers for yourself now? Doesn’t your boyfriend ever buy you flowers?”

“It’s for a patient, you idiot!” Sab snarled before leaving him and walking inside the shop. Before getting inside, she heard him laughing which makes her irritated again.

A few seconds after, he followed her inside. Thank god, he remained silent while Sab looked around to see find the best flowers for the old man and his grandchild.

In the end, Sab decided to buy a bouquet of peonies. After paying for the flowers, she stepped out of the shop with Kidd still silent while following her around. Why is he following her anyway?

“Do you always buy flowers for your patients?” He asked, still walking beside her on the way back to the hospital.

“No. It’s for the patient who was in a car accident a few days ago.”

“How’s that man and his grandchild?”

“They’re getting well and recovering.”

After that short decent conversation without sarcastic remarks, the two of them remained silent for a few minutes before someone stepped in front of them, preventing them to walk forward.

Sab looked at the woman in front of them. A woman wearing a bralette paired with a mini skirt and red high heels. It’s far too revealing for Sab’s taste.

“Lovely seeing you, Kidd.” The woman sarcastically said to Kidd before looking at Sab from head to toe, eyes landing on the bouquet in her hands. There’s an angry expression that appeared on her face after surveying Sab, glaring at her before looking at Kidd with explosive anger. “HER? Really?! You chose her over me?!!”

This is when Sab realized that this woman must be his ex-girlfriend or at least they dated. Couldn’t he at least have chosen someone with a class? Sab inwardly thought.

“Don’t act as if we dated. You know from the start that was just a one-time thing, but you acted as if you own me.” Kidd rolled his eyes at the woman who is making a scene. This is why he hates women who can’t take no for an answer. Kidd can’t remember how many times he refused to date this woman for he knows she’s up to no good. Why did he sleep with this kind of woman again? It must be due to alcohol influence and that was almost a month ago.

The woman fell silent while still fuming at Kidd.

“But I want to date you! We could have tried! You chose someone like her instead!” The way she pointed at Sab is as if she’s looking at someone lower than her. One more time, she surveyed Sab with a judging look, frowning as if she looked at someone dirty before raising her chin, trying to look as if she is someone better.

This made Sab blinked in surprise, never expecting this to happen. As far as she feels insulted at this woman’s demeanor, she feels like if Sab defends herself against such nonsense is a waste of time.

Kidd, on the other hand, feels irritated at the scene the woman is causing. She is just insane.

“Well, thanks, but no thanks. My answer remains the same. I don’t want to date you - that’s final.”

“NO! You can’t say no to me!” The woman’s throwing a tantrum in front of Kidd, shouting at him. The people passing by are giving them the looks and raising an eyebrow at the woman.

“I just did. Whether you accept it or not, that’s not my problem.” Kidd has had enough of dealing with this kind of shit. This is the reason he stopped finding one-night stand partners for the last couple of weeks. He made it clear to them that he does not have a plan on dating them which they agreed but later on changed their minds and is forcing him to agree to their demands.

“I CAN’T ACCEPT THIS! LOOK AT HER! SHE’S NOT EVEN WORTH MY CAR!” The woman’s being hysterical now. What Kidd heard made him snap. As much as possible, he would like to avoid insulting a woman, but she’s too out of hand.

“Why are you bringing her into this? Besides, have you looked in the mirror? She clearly looks better than you even without make-up. So fuck off.” Kidd said as a final word before grabbing Sab’s arm. “Let’s go.”

They were about to walk away when the woman threw the cup of what looks like a hot chocolate drink right into Kidd’s chest. The drink splattered all over his shirt and his neck.

“Argh, fuck!” Kidd can’t help but curse. The drink is freaking hot and he can feel a slight burn on his neck where the liquid touched.

Sab was shocked when she heard Kidd cursed and upon looking at his current state, she knows he must have been burned. Frowning at the woman who was also shocked at what she did, Sab stepped in front of her and glared.

“If you do not have what it takes to accept a simple answer of no, then try to be civil and not harm people. What you did just earned you a civil lawsuit case. Congratulations.” The last sentence was delivered sarcastically.

“You can’t - ”

“Of course we can. Want me to call my lawyers?” Sab took out her cell phone and pretended to dial someone’s number. The woman stared at Sab wide-eyed before frantically leaving the premise, almost tripping on her way.

With a sigh, Sab turned her attention to Kidd who is frowning while trying to dry off the hot liquid on his neck.

“Women and their craziness.” He muttered.

“You could have chosen someone better than that!” Sab reprimanded, slightly mad at what happened. Although she’s not sure what she’s really mad about, she’s just mad.

“Yeah, yeah. As if I need more sermon about my shitty life choices. Never again.” Kidd said.

With another sigh, Sab tried to calm herself down before speaking again. “Let’s get that checked.”

“Get what checked?”

This time, she can’t resist the urge to roll her eyes at him. “The burn, idiot. You need to get that checked.”

“No, it doesn’t. It’s not that bad. Besides, you want me to get into Emergency to get this slight burn checked?”

“Last time I checked, between the two of us, I am the doctor. "

“This is nothing to be fussing about.” Kidd insisted making Sab lose her patience.

“You will get that checked because I said so. Or is it that you’re afraid of hospitals? What? The big boy is a scaredy-cat? Hmm?” She smiled sarcastically at him, teasing him so he will feel insulted. And it worked just fine.

“What the fuck are you talking about? Do you think I am scared?”

“Aren’t you?” Sab challenged.

“I AM NOT SCARED OF HOSPITALS!” He shouted at her, annoyed.

“That’s great to hear, Mr. Eustass! We can get that burn checked.” She clasped her hands in victory while smiling widely at him - as if she won the argument. Technically, she did.

“Fine!” He reluctantly agreed at her just to make her stop saying that he’s scared of hospitals.

Following her to the hospital, Kidd was hoping not to get into the Emergency section because he doesn’t have an appointment. Thankfully, Sab did not walk to that section and instead signaled Kidd to follow her in the elevator.

Along the way, the staff greeted Sab as the director. Kidd knew that Sab is a director in the hospital, but he just did not mind it at all. For someone so young to be a director is quite a feat.

After walking for quite some time, Sab opened the door to a room that looks like a consultation clinic. There are medical supplies and a hospital bed.

“Is this your clinic? Pretty small, don’t you think?”

“I don’t use this often as I have a separate meeting room during consultation. I am a psychologist and usually doesn’t need medical supplies when meeting my clients. This is just for when I need it.” Sab explained to him while getting the medical supplies ready.

Kidd sat down on the bed while waiting for her to get her stuff done.

“You’re a psychologist, but why are you treating my burns?”

“I studied medicine and qualified to treat minor injuries like this. Or do you want our other doctors to treat you instead?” Sab raised an eyebrow at him, feeling irritated again.

“Nah. I got a Hospital Director to treat me personally. What more could I ask for?” He smirked which just made Sab glare at him in annoyance.

“Shirt. Take your damn shirt off.” She said in a demanding tone, still feeling irritated.

“What got your panties in a twist?” Kidd is kind of surprised to see her pissed like this. Well, she is usually annoyed at Kidd when they argue all the time, but her tone is not like this.

“I said take the damn shirt off.” Her tone makes her on the verge of losing her patience at Kidd. Sensing that this is not the time to be joking when she’s mad, Kidd silently took his shirt off, rendering him topless right in front of her.

Sab had to calm herself upon seeing a shirtless Kidd in front of her. He just looked like a red-haired Greek demigod, well-sculpted, and looks drop-dead gorgeous.

Alright, her train of thoughts is not professional at all. Thank goodness that he did not say anything back to her.

There was an awkward silence between them while Sab is treating his wound. They’re fairly close to one another while Sab is applying a soothing ointment to lessen the irritation. While doing so, she can feel his hot breaths which is terribly distracting. Distraction leads her to press the cotton balls harder, making Kidd wince. She mumbled an apology before carefully continuing.

Kidd remained silent while Sab is treating him. It was kind of awkward and kind of distracting. Feeling her close to him is bothering him. Not in a bad way... But in a way that he can’t explain. There’s just something and he can feel it. He just can’t put a word to better explain what it is.

After the treatment, she dismissed him and gave him a soothing ointment to apply twice a day or when he feels an irritation due to the burn.

As soon as she was done, they were both silent, which is rare for them. Kidd quietly left her clinic, still trying to process what it was that he was feeling when she was close to him. He had an idea but shoved it down at the back of his mind.

Nah, it must be due to the incident. The shitty incident must have bothered me, that’s it. He thought to himself.

Stepping out of the clinic and getting into the elevator, Kidd did not notice a pair of eyes following his movements. It was Law’s curious eyes. His eyebrow raised in curiosity as to why in the world Kidd just stepped out of Sab’s personal medical room. He just watched Kidd hopped onto the elevator with him still puzzled.

“Why is that man in Sab’s medical room just now?” Law can’t resist but ask the nurse in the nurse station.

“Oh, hi Doctor Trafalgar! You mean the hot red-haired man?”

“Yes, him.”

“The Director brought him. He had a stain all over his shirt. He must have been burned.” The nurse guessed.

Law nodded before walking to Sab’s medical room. Inside, he found her re-arranging the medical supplies she used. Surprised to see Law, she raised an eyebrow as if questioning why he’s here.

“I saw the man you brought here.”

“And?” Sab asked.

“Who is he? You never brought anyone in this room.”

“You make it sound like I did something illegal.” She said. “I treated him. He got burned by a hot chocolate drink.”

“That doesn’t explain how you knew this man. Clearly, you won’t just bring anyone here especially if they’re a stranger.”

“Why the heck are you so nosy, Torao?” Sab called him using the nickname Luffia gave to him.

“If you think you can change the subject by using that annoying nickname, then sorry, not happening. Now, spill the beans. I have no time to play word games with you either.”

Sab just sighed at Law’s persistence. If he is not their cousin, she would have told him off, but he’s a dear sassy cousin of theirs, so she told him how she met Kidd. Of course, she did not include a few embarrassing encounters or conversations they had. She won’t give Law any more reason to hold an upper hand against her when it comes to teasing. He’d use all the cards to get back at Sab for annoying him.

After telling him so, he frowns a bit before nodding and left.

Sab remained in the room baffled at Law’s attitude but shrugged it off.

When Law was alone in his office, he can’t help but smile. Very satisfied with what he discovered. It turns out Sab was the one Killer was talking about during their get-together. The only person who got into Kidd’s nerves then insulted him and got away with it.

“Looks like Luffia’s hunch is right. Kidd and Sab should hook up.” Law said to himself.

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